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Whistler town center, one-day itinerary

Whistler 1-Day Itinerary: Best Things to Do in 2020

Whistler is a popular destination in Canada offering you a great choice of activities. This beautiful mountain destination offers you stunning scenery and a chance to keep busy all day long.  For the best day in Whistler, I will guide you through how to spend the perfect 1-day itinerary.  While staying in Whistler, make sure you check out exclusive villa rental in Whistler CA for the best places to stay.  Whistler has become even more popular over the last ten years, thanks to co-hosting the Winter Olympics during 2010. Now experience Whistler for yourself and experience the beauty and unforgettable skiing and other winter sports. Disclaimer: this post may include affiliate links. It means that when you use those links, I might get s small commission at no additional cost for you. Best Time to Visit Whistler Whistler is known for its great skiing and, as such, visiting during the […]

Copenhagen canal weekend itinerary, best things to do in 3 ays

How to Spend Amazing 3 Days in Copenhagen: Itinerary

If you are planning to visit Copenhagen I can promise you one thing, this city surely will meet your expectations. No matter what your interests are, the capital of Denmark will not disappoint you. In this guide, I will try to mention all the best attractions, activities, restaurants and bars to visit in Copenhagen during a weekend, as well as places to go for a one-day trip. Explore all Copenhagen in just 3 days! Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, which mean that you’ll be able to plan your trip cheaper them at no cost for you, and I will receive a small commission for my unbiased recommendations. Why Spend a Weekend in Copenhagen? With its architectural marvels, both old and new, great food and amazing things to see, it is no wonder Copenhagen is quickly becoming one of the must-visit destinations for people all over the world. Even if […]

Lighthouse on the coast of Donegal, attractions to visit during weekend

Donegal Weekend Itinerary: 10 Amazing Spots You Need to Visit

Planning to spend a weekend in Donegal? Choosing the best spots to visit in the north of Ireland during such a short time can be a difficult task. There are several amazing places that you definitely need to visit, and most travel guides don’t mention them. Today’s guest Paul is a tour guide in Ireland, so he knows all the best activities and attractions for your perfect weekend in Donegal, which he will share in this article. Keep on reading! Disclaimer: This post might include affiliate links, which are links to the best resources that I or my guest recommends for planning your perfect trip. I get a small commission if you use those links at no cost for you. Why choose Donegal for a Weekend? Donegal is one of the nine Ireland’s counties. This region is geographically and economically isolated from the other parts of the Emerald Isle, hence […]

Venice grand canal panorama, 3 days itinerary

A Perfect Venice 3-Day Itinerary: What You Need to Do

Venice is a beautiful city that is situated in the north-eastern part of Italy. If you’re planning to spend a weekend in this amazing city, you should try hard to see it all and enjoy the most of your trip. To help you plan a perfect 2- or 3-day weekend getaway to Venice, I’ve collaborated with a genuine Italian Giovanni and created this amazing itinerary. Venice is the capital of the Vento region and is often called the floating city. It is popular for its world famous gondolas. If you have seen pictures of a gondola in an urban city landscape, it is most probably from Venice. If you are going to be spending 2 or 3 days in Venice, then take a good look at this article. Venice is a place that has a lot to look at, meaning, tourists who often travel to Venice do not think just […]

van abbe museum, eindhoven attractions itinerary for 1 day

15 Things You Need to Do in Eindhoven: 1 Day Itinerary

Eindhoven is not a very well known Dutch city among tourists. Most people often just visit it as a stop between their destinations.  However, there are many things you could do here and spend a nice day or two in Eindhoven.  Here, I will let you know what are the best places to visit, where to stay and how to plan your trip to this small Dutch city better. In the end, you can find a 1-day itinerary to help you plan a perfect trip to Eindhoven.  Keep on reading! I already visited the airport in Eindhoven a couple of times because of cheap flights going there. However, I finally visited the city itself just recently. And I loved it!  I always regarded Eindhoven an industrial city of Philips, a large Dutch technology company coming from this city.   Well, I cannot say it’s not, but what I can say is that Eindhoven […]

Balcony in Lagos, Portugal

Weekend in Lagos, Portugal: Top Things to do in 1-3 Days

Amazing views, best beaches, great food and cultural heritage connected to dark slavery past… Lagos is one of the best places to visit in Portugal and all over Europe. If you love spending time on the beach, or enjoy waters sports activities, love climbing and learning more about the history – you can find all of it in Lagos. In this travel guide, I will tell you what to do in Lagos in summer and winter, especially if you come here just for a weekend. How to get to Lagos Lagos is a small town but a very popular resort. So, in the summertime, it gets several times more populated than in winter. However, there are also lots of activities in Lagos for the winter time. The town doesn’t have its own airport, but there is a couple of other airports nearby. The largest one in the neighborhood is in […]

Beautiful girl in Bali jungle enjoying the view of the waterfall

Bali 7-Day Travel Guide: How to Have an Unforgettable Vacation

This is a guest post about the beautiful Bali island, where you can spend an amazing 7-day vacation enjoying the great weather, food and multiple amazing activities. Read this for a perfect experience in your trip to Bali! Arguably Indonesia’s most famous island, Bali is a perfect destination for both the body and the soul. The beautiful beaches that border this piece of land give you endless opportunities to enjoy water activities or just lie around and relax to the fullest, while the lush, tropical rainforests of the inland make the air fresh and crisp. Besides, Bali is a spiritual hub that is bound to change how you see life once you immerse yourself and explore the rich culture of these people. Read on for tips on the must-visit places in Bali and learn what you need to know before you pack your bags and set off. What you need […]

Bucharest central square, 2-day itinerary

Top Hidden Gems of Bucharest: 2-Day Itinerary

Bucharest is not a typical tourist destination, but it has a range of great attractions, as well as hidden gems that you need to visit during your trip. Check this Bucharest 2-day Itinerary by Sandra to find out more about the city! Bucharest has come a long way for a former communist country. After 25 years of dictatorship and a severely imbalanced economy, one can only imagine the struggles it took to reintegrate with the rest of Europe. However, Romania has managed to overcome its gruesome past and eventually become one of the most attractive tourist destinations of the eastern block. Today, the nation’s capital city is booming with contrasts. Nicknamed “Little Paris”, Bucharest possesses that peculiar French flair, with its very own Arc de Triomphe to cement the title. The communist tree-lined boulevards are now bustling with excitement and they welcome all wayward visitors who wish to discover Bucharest’s […]

Vienna city 1-, 2- or 3-day itinerary, things to do in a weekend

What to do 1, 2 or 3 Days in Vienna: Weekend Itinerary

Vienna was called the most livable city in the world in 2018 and is one of the prettiest cities in Europe to visit. Being the capital of Austria, the city is not too big, so you can explore Vienna during a 2-3-day weekend or even in 24 hours if you try really hard. Here, I will explain how to visit all the best places in Vienna in just 1-3 days with local tips and a weekend itinerary to help you plan a perfect trip to this gorgeous city! When I visit new places (or the ones I’ve already visited), I try to find some less touristic attractions that are also worth visiting. I did this also in Vienna, so my itinerary will include some cool spots you won’t find in any travel guide. First, let’s start from the details to have a perfect trip to Vienna… Disclaimer: This is an […]

Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco on sunset, 3-day itinerary with things to do

3-Day San Francisco Itinerary: Top Things to Do

San Francisco is one of the most popular cities to visit in the US not without a reason. Today’s guest post from Lizzie is about best things to do in San Francisco in 3 Days with lots of useful travel tips. If you are planning a trip to the USA then a visit to San Francisco is a must. With a rich and progressive history, as well as some fantastic weather year-round (minus the fog of course), you will find so many things to do in the city. We have put together a guide ideal for those looking to spend 3 days in San Francisco. This includes exploring the top attractions as well as the best places to eat, drink, and sleep to help you plan your own San Francisco itinerary in the future. Getting from the airport   Most people fly to San Francisco, and getting from the airport […]