1 Day in Paris for €50. Tourist Prices

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Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world. It is also one of the most visited ones.

I will show you the tourist prices in Paris from several trustworthy resources like Priceoftravel and Numbeo.

Here, you will also find out how you can spend 1 day in Paris for €50.

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It is the first article of the weekly series “1 day in … for €50”. Follow me on social media not to miss the next one.

Of course, it is possible to spend one day in any city cheaper or spend more money and visit more. There are free museum days and free walking tours in most of the cities. To travel cheaper and better, read 50 tips to travel the world cheap here. But, here I will cover only the regular prices for an adult.

So, here are the prices in Paris by categories.

Prices of Paris Attractions

Here are the prices of the most visited and interesting tourist attractions in Paris.

Paris Attraction

Price (Euros)

Typical Attractions

Eiffel Tower (2nd level)


Louvre Museum


Palace of Versailles




Centre Pompidou


Orsay Museum


Lesser-known Attractions

Middle Age Museum


Musée du Quai Branly (museum of the world’s art and culture)


Paris Zoo


Marmottan Monet Museum


Conciergerie (medieval palace)


Learn more about visiting Versailles.

They are just the paid attractions. You can spend 1 day in Paris almost without spending any money on attractions, but if you want to enjoy the places you’ve come here for, I recommend buying a Paris City Pass. Thanks to it, you won’t have to spend so much money in each particular place, and you will be able to avoid queues.

You can find more things to do in Paris here.

If you have more than 1 day, check some places to visit outside of Paris.

Prices in Paris Restaurants

Cafe in Paris

The Haute French cuisine in any country is one of the most expensive ones. It is no less expensive in Paris, but here you can try the authentic French food if you don’t visit the most touristy restaurants. But, the Michelin stars restaurants and similar level ones can have very different prices reaching the skies. So, they won’t be included in the ranking.

To take some nice pictures, check this list of the best Instagram Places in Paris

Prices from cheap fast food to mid-range restaurants in Paris:


Price (Euros)


Budget breakfast


Budget lunch


3-course meal in Mid-Range restaurant




House Wine (0,75L)



Chicken Breast (kg)


1L Milk


Eggs (12)


Local cheese (kg)


Apples, oranges (kg)


Beer (0,5 L)


Public Transport

Velib city bikes in Paris

Here are the prices of public transportation in Paris. Metro tickets are relatively cheap for Western Europe, renting a bike may also be a good idea, as there are many bike rental points and the price is low. Taxi is rather expensive.


Price (Euros)

Train from CDG airport to the city center


3 km by taxi


Metro ticket


City center metro pass


1 Day bike rental (subscription price for city bikes with multiple free 30-minute rides, more time costs extra)


Accommodation in Paris

Latin Quarter in Paris at night

Here is an overview of different accommodation options in Paris. The price is from Friday to Saturday night stay in about 2 months after the day of this article publication taken from the Booking website (get 15 Euros to return from your first booking). At those dates, around 70% of the rooms are booked. So, better do it in advance.

Hostels in Paris are mostly located not in the city center, but some nightlife districts like Belleville and Latin Quarter. Depending on the kind of tourist you are, it may be a better option with better hostels and prices starting from 25 euros per night, some of them also include breakfast.

Accommodation Price (Euros)
Cheapest option for 1 person


Cheapest option for 1 person with a central location and 7+ rating


Cheapest 3-star hotel room for 2 with a central location and 7+ rating


Cheapest 5-star hotel room for 2 with a central location and 9+ rating


How you can spend 1 day in Paris for €50

Champs Elyssees, Paris from a height

So, now, after reviewing the prices in Paris, it’s time to see, what you can do in 1 day for €50 in the French capital. Of course, the 5-star, and even the 3-star hotels will not be taken into account, as the cheapest 3-star hotel costs around 50 Euros.

Find the best hotels on Booking.com

Here is one of your possible options: choosing not the hostel with the most central location, but the one in Belleville or Latin Quarter for 25 Euros having a breakfast included, you can cook lunch in your hostel, which will cost around 3 Euros, and have a budget dinner in the city (most probably, fast food) for another 5. So, we almost ran out of money without visiting any attractions in Paris!

Not a problem. For transportation, use Velib city bikes, it’s just 1,7 Euros per day if you don’t use the bikes for more than 30 minutes in a row. We have 15 more euros left to visit attractions. For that money, you can visit just one paid attraction, but it may be even Louvre or the Eiffel Tower (in most of them, you will spend half a day in a queue anyway). There are also lots of free attractions in Paris that you can visit.

Paris is beautiful from the outside, so ride a bike along the Seine and enjoy this open-air museum that 2 million people live in.

It was my overview of the prices in the French capital, and how you can spend 1 day in Paris for €50. Read also about my Erasmus in Spain, and follow me on social media not to miss the next week’s episode of the “1 Day in…” series. Travel more!

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