Top 10 Watches Every Traveler Needs to Have in 2019

Steel watch for travelers

The time to bring a very reliable timepiece is when you travel.

All kinds of journeys depend on you taking advantage of your watch.

Instances such as catching a plane, meeting up with the tour guide, claiming for bookings on a restaurant, or even checking in at a hotel, time is an essential component for travelers on their journey.

We are always at the expense of timetables. Buses, aircraft, trips, all steps are starting moments to maintain us on our feet.

If you’ve ever missed an international flight or just a bus from the day to a far-flung destination, you’ll understand how to let time slip through your hands.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be out of our command.

And also, you would want to minimize how often you get your phone from your pocket in some places. A timepiece can prevent your smartphone from being stolen, especially in urban areas where it’s all too common. You’ll find here the best travel watches that are believed to keep you on schedule.

Tips to Choose The Finest Travel Watch

When exploring the world, traveling to places unknown, you would need watches that are very precise, immensely readable, reliable, durable, flexible, inexpensive, and most of all, low-maintenance. And the best travel watch is readily adaptable to a wide range of settings.

One And Only Travel Watch

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For every occasion, there is always a corresponding outfit and storage for timepieces with a variety of sleek designs. Although having almost all the things you need for every event, you should always bring one watch when you travel and leave the rest at your house. In other words, always bring only one watch with you when you go.

The Reliable Watch


While having a very reliable watch at your disposal quite alright, never settle for the cheapest timepiece that you would find. You must always buy a watch from a famous or well-known manufacturer with a reputation for remarkable build quality with an excellent track record.

Get One That You Can Afford

round analog watches

You would always want to carry a watch that suits your budget. Because if you don’t, it can cause a discouragement on your trip when you lose something expensive and valuable while on the road. However, when traveling, you would want to stick to a timepiece that fits your budget.

It Also Has To Be Accurate

Quartz timepieces are less costly than watches that are mechanical and more precise but only by small increments. In the world of mechanics, anything that is assembled by small parts and is capable of maintaining 99 percent accuracy is considered to be an excellent piece of machine.


The five toughest durable watches you can buy


When traveling, you would need a watch that can take on anything thrown at it, and still function by the end of the day. Quartz watch movements are less sensitive than their mechanical counterparts when it comes to a sudden change in temperature, physical abuse, shocks, and falls. Look for a watch with a sturdy case and a durable bracelet.

Get A Timepiece That Doesn’t Run Out Of Battery

Man Showing Wristwatch

Stated by the Muphy’s Law, your quartz timepiece batteries will for many months, even for a few years. Not unless, unexpectedly, the battery dies on you in an unexpected fashion such as the moment you miss your flight or also being late to your first job interview.

Water-Resistant Watch

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If you have finally acquired a timepiece that is reliable and resistant to water for up to 50 meters, then go ahead and pat yourself on the back and go to the beach with it. However, you should minimize the exposure of the timepiece to water to prevent unexpected water damage. Also, you should never go diving with your watches.

It Has To Be Easy To Read

round black analog watch with link bracelet

Get a timepiece with a flat, uncompromising screen and with luminous buttons. So if you want to check your watch for the time, you wouldn’t have to go for a light source to do so. Glowing dials are mildly preferable to designs that heat up to illuminate the body of the clock in some circumstances those around you may be possibly disruptive.

Metal Wristband Or Leather?

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Although leather wristbands for watches are stylish and very comfortable, it will not do so well with water. Canvas, plastic, and rubber wristbands are elegant and classy, but not as hard as metal. So pick the right wristbands for the occasion and location.

Top 10 Travel Watch to Buy in 2019

Taking into account all the variables, here are the best travel watches to buy in 2019:

G-Shock Gravitymaster GPW-2000G GPS Bluetooth

Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster GPW-2000 GPS Bluetooth Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews


This watch lineup has new models that are tough and offer newly improved upgrades when it comes to practicality, accuracy, and strength. G-shock developed Gravitymaster with a feature that can link your watch to your smartphone to acquire precise data for accurate time corrections and aircraft operation.

Women’s Ironman Transit From Timex

Image result for Women's Ironman Transit From Timex


Provided with the right mix of features, the Women’s Ironman Trans from Timex is a very reliable timepiece. Whether if you’re on a rope harness climbing to the mountain top, or in a very crowded underground train. You can’t go wrong with the distinguishable big digital display that allows it to be effortless to check the time when traveling.

CIVO Men’s Digital Sports Watch


CIVO Men’s Digital Sports Watch has a movement that was developed by Japanese citizen watchmakers. You’ll see a large display that is very convenient to read with backlights. Not only there’s an alarm for the time, but there is also an alarm for a specific date so that you won’t miss your flight. And also, this watch has a battery built to last for three years.

Tissot Seastar 1000

Image result for tissot seastar 1000


The Tissot Seastar 1000, is just as operational as a particular analog travel timepiece. Even in places that have very minimal light, such as dark alleys, or even inside an airplane, the watch face makes it convenient to read the luminous dials. Not to mention, it maintains its elegance enough to make sure you don’t feel ashamed wearing it on formal occasions.

KDM Multifunctional Sports And Military Watch

Image result for KDM Multifunctional Sports And Military Watch


Whether the best timepiece should be as simple as possible or as heavy as possible, One of the best analog and digital watch is the KDM Multifunctional Sports And Military Watch. But simplicity doesn’t mean that you are putting aside reliability. The KDM is based on a precision timing movement, and the battery made from japan could last a very long time.

Garmin Vivofit 3

Related image


The Garmin Vivofit 3 is not technically a watch. However, it would be a crime not to recommend this to travelers who are looking for a timepiece to bring with them on their journey. The Garmin Vivofit 3 is not generally just for keeping time. It is also an activity or fitness tracker that estimates how many calories you have burnt throughout your journey.

Rolex GMT Master II

Image result for rolex gmt master ii


The Rolex GMT Master II was initially constructed while collaborating with Pan American Airways. It features a newly revised movement, Cerachrom bezel, and a Jubilee bracelet. However, the composition has changed barely over the last 60 years. This timepiece has become a classic to collectors and appealing to travelers.

Luminox Recon Nav

Image result for Luminox Recon Nav


The Luminox Recon Navigation Specialist is the iteration of Luminox’s Recon lineup. The Luminox Recon Nav was built in collaboration with a former swiss army military security named Andrea Micheli, a law enforcer that is recognized internationally. Being water-resistant for up to 200 meters is impressive alone, then they added an actual compass to the strap.

North Edge Dive And Sports Watch


North Edge brings this water-resistant travel watch with a depth of 100m, so you can check its analog-digital face almost anywhere you choose–from a downtown café to a coral island shipwreck. The large backlit panel allows it simple to write the moment too, while the exterior of the mineral glass mirror is scratch-resistant.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Related image


It is a known fact technology has now infiltrated the world of traveling, and of course, watches. While paper maps and a compass is essential in bringing it with you on your journey. With a device such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch, the extensive work of finding the next route is now made simple.

Traveling With Watches

Watch traveling may be nerve-racking. Questions and concerns race through the mind, and that’s not how it should be. Regardless of your horological budget, taste, and risk tolerances, it should be easy and fun.

At The Airport

When it comes to traveling with your timepiece, the argument on whether you should take off your watch or not at the security is as lengthy as the Transport Security Administration line itself. But there is no official ruling in this regard, except that you must remove all bulky jewelry and accessories.

The unpacking and re-application of the belt, phone, wallet, and watch after passing through the security line are just as essential as sticking to your routine. Do not let anyone disrupt it by making you hurry.

Arriving At Your Destination

Woman Holding Straw Hat

Whatever your accommodation condition is, select your place depending on your environment while walking with timepieces and make sure that it is dependable. Where will you remove it and leave behind? Coherence decreases the possibility of failure. Just don’t make it a horological blooper.

Care And Maintenance


Know that your journey will take you to exciting locations or new destinations with your timepiece. There are generally known contaminants such as sunscreen, grime, humidity, and saltwater. But with a little dish soap and small efforts, you can guarantee that your watch is washed conveniently.

Burglary and Holdups


Always make sure you are safeguarding your watch if it is unique or costly. How would you know whether you’re ensuring its safety or not? Just ask yourself that If you were to leave this watch and lose it, will you be financially and mentally devastated? If your answer is yes, then safeguard it.

Always remember, no device or timepiece on earth is worth risking your life or your friends and family. Don’t bother its an Omega watch that your grandmother gave you, if you don’t have any other choice, hand it over. Your grandmother would want you to get home securely rather than seeing the omega watch on your corpse’s wrist.

Read about safety tips here

Alternative Concerns

two person shaking hands

Maybe you were provided with a timepiece which isn’t your favorite. Although in your journey, If you’re going to meet the person who gave you the watch, be ready to carry it. Or take it when you’re seeing the person for a couple of hours and show them that you’re thankful to them.

Consider The Occasion

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Some designs are more formal than others, and the opportunity to match your timepiece is an excellent place to demonstrate the commitment to detail that can have a significant effect on your general appearance. 

Other watches have all kinds of additional features, meaning they have additional switches, dials, and a more technical general appearance. It generally implies that they are deemed sporty, so they are best adapted for activities that are informal or personal.

Shopping For A Watch

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Precious metals, technical features, and non-fashionable brands are things to look for when investing in a beautiful performance timepiece. And it’s easier than buying something off the high street, as they are inclined to last longer and are probable to have higher resale importance. 

Why Would You Buy A Travel Watch?

selective focus photo of left human hand wearing round white and silver-colored analog watch with brown leather strap

With all the technologies developed as of late, that involves traveling. You would already question your decision of buying a travel watch. With smartphones being able to all watches can and even more, don’t ever forget that relying purely on technology will have its shortcomings.


As Summer comes quickly, individuals are scheduling their worldwide vacations. Summer is the best time for tourists, and any adventure requires excellent timepiece.

It can be daunting to find the correct option among all the alternatives, and the tool you choose will be a personal preference variable, as well as the journey you take. 

You’re most likely to see several watches for travel when you decide. Look at all the main features and try to eliminate the things you don’t need in a watch. While some elements of a timepiece are always useful, everyone would still want something different from it when traveling.

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