What to do in Berlin in 2 days: Itinerary, Prices, Tips

Brandenburg gate

Brandenburg gateYou are going to visit Berlin, but have a short time to explore it?

2 days in Berlin is not enough to understand the spirit of the city, but you can get a general impression of it.

Find out the prices, get three 2-day itineraries and lots of tips before visiting the capital of Germany. Here is what to do in the capital of Germany having just 2 days and a limited budget.

Prices in Berlin

This post is from the series ‘1 day for 50 euros’, where I help you to visit the most in different European cities for less than 50 euros per day. Read the previous post about 3 days in Madrid (the lowest cost is just 44 euros for 3 days!).

Despite being the capital of Germany, Berlin is a relatively cheap city, cheaper than other big German cities. After reviewing the prices, I will give three 2-day itineraries for Berlin: Backpacker option, ‘Visit the Most’ option and Comfort option. So, let’s start with the prices of attractions in Berlin.

Berlin Attractions Prices

Berlin Cathedral on the Museums Island, attraction

The city is full of sights, most of which are connected to history (here is a separate article with the most interesting attractions in Berlin). There are around 10-15 history museums, museums of different dishes and even museums of 2 traffic lights men (Ampelmann) in the capital of Germany. Many attractions don’t charge a fee, museums are free of charge until the age of 18, but most of the paid sights of Berlin are relatively expensive. Check the Berlin attractions prices and the free ones after that.


Price (EUR)

Pergamon Museum


Checkpoint Charlie Museum


Berlin Wall Museum


Zoo Berlin


Fernsehturm Berlin


Berlin Cathedral


German History Museum


Currywurst Museum


Booking tickets online is cheaper. Book your museum tickets and Berlin city tour here

Free Attractions in Berlin

Some of the well-known places to visit that are free are Reichstag building, Alexanderplatz, Potzdamerplatz with Sony Center, Humboldt university, Brandenburg Gates, Temptow Park, Tiergarten, Checkpoint Charlie, Holocaust memorial and museum and the Berlin Wall (there is an itinerary through most of those sights in my post about Berlin attractions ).

Food Prices in Berlin

vietnamese restaurant in Berlin, Food prices in Berlin, itinerary

Food is also not expensive in Berlin. Food in supermarkets is just slightly more expensive than in Eastern European countries, while the margin and expenses in restaurants are higher, so the final prices in menus are about double the Polish ones (check the guide to Poznan, city, where I study in Poland). So, here they are:


Price (EUR)


Budget Breakfast


Budget Lunch


3-course meal for 2 in a mid-range restaurant


Beer (Glass)


Cappuccino (regular)



Chicken Breast (kg)


Milk (1L)


Eggs (12)


Local Cheese (kg)


Apples, oranges (kg)


Beer (0,5)


Speaking of street food, döner (or kebab) is the most popular one. Moreover, it is a traditional local food, as the Turkish workers invented it in Berlin. Second popular dish is currywurst, chopped sausages in curry sauce. Both cost around 3-4 euros.

Transportation Prices in Berlin

Metro train in Berlin, Alexanderplatz

Here are the prices of public transportation in Berlin:


Price (EUR)

Metro from airport to central Berlin


Public transportation, single ticket


Public transportation, 1-day ticket


3 km taxi ride


2 Day Adult Berlin Pass with Travel


The single ticket is valid for 2 hours, but if you use it one way (you cannot go back using the same ticket). You can buy 4 tickets at once, so a single one will cost you just 2,25 euros. If you are planning to use public transportation a lot, think of buying 1-day or 7-day ticket.

Accommodation Prices in Berlin

2 days in Berlin itinerary, hotel

Accommodation Price (Euros)
Cheapest option for 1 person 12
Cheapest option for 1 person with central location and 7+ rating 13
Cheapest 3-star hotel room for 2 with central location and 7+ rating 65
Cheapest 5-star hotel room for 2 with central location and 9+ rating 135

As always, the prices are from Booking.com in about 2 months from the date of post publication from Friday to Saturday.

Many accommodation options are located far from the center, but close to metro. If you have more than 2 days in Berlin, you can choose a more comfortable option in Charlottenburg for instance. So, after reviewing the prices, it is time to give you three 2-day Berlin itineraries with total costs in each of them.

Check this guide to the best places to stay in Berlin

2-day Berlin Itineraries

Old quarter of Berlin, NIkolaiviertel

Traditionally, I will give you three itineraries to spend 2 days in Berlin within 50 euros per day. Let’s start with the first itinerary and its costs.

Backpacker Option

Trying to save the money and spend the least, you can have a great time in Berlin for very little money.

Accommodation: choosing the cheapest hostel with central location for 13 euros.

Transportation: Berlin is a huge city, so even living in the center, you will need to use the public transport a couple of times. Let’s say, the minimum is 2 times, maximum is 4 during 2 days (5,4 to 9 euros).

Attractions: Free walking tour would be a great option to visit the most and find out something more about those places (5 euros as a tip). You might also want to visit the Berlin cathedral for 7 euros. Walking along the wall and some other places is free.

Food: Have a breakfast with food from the supermarket, lunch with döner/currywurst, for dinner either cook at the hostel, or have a budget meal for around 6 euros.

Total cost of 2 days in Berlin: 13 + 5,4-9 + 5-12 + 14-20 = 37-54 EUR.

2-day Backpacker Itinerary

Urban Spree, unusual things to do in Berlin,

So, here is your 2-day itinerary with the costs from above.

Day 1

After leaving your bag at the hostel, meet your walking tour guide and enjoy your city tour. Try currywurst and get souvenirs close to the Checkpoint Charlie. Then take a metro to the East Side Gallery with a part of Berlin Wall covered with street art, then cross the Oberbaum Bridge and have a coffee in that neighborhood. If you like nightclubs, the area is full of them, so you can come back there at night (maybe, with some people from your hostel). Another option would be to spend the evening walking along the Spree river.

Day 2

On the second day, you can visit the cathedral on the Museums Island and have a döner close to the Alexanderplatz. You can also try to find a T-shirt with Berlin in Primark store on the square. Then, take a walk to the huge Berlin Central Station and relax in the nearby Tiergarden park. For the last night (if your plane or bus is not departing earlier), you can think of pub crawl or a ‘Späti’ crawl (spätis are small night shops that mostly sell beer, sometimes they have seats and tables, as drinking beer outside is allowed in Germany).

Let’s now look at the ‘visit the most’ option.

‘Visit the Most’ Option

Accommodation: same as before, hostel with a central location.

Transportation: you will definitely need 2 tickets for every day.

Attractions: that’s the main difference from the previous point. Top attractions that you should visit in Berlin are Pergamon Museum, Fernsehturm (TVtower), cathedral and the Berlin Wall Museum. You won’t need the German History Museum, as you will find out almost everything about it during your city tour (depending on your guide).

Food: same as before.

Total price for 2 days in Berlin: 13 + 9 + 50 + 14-20 = 86-92 euros.

2-day Berlin ‘Visit the Most’ Itinerary

Reichstag building Berlin

Similarly to the previous one, but with much more attractions.

Day 1

After the city tour, visit the Volkswagen Center on the Unter den Linden street (if you like cars), then go to the Pergamon Museum and the Berlin Cathedral. Then, again, take the metro to the East Side Gallery and visit the Berlin Wall Museum.

Day 2

On the second day, your route will be similar, but you should also go up to the Fernsehturm near Alexanderplatz to see the whole city from the height.

Comfort Option

To spend 2 days in Berlin with comfort, here will be your expenses.

Accommodation: either a 3-star hotel option or the 5-star hotel room for 2 having a rating of 8,4 and a price of just 110 euros (55 per person).

Transportation: To have some more comfort, in addition to 4 metro tickets, you can use a taxi.

Attractions: In the comfort option, you won’t have to stand the line to any of the museums, but enjoy the city from the outside. Have a coffee in a café on the river bank, visit the Market hall (Markthalle 9) to try some local food. Still, a city tour is a must to have a general idea of Berlin and its history.

Food: Eating kebab on the way doesn’t give you much comfort. Food in Berlin’s restaurants is not that expensive.

Total cost of 2 days in Berlin: 32-55 + 19 + 5 + 20-30 = 76- 108 euros.

Berlin Comfortable Itinerary

Tiergarten in Berlin, 2-day itinerary

Let’s start with the last itinerary.

Day 1

This one will be similar to the Backpacker option. So, after the East Side Gallery and the neighborhood on the other side of the river, go to the north, where the Markthalle 9 is located, buy some food there and get back to your hotel by taxi.

Day 2

You might want to visit Alexa Shopping Center close to the Alexanderplatz. It is a good place to buy some souvenirs or presents. You can have a meal there, and spend the rest of your day in a relaxed way, walking along the river and in the parks.

It was my full guide to Berlin with three 2-day itineraries and prices in the capital of Germany. Choose the one that suits you and follow me to travel cheaper and better. Have a great time in Berlin!

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