3 Days in Dublin: The Perfect Weekend Itinerary for Couples

Amazing canal view with colorful houses in Dublin, weekend itineraryDublin is an amazing place for a couple to visit for a long weekend. Today’s guest writer Paul is a local Dubliner, who guides tours around the city, so he will share amazing information in this Dublin weekend itinerary for couples.

Dublin is undoubtedly Ireland’s famous city for many reasons.

From historical castles, interesting sites to cemeteries, there is a lot to enjoy during your 3-day weekend trip with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

You should visit both the famous and lesser-known places for a wholesome experience.

That said, check out the following perfect Dublin weekend itinerary for couples you should follow. 

First Day

Even if you just landed with the early morning flight, don’t waste your time. Consider resting when you go back home and take some hot coffee before hitting the streets.

You should begin your first day in Dublin by exploring some free sights in the city. Bring along some light shoes, as you will have to walk between various places. With the help of this best Dublin Tour Company, check out the following interesting sites. 

    • The St. Stephen Green – begin your day by walking through the beautiful St. Stephen park right in the middle of the city. Carry along some snacks or coffee and enjoy your food as you watch people from the comfort of your bench. After, stroll around the lake as you watch ducks glide across the waters. 
    • Do some window-shopping along Grafton Street – just next to the St. Stephen Park is the Grafton street famous for various shopping outlets. Take advantage of the less-busy morning hours to peek into some stores. You will come across free entertainment from musicians entertaining town dwellers on the streets. 
    • Take a stroll through the Ha’ Penny Bridge – if you don’t know history well, you might not understand the historical importance of this bridge. The bridge was constructed in early 1800 when ferryboats that ferried people across the Liffey River started wearing out. Those who used the bridge had to pay a halfpenny, thus the name Ha’ Penny bridge. This was later dropped in early 1900 and currently a good place to watch the breath-taking Liffey River. 

As the evening approaches, head towards the General Post Office to learn about Easter Uprising, visit the Jameson Distillery and conclude your day by checking into one of the pubs along the Temple Bar for some night-time experience. 

Canal in Dublin, itinerary for 3 days

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Day 2

Having explored the important places within the city; spend your second day discovering the city’s suburbs. 

    • Visit the St. Patrick’s Cathedral – it might not be the best place to begin your second day after a night out at the Temple bar, but the St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a must-visit. This massive church was built in 1220 and remains Ireland’s largest and tallest church. Attending a mass session is free, but you should be there on time to get some space. 
    • The Trinity College – this institution is regarded as one of the most prestigious and elite schools in the region. The school’s admission process is very competitive, but you can get a free tour around the campus without undergoing that. While in the school, visit the Trinity College Library to see some 800AD writings in the Books of Kells. These are probably the oldest books in the world. The book consists of four Gospels in Latin of the New Testament. 
    • Visit the Glasnevin Cemetery – cemeteries may not come to your head when planning your trip, but this one has historical importance. The daily tours can explain the importance of this cemetery to Ireland’s history. You can witness the evolution of grave markers since the 18th century. There is also a museum with pictures of how the cemetery used to be with lists of famous people who were buried here.
    • Guinness Factory – beer fans will find this a good place to end their second day. Well, even for the rest, a trip to Dublin won’t be complete without visiting this factory. It is overly fascinating to learn how the drink is made.

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Day 3

Dublin Royal castle, one of the main attractions you should visit in 3 days

It will be good to spend your last day in this city exploring the castles and watching a local match in one of the sports arenas. 

    • Visit the Dublin Castle – you won’t travel far to see the Dublin Castle as it is located right at the heart of the city. The castle has much of Ireland’s history, back since it was England’s seat. It houses several museums and gardens which used to be staterooms. 
    • Watch a match at Croke Park – Irish people love sports and joining them in the afternoon to watch a match in Croke Park would be the best idea. Depending on the time of the year you are visiting Ireland, you could be lucky to find a live match ongoing. Among the common Irish sports include hurling and Gaelic football. 
    • Buy something at the Flea Market – before leaving this interesting city, find some souvenirs at the Dublin Flea Market. The market is set up every last Sunday of the month, attracting more than 70 stalls. Here, you will find unique clothes, antique books, furniture, and many more.

With all these accomplished, you will be heading back home with a lot of memorable escapades. We wish you to have a great 3-day weekend in Dublin! 

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