Exploring Rome in 3 days for €150. Roman Tourist Prices

Roofs in the historical center, Rome in 3 days

Roofs in the historical center, Rome in 3 daysOne of the most popular European cities to visit, Rome became one of the major tourist spots on the continent. This popularity led to higher prices.

Still, it is possible to explore Rome in 3 days spending just 150 euros or less.

Find out how you can do that.

3 days in Rome for €150. Tourist Prices

I’ve already proved that it is possible to spend a day in any city very cheap. In the first post of the series ‘1 day for €50’, I proved that it is possible to visit Paris spending just 50 Euros per day, and I found the way to spend 2 days in Valencia for 18 euros.

Here, I will give you three options to spend 3 days in Rome for 150: backpacker option, visit the most option and the comfort option. I don’t like giving a step-by-step guide, as planning every minute of your trip makes it too predictable and boring. Instead, I will tell about several places to visit and things to do in Rome, and you will be free to choose the order.

You don’t have to visit the main attractions of the Italian capital, as the city is like an open-air museum with lots of beauty outside. So, let’s start.

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Prices of Attractions in Rome

Colosseum in Rome at night

Many Roman attractions are outdoor ones, so they are free. Still, you want to visit some of the popular places of interest like the Colosseum, Vatican museum with the famous Sistine Chapel, Sant’Angelo Castle, and some other attractions (I will have a separate article of all Roman attractions later).

Here is a table of prices of the most typical and some lesser-known attractions in Rome. Further, you can find out, which places are free to visit.

Roman Attraction






Vatican Museum



Borghese Museum and Gallery



Castel Sant’Angelo



Pasta Museum



Bridge and the castle in Rome

Without entering the St. Peter’s Basilica, you can come close to it and walk around the Vatican for free. Colosseum and Castel Sant’Angelo are also very impressive from the outside, so it may be enough for you just to see them. If you have just one day in Rome, you better don’t visit Colosseum, or take a guided tour to avoid the long line. Below are some more tips and free places to visit in Rome.

To visit the whole country, check this 10-day Italy itinerary.

Free Attractions in Rome

Trevi fountain in Rome

You can take pictures and sit on the Spanish Steps, take pictures at the Trevi Fountain, as well as enter the Parthenon for free. Most of the numerous Roman churches are also free. Obviously, the famous bridges like Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II and Ponte Sant’Angelo, as well as the well-known squares like Piazza Navona and Piazza Venezia with the monumental Altare della Patria don’t charge anything too.

If you think 3 days in Rome is not enough, check this 4-day Rome itinerary.

Food Prices in Rome

Restaurant on Piazza Navona, 3 days in Rome

Second category of expenses in Rome is food. You might want to have a meal with a view to the Altare della Patria or Colosseum (I don’t recommend to do that, as the food there may be very expensive and have a low quality, find out more tips to travel the world cheap), or cook pasta and drink wine on the balcony of the apartment, where you stay.

If you are a vegan, here is what vegan food you can find in Italy.

So, here are the Roman restaurant and supermarket prices.


Price (€)


Budget Breakfast


Budget Lunch


Dinner in a Mid-Range Restaurant


Pizza to go


House wine (0,5L)



Chicken Breast (kg)


Milk (1L)


Eggs (12)


Local Cheese (kg)


Apples, oranges (kg)




I recommend trying supli – breaded riceballs with cheese inside. One supli costs just 1-2 euros in a restaurant, 3 of them are enough for a meal. House wine costs sometimes even 2 euros for 0,5l, and it is really good.

Restaurant in the Trastevere district, 3 days in Rome for 150 euros

Best district to find a good restaurant is Trastevere, on the other side of the river from the most typical Roman attractions. It is a very pleasant place to spend an evening, walk and have a meal. The prices there are lower, the food is better, and there are less tourists.

Transportation Prices in Rome

Busses in Rome

If you live not too far from the city center, you will probably not need any public transport. You just don’t want to miss any of the beautiful streets, churches, and popular attractions. Still, if you want to get somewhere far, or if you live far from the center, think of the following options:

Transportation in Rome

Price (€)

Train from airport to city center


3km Taxi


Ticket to public transport


Rome Pass for 3 days


24h Public Transport Pass


72h Public Transport Pass


Rome Pass allows you to visit the first two museums for free, and then get a discount for the next ones, it also includes public transportation and entrance to various events and performances. With a public transport pass, you can use any of the city’s public transport.

Roman Accommodation Prices

Hotel, Prices in Rome

Accommodation in Rome can be very inexpensive. There are many hotels, hostels and apartments close to the Termini train station, where you will get by bus or train from any of the airports, with very low prices. You can stay in Rome for just 16 euros with breakfast, and don’t spend money on public transport, as the city center is close.

Here are the accommodation prices in Rome in 2 months from the moment of the article publication for a night from Friday to Saturday.


Price (Euros)

Cheapest option for 1 person


Cheapest option for 1 person with central location and 7+ rating (with breakfast)


Cheapest 3-star hotel room for 2 with central location and 7+ rating


Cheapest 5-star hotel room for 2 with central location and 9+ rating


I’ve been to Rome twice, and both times I stayed in an apartment from Airbnb (Here is a link that you can use to get 24 Euros off your first booking), because it was cheaper and better.

How to Spend 3 Days in Rome for €150. 3 Options

Now, knowing the tourist prices in Rome, we can check, how you can spend 3 days Rome for €150.

Backpacker Option

Restaurants on the street in Trastevere district, 3 days in Rome

If you are a backpacker trying to save money and visit new places as cheap as possible, here is what you can do in Rome.

You can stay in a hostel close to Termini train station for 16 euros with breakfast, visit most of the free attractions in Rome and walking around the city. For lunch, you can buy a pizza to go somewhere near the Piazza Navona and sit near the fountain with great monumental buildings around you. For dinner, cook some pasta and try local wine bought in the nearest supermarket, which would cost around 5 euros in total.

Second day can be similar. You can make a sandwich in your hostel to take with you for lunch, and have a dinner in the Trastevere district for 10 Euros. As for attractions, you can visit Vatican museum for 16 euros (if you’re a student, it is just 4 euros for you).

For the third day, you can go to Colosseum and take a walk in the surrounding area, have a lunch in a nice restaurant in the center for 15 euros (or just always eat sandwiches and cook for yourself), and make a sandwich for your way back home.

Total cost of 3 days in Rome: 32 euros for accommodation + 4-16 euros for attractions + 15-40 euros for food + 3 euros for transportation = 54-91 euros for 3 days in Rome.

‘Visit the Most’ Option

Piazza Venezia, Roman attractions

Here, we will take a hotel for 2 close to the city center with breakfast included, and a Rome city pass to enter 2 most expensive attractions gratis. In addition, we will have 3 dinners in a restaurant (15 euros per person) and sandwiches for lunch.

Total cost of 3 days in Rome: 58 euros for accommodation + 55 euros for food +36 euros for Rome 3-day city pass = 149 Euros in Rome for 3 days.

Comfort Option

Vatican from the top

Here, there will be no hurry to visit all of the attractions, it is an option for people, who prefer to relax and enjoy their time in such a beautiful city as Rome. Only one paid attraction will be included: 12 euros for Colosseum, but it will also include a bus city tour for 25 euros. Same amount of money for food.

Total cost of 3 days in Rome: 58 euros for accommodation + 55 euros for food + 37 euros for attractions = 150 euros for 3 days in Rome.

So, it was a full overview of the prices in Rome and the three ways to explore Rome in 3 days with different preferences. As you can see, you can visit the Eternal city spending just 54 euros for 3 days. Next post at the same time in a week. Read also about unusual attractions in Berlin and travel more!

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3 days in Rome attractions itinerary, prices collage

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    Your areas to cover today would be the Colosseum, the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum. Take the metro to the Colosseo station and a sharp right from the station will take you to the foot of the Colosseum. The three places are adjacent to one another and one ticket gives you access to all of them.

    Day 2: Exploring the city

    Places to visit: Vatican City, Piazza del Popolo, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon

    Start your day with Vatican city, a country within Rome. It inhabits the Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. The Vatican museums span through 7 kms and you are sure to find your own explorations ravishing, but the Sistine Chapel, the double helix exit stairwell and Basilica are some of our favourites. If you are travelling with Dan Brown fans, please make sure you keep them leashed and under surveillance at all times. The museum gates open at 9 AM and it starts getting crowded real fast. So, go there early and spend the most of the day there.

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