Ultimate Family Camping Checklist: 29 Items You Need to Bring

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Camping is the best way to relax from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is a fantastic activity to come close to nature. It allows you to breathe in the fresh air with a calm, thrilling, and curative experience.

But a simple checklist can either make or break your experience of camping.

Can you imagine, waking up to the birds tweeting, smelling the earthy scent of soil?

Feeling yourself wrapped up in the greeneries and sensation of the soft wind playing with your hair. Watching animals, not in the cage, but their natural environment.

At night lying under the open sky, gazing star and enjoying the open air, these are what a camping lover can die for.

The enjoyment gets doubled when you enjoy your family time and camping together. In this case, you must need an ultimate family camping checklist, which includes the items you need to bring.

A complete family camping checklist:

Camping Equipment

The first items you need are camping equipment. This contains the pieces of stuff you need to set up your temporary settlement at the campsite. There are some main items to list in this checklist. Depending on the number of people, the number of items may vary.

Camping Tent

Tent on the mountain, family camping packing list

The camping tent is the first and foremost essential on a camping trip. You can take a personal tent for each member or can take shared tents, which are for four, six, eight members.

A kitchen and a toilet tent should be on the list. If you don’t want to spend time to set up a tent you can go for instant setup tent. You can set up this tent easily.

Tent repair kit

Repair kit for your tent

You must bring a repair kit for your tent. It should be a handy and quick-fix solution to any damage to your tent. It will be useful in windy or rainy weather.

An additional tip is to carry an additional tent pole, pegs, etc. in this repair kit. It will help you to repair your tent if there is any damage to your tent.

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A waterproof windbreaker is an element that will give your campsite some protection from a strong wind flow. Don’t try to save money on a windbreaker, as it should protect you from wind, and not fall down with the first breeze.

Camping Chairs

Camping chair for vacations on nature with kids

In case you want to avoid sitting on the wet or muddy ground, you can carry a portable chair. These chairs are handy to carry and easy to pack. With this item, you can sit down and enjoy the surroundings of your campsite.

Or you can go for a long walk and take a break with this portable chair. It is the best option to choose a portable chair for camping. It will help you to take a rest when you get tired.

Camping Table

camping table for family travel

A camping table is the center of activity during a camping tour. You are sure to create memories around a camping table by playing a board game on it or having snacks and having a chit chat.

Camping table will help you to keep food and all the necessary items.

Sleeping Gear

Sleeping Bag

Best Sleeping bags to choose if you travel with kids

In a campsite, for complete enjoyment, you must have a good quality sleeping bag for a good night’s sleep. There are 3season sleeping bags which are suitable for almost all-weather condition.

In summer seasons, you should choose an ultra-lightweight sleeping bag to avoid overheating. You have to be careful while choosing a sleeping bag for you and your children.

Air bed

comfortable air bed for sleeping while camping with your family

A must item to provide you comfort under a tent on the ground. Without an air bed on the ground, you may feel restless while sleeping. It will also protect your tent bedding from the moisture of the ground. Don’t forget to pack an air pump if you take an air bed with you.

An air bed is an important item. You definitely need to take an air bed while camping with your family.

Camping Lantern

lantern, camping items to bring with you

Enhance an outdoor environment of your campsite, camping lantern can be the best idea. With a hanging strap, you can hang lanterns around your tent. This will help at night to roam around your tent.

This will also assist you to keep your battery life for long by lessening the use of phone torch. It is also an important element for camping. If you are camping and have a plan to spend the night there you must need a Lantern.

Inflatable pillow

Inflatable pillow, camping essentials

To avoid neck pain at the start of a new morning you must carry an inflatable pillow with you camping. This seems to be a luxury in camping, but trust me the pain on the neck will spoil your camping.

This inflatable pillow is super affordable and easy to carry anytime, anywhere. If you want to take rest you must need a pillow. Always try to choose the best pillow.

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Campsite and Walking Clothing

Quick Dry T-shirts

T-shirts that absorb sweat are a big “no” on camping. When camping and exploring the campsite, you should wear super comfy and quick-dry T-shirts.

The quick-dry T-shirts will keep you dry from sweat and also take no time to dry if you wash. Do you can avoid taking lots of clothes with you on camping. 

Long Sleeve Tops

Suntan and insect bites on skin are the negative sides of camping. You can avoid this by wearing long sleep clothes. You can also use these long sleeve t-shirts for layering while it is colder.

Waterproof Jacket

To stay dry and safe in rainy weather or while rafting you will need a waterproof jacket or coat. If you miss it, you might catch a cold or stay moist. This will lead you to be sick and spoil your trip. 

Casual Trousers

For bottom clothing, you must take your casual trousers or jeans for comfortable and relax mobility.  Put them on and enjoy your camping and relaxing time to the fullest.

Walking Trousers

Since you are planning camping you should be mentally prepared to walk a lot. For this take a pair of walking trousers with you. It will help you to explore comfortably and will dry quickly when you wash.

Walking Boots

You may want to experience trekking, hiking, and rambling on the camping trip, you need to think about proper shoes. Walking boots are the life savior for this.

By putting on a pair of walking boots you will be able to walk comfortably on uneven ground and also get protection from insects. Don’t forget to take extra casual footwear as you need while relaxing.

Fleece & Mid Layers

For winter morning breakfast at camp, chilly afternoons up the mountain or relaxing around the fire of a windy evening, warm fleece is the most wanted piece of camping clothing. As a layering option, it is great with a jacket or on its own. This piece of clothing will become your best friend on the trip.

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Cooking Equipment

Family having a meal together, cutlery to bring while camping

Camping Cutlery

If you are not comfortable to go without your home comfort, even in camp, you can take camping cutlery along with you. This will ease your camping life and make it more enjoyable. 

Camping Kettle

kettle for family camping

A camping kettle will make your days of camping much cooler when you are out of firewood. You can use the kettle to fast and simply boil water for either cooking or your morning serving of tea & coffee.

Pots & Pans

You are going to need some utensils to cook in so do not forget to keep a set of pots and pans with your camping equipment. All the meals will be organized and help you stay organized in the campsite.

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Cooking Stove

Kitchen stove for family camping vacations, travel gear to bring with you

The cooking stove will help you to eat hot and fresh meals on your trip. You can also plan for a BBQ party at the site. In winter, you can keep yourself warm by having warm drinks. For the stove, you are going to need gas canisters as well. For BBQ remember to pack some coal with you.

Water Container

Water Container for Camping

If you keep only bottles you will need to refill multiple times in a day. Instead, keep a large water container and keep that near your tent.

You can use the water for drinking, cooking, cleaning without going to the nearest water source again and again.

Cool Box

cool box to bring when camping with your family

The box will keep some of your foods cool or frozen like meat, fish, drinks. This will help you to keep the easily rotten food fresh for a long time at a campsite. You can use the food whenever you need.

Camping Multi-Tool

Multitool that you might need when traveling on an RV

A box of camping multi-tool will help in rope cutting, opening bottle caps. It will need you in many tasks throughout the full camping trip. This is an important items you need to take with you during camping.

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Walking Equipment

Walking Poles

Camping poles for hiking with your kids

Especially in trekking on your camping trip, you will need walking poles.

It will help you to balance on uneven ground, lighten the load over sharply sloped lands. If you get tired you must need a pole that will help you to walk smoothly.


For day-long exploring plans, you need to carry some essentials like camping multi-tools, water, some food with you. You need a backpack to carry these with you. To carry your items you must need a backpack for your camping. Choose the right one and enjoy.

Backpack, family camping checklist

Warm Clothing

The temperature can drop very fast when you walk at height. You need to bring some extra clothing for layers along to stay warm and active. Gloves, jackets or cap will be the savior at this moment. If you are an ideal camper, you must bring warm clothes with you. If you go camping in the winter season you must need to bring warm cloths.

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Fun Extras


bicycle riding in madeira

For some bicycle lovers camping without it is a nightmare. They can take their cycle with them and enjoy some time riding on it and experience the scenic beauty.

Picnic Set

In good weather, you can plan a picnic at the campsite. It can be lunch and board game, bonfire and singing with some snacks, or even a BBQ and music. This will double the camping fun.

Family Camping Tips

Staying Organized

You must keep your camping gear and tools organized by keeping them in a clear plastic bag with lids. This will help you to see what is in which bag without opening that and take what you need. The bins also keep your items confined and safe from dust and insects in camp.

And, as an additional advantage, your materials will always be in one place in the bag and ready to go at a moment’s notice. What you need to do is just check the checklist and grab bags according to it and ready to go.

First Aid Kits

This is the most avoided but important item to pack while going on camping. You can never avoid or get prepared for serious accidents, but you can minimize the risk by taking care of minor wounds.

You may also need some medicine for headache, upset stomach, or any allergies. No will never want to ruin your trip for this sort of problem. So, a medical kit or first aid kit is a must to pack. 

Camping Food

The camp kitchen and your food system will vary significantly dependent on the amount of food you want to cook on your camping trip. Some people like to bring mostly frozen and dry easy to store foods, while others enjoy cooking fresh meals on camp. So, first, you should decide which one you want to do. You even can do both.

In that case, you need to keep both ready foods and raw food items. After that, you need to pack what kind of stove or grill items you need to pack. Whatever you decide it is wise to keep some dry food with you for any emergency.

Navigation tools

Navigation tools are an important part of any camping checklist if camping in an isolated place. Modern-day navigation tools for your backcountry camping list includes the following.

Map: You need a map to determine the geography of your camping location. This is vital to confirm you do not lose your way, especially if you are boarding on any camping tour or trek that may take you to an isolated location.

Compass: If you have a little information about map reading, a compass can help you navigate your whereabouts out in the area. A lot of smartphones, GPS devices, and wristwatches come with an electronic compass. Though, a typical baseplate compass is more reliable.

GPS device: This handy device lets you see your exact current location on a digital map. An outdoor well-matched GPS is generally sturdy, durable and water-resistant.

Sunshield, tarpaulin or screen house

If you wish to pack light, consider some form of sun shield like a tarp instead of a normal tent. While it is a good substitute to a tent, you need to confirm you get the right one according to your camping site and weather need. Or else, you may be in a painful night due to contact with natural elements.


I want to guarantee an enjoyable experience by giving you the ultimate family camping checklist, items you need to bring with you.

Your dream escape from the high-tech busy life may turn into a nightmare if you miss any of the lists.

So, now let’s plan for a family camping!

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