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13 Amazing Places in Europe to Ride Your Bike This Year

Riding a bicycle in a beautiful place near a lake and mountains

Europe has been one of the best destinations for cycling holidays.

Across the continent, there are great biking places for tourists that offer scenic views of the different cities in Europe while you fully enjoy the arts, music, literature, and its people.

What is great about doing cycling tours is that you can savor the moments that you spend in these cities. A tour guide can arrange cycling tours, or you can arrange for them yourselves.

If you want to bring your bike to these holiday destinations, you should look for the best road bikes under 1000, so you can get the best out of your holiday experience.

Here are some of the best biking places across Europe you should definitely check out:

Belgium – Flanders Beer Routes

Ghent bike parking spot, cycling in Belgium

The route in Belgium is best for beginner cyclists who also enjoy good quality beers. Along the Flanders route, you will pass different breweries where you can enjoy a pint of their delicious drinks.

The loops range from 20 to 30 miles that lead to the factory where they produce the world’s best beer. The route will go through the woody Campine region crossing the border into Noord Brabant.

It is an easy cycling trip where you can fully enjoy the ride on flat terrain. If you have little to no cycling experience, you don’t need to worry about it on this route.

Some of the best places to visit in Belgium is Bruges. Check my 2-day itinerary of this city!

Bulgaria – Iron Curtain Trail

Plovdiv bike rental, Bulgaria cycling spots
Source: Flickr

If you want to try a more challenging trail, this one in Bulgaria is the perfect choice. The Iron Curtain Trail is recommended for the advanced cyclist who wants to experience pristine and scenic nature views on remote roads.

Around the area, some inexpensive spas and restaurants offer good food and wine. The tour will begin on the streets of the Thracian Valley, which is on the border of Greece.

You will then pass by Gotse Delchev and Devin, and then climb the challenging Rhodope Mountains. There are sheltered picnic areas in the mountains, and you can also spend the night camping and sleeping under the stars.

Bulgaria is also a great place for hikers. Learn more about the best hiking spots here!

Scotland – Hebridean Way

Scotland's shore, cycling path

The trail in Scotland is perfect for either beginners or intermediate cyclists who enjoy abundant wildlife and landscapes.

The Hebridean Way Cycling Route is also known as the National Cycle Network Route. The trail crosses ten islands that are connected by ferries and causeways.

You will experience the peaceful roads alongside the Atlantic coastline and then rise over the hills that will let you experience breathtaking views of the vistas.

You can also enjoy wildlife encounters during the tour as there are plenty of sheep, ponies, and puffins around the trail.

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Belarus – Bialowieza Forest Paths

Belarus forest bike route

If you are not a very experienced cyclist but you’d like to see new and undiscovered places, you should head to one of the largest forests in Europe, Bialowieza Forest.

It is located on the border between Poland and Belarus with most of it on the territory of the latter. In Belarus, most of the forest is a protected national park which is also regarded as one of the main attractions of Belarus.

You can pick out of the many cycling routes, enjoy the pristine nature and see unique wild animals in their natural habitat.

France – Alsace Wine Road

Alsace cycling trail on the countryside in France

If you want to enjoy quality wine in the country roads of France, the Alsace Wine Road is the perfect choice for a cycling tour.

The 105-mile route is considered to be one of the most beautiful cycling routes in the country that offers abundant amounts of great wine.

The course will run along the eastern slopes of the Vosges Mountains and follows all past rail lines of the Roman road.

This will lead you to the wine villages, where you can share an intimate wine-tasting experience with your special someone.

Norway – Rallarvegen

Bergen city bike rental, Norway cycling paths

Just one train ride from Bergen or Oslo with your bike, you will arrive in one of the most popular cycling routes in the country.

The path begins on the dirt road between Haugastøl and Flåm, and rides along the 51-mile trail, which you can complete in one day.

The trail offers scenic views of the area, and you can even spend the night in the towns to fully experience the local culture.

To add some more great spots to your itinerary, check my list of the most beautiful places in Norway!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bikes and boats, weekend in Amsterdam

The whole city of Amsterdam is a perfect place for a cycling tour. If you are planning an Amsterdam weekend getaway, cycling should be on the list of activities during your visit.

There are more than 800,000 bikes in the city, and more than 30% of transportation are made on bicycles. Cars are not very popular as only 22% of the people travel using this vehicle around the area.

Since the country has a typically flat terrain, cycling is always a pleasure for beginners or advanced cyclists who want to enjoy the offerings around the city.

There are a lot of cycling tours available, and it is recommended that you see the windmills and tulips in the countryside. You can also bike around the numerous canals and enjoy the food offered by the locals along the way.

Germany – Danube Cycle Path

Forest bike trail in Germany

If you are planning to go on a cycling tour with your family, the Danube Path is the perfect option in Europe. The cycle path follows the Danube River to the Black Sea.

Many people are riding along the most popular 190-mile stretch of the trail, which is a portion of the German village of Passau and Vienna, Austria.

Cars are almost non-existent in this trail, so it is a good route if you are bringing your children with you during the tour. On the path, you can enjoy the scenic view of the river, and enjoy Germany and Austria at the same time.

Spain – Vasco-Navarro Railway

Vasco-Navarro old railway, Spain bike trail
Source: Wikipedia

For cyclists who enjoy learning about a country’s history, the Vasco-Navarro Railway is the best choice in the country. The 51-mile route was formerly a train route and is now the longest bike trail in the country.

Starting from the Basque capital of Vitoria-Gasteiz to the city of Estella, bikers will experience history and culture while enjoying the views of the mountains, rivers, and gorges.

Upon reaching Estella, you will go to the path that connects with the Camino de Santiago, which is an identified historic pilgrimage route.

After visiting Basque Country, you might also want to visit Asturias!

France – Toulouse to Sète, Canal du Midi

Canal Du Midi, France cycling path

Aside from the Alsace Wine Road, the beautiful scenery in this bike trail is one of the most popular choices in France. You will travel from the southern part to the western part of the country by following the rivers and canals.

For beginners, it is advised to go through the second half of the total trail, from Toulouse to Sète and along the paths of Canal du Midi.

If you want to have the full experience, you can follow the total 240-km biking path for about seven days in an organized tour. You can stay in the city of Carcassonne, which is a short detour from the trail, and enjoy the historic Béziers.

Italy, Slovenia & Croatia – Istrian Coast

Istria old town, architecture of buildings

The Istrian peninsula is shared by three countries in Europe: Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia. If you want to experience three different countries in one week, this biking trail is for you to try.

The trail is slightly challenging with hills, and you will bike an average of 40 kilometers a day to finish the whole tour in a week. The trail will begin in Trieste, Italy and will start to head south to the coastal cycle of Piran in Slovenia.

You will then cross through the Secovlje salt pans then reach Croatia. There are a number of nice places you can spend the night in, like the medieval walled town Umag and the sixth-century Euphrasian Basilica in Porec.

You can enjoy the picturesque places in the towns while you stay and rest. The final stop is in Pula, which is known for its Roman Amphitheatre Fažana.

You can keep going and see the beautiful Dubrovnik in the south of Croatia.

Germany – Black Forest

Germany Black forest cycling trail

The Black Forest trail is another great biking route in the country. It is a 248-km circular trail that begins and ends in Freiburg. The path is made of asphalt and follows a former railway line.

It is a great biking route for families because it is suitable for any level of biker. Children will find the trail easy and enjoyable. There are only a few hills along the way but, generally, the flat trail will make it an easy ride.

You can enjoy the scenery, which is a mixture of forest and farmland. You can also spend a few days riding along the Rhine and enjoy the last day through the vineyards.

Austria, Germany, and Switzerland – Lake Constance

Lake Constance, bike on the sunset

Lake Constance is located along the border of three countries: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It is a 168-mile cycle path that allows you to visit three different countries in your bike tour.

The tour will last about seven days and it is suitable for families and beginners. You will go through forests, farmlands, and vineyards.

You can also experience historic places like past cathedrals, convents, and castles. While on the bike trail, you can have a view of the Alps and Lake Constance itself.

Final Thoughts

Many places across Europe offer great bike vacations. From Norway to Spain, different bike routes are suitable for different cycling skill levels or age.

What is excellent about these bike routes is that you get to experience more about the country as you go through the trails. You get to immerse yourself in their culture, food, and lifestyle while you enjoy the views along the way.

Biking or cycling tours is one of the great ways to explore a country as you can stop anytime you want. You can have an agency arrange the cycling tours for you, or you can customize your visits according to your preference.

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