9 Epic Hikes in Europe That Need to Be on Your Bucket List

hiker in the mountains in Europe

There is more to Europe than just its famous landmarks. If you’ve got a little nerve and wants to veer away from the usual touristy spots, Europe has amazing mountains waiting to be discovered.

Be warned, they all have one thing in common—they will surely take your breath away and will leave you in awe. Nature really has its way of blowing our minds every now and then.

Here are nine incredible hikes around Europe that you can try.

1. Trolltunga Hike, Norway

Trolltunga mountains in Norway

Not a lot would have Norway on their list because not a lot know about its hidden wonders.

Filled with raw and exquisite beauty, the hike to Trolltunga is a 22 kilometer stretch of nature display with breathtaking cliffs to surprise you along the way.

What will stop you in your tracks, well only figuratively, is the Troll’s Tongue that gives you a good vista of Norwegian skies and the mountain tops. Although the hike will take up to 10 hours overall, it will definitely be worth it.

Situated 1,100 meter above sea level, the hike is extremely challenging due to unpredictable weather and less friendly mountain terrain.

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2. Slovenian Mountain Trail, Slovenia

Mountain range in Slovenia, hiking place

Considered to be one of the longest trails in Slovenia, the Slovenian Mountain Trail allows travelers to experience crossing the Alps.

Walking along this magnificent trail is a feast in itself because of the many wonderful sights that will greet you including a good view of the mountain ranges from afar. It’s a constant stream of ups and downs across Pohorje and then over the Dinaric ridges to Karst Edge until you reach the coast of Ankaran.

If you wish to walk the whole trail that stretches up to 500 meters, be prepared to embark on a 30-day journey.

3. Tre Cime Natural Park Trek, Italy

Dolomites mountains in Italy panoramic view of a great hiking spot

Home to different beautiful mountains, Tre Cime Natural Park in Italy has some of the most jaw-dropping peaks in all of Europe. They almost look like they’re straight out of a fantasy book.

The trek begins and ends in Fishleintal Valley in Sexten. The rest of the trail is filled with impressive views and sceneries. It may not be as green as the other ones from this list but it sure has the rugged charm that adventurous souls are attracted to.

While it may look hard to climb, this particular hike is not scary or intimidating at all. But for you to be able to fully experience the entirety of the park, we suggest dedicating three days to explore Tre Cime.

Since this is a hut-to-hut hike, there are rifugios you can spend the night in before you resume your adventure in the morning. Take note that reservations are needed to be able to rent one of the huts.

4. Black Forest Mountain Range, Germany

Hill in Schwarzwald hill in Ge

The Black Forest Mountain Range in Germany can be a dreamy place for your retirement. Sipping a hot cup of milk on a cold spring morning with the dense rainforest as your backdrop, while gazing at the peaceful stream that flows right in front of your porch is such a beautiful scenario.

But more than that, this is also where you can find the highest peak outside of the Alps in Southern Germany popularly known as the Feldberg Mountain. This mountainous area is a great place for hikers who wish to explore the wild, lush greeneries of the Black Forest.

Because of the tiny houses surrounding the landscape, they say that this mountain range is the inspiration for the Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tales.

5. Schwarzhorn, Switzerland

Schwarzhorn mountains in Switzerland

Ready your sturdiest trekking poles, this one is not for the faint of heart. To be able to hike up this 2,928m above sea level mountain which apparently is the highest peak on the pre-alpine mountains, it requires a great deal of confidence and experience.

Schwarzhorn can be extremely difficult to navigate given its steep paths and narrow ridges that you have to endure before actually being rewarded by the panoramic view of Switzerland. You might consider giving up in the middle of the 8.6km trek but you should not.

If less experienced hikers still want to try climbing up this peak despite it being risky, they can always book a tour at the Grindelwald Mountain Climbing Center. An expert mountain guide will help you traverse such difficult terrain.

6. Tara National Park, Serbia

Tara national park panorama

Tara National Park is another treat for those who love exploring green forests. There are over 20 mountaineering trails perfect for hiking in this vast piece of paradise in Serbia.

Serbia may not easily be on your list of places to visit in Europe but Mt. Tara now gives you enough reason to go. You’ll be surprised by how magical the lakes around the national park can be and how tempting it is to just relax for a day in the meadows with a bit of a little challenge reaching up the peaks.

7. Seven Rila Lakes Trek, Bulgaria

Rila lakes in Bulgaria, European hiking spot

If you happen to be in the Southwest of Bulgaria, a trip to the Seven Rila Lakes is a must. You can choose which trek you want to experience as there are several options that you can choose from.

It varies from easy hikes to the more challenging ones. You can even ride a cable car going up and down the mountains if you’re really not an experienced hiker.

The duration of the hike really depends on how long you want the hike to be. You can’t resist the temptation of staying a little bit longer on the trails to breathe in the view and nature around you. But if you’re really curious on how long its gonna take, riding a cable car up and down can take two hours each way to marvel at the goodness of the Seven Lakes.

Just a tip: try visiting during low season. It tends to get a bit crowded during the peak season.

8. Carpathian Mountain Range, Slovakia

Carpathian mountains view in Slovakia

If you haven’t had enough jaw dropping peaks from this side of the world, the Carpathian Mountain Range crosses over Romania, Ukraine and creating a natural border between Poland and Slovakia.

The peak that can be found in Northern Slovakia towers over the other peaks in Eastern Europe. You have to plan your trip ahead of time because the beautiful High Tatra range is really an ideal place to experience both during the summer and the winter.

You can’t blame tourists to crowd the place because the pine forests and its jagged peaks can really be an amazing sight to behold.

9. Picos de Europa National Park, Spain

Picos de Europa, national park in Asturias

With an enchanting charm that most hikers wouldn’t be able to say no to, Picos de Europa National Park is an iconic scenery in Spain. It covers the southwestern part of the Asturias, giving you a view of the 300 million years old wonder that was carved out of glaciers.

It was the first ever national park of Spain. Home to a rich wildlife, Picos de Europa will surprise you with sightings of Iberian wolves, Cantabrian brown bears, Spanish Ibex and a lot more. Be sure to put on your list the Ordiales, the scenic balcony trail, Covadonga Lakes Circuit and the Cares Route.

Europe may be a lot of things but it’s definitely home to numerous awe-inspiring mountains. It would be a shame not to experience in this lifetime even just one hike across one of these beautiful peaks.

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