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20 Things You Need to Pack For Summer Vacation This Year

Whether on your own, with family or beloved ones, there is no better season to go vacationing than summer. Summer vacations can help make memories worth to remember a lifetime; however, that is, if vacationing is done right. Regardless of whether you may be traveling abroad, to a completely different […]

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My Trip To Mexico Part 2: Night Buses and Cenotes

My 20-day solo trip to Mexico was perhaps the most memorable experience in my life. It was full of events, new people, new places and cultural shocks. This post is the second part of my story about this trip. You can check the first part here. Rich Gringo from Miami […]

Playa de las Catedrales, Астурия, Испания

20 Items You Need To Pack For Your Trip to Spain

When you’re planning your trip, it is very important to think twice and fill your bag with all the important stuff not to regret later (arriving at a Spanish beach without taking your swimming suit feels terrible). Also, in every country, your needs are different, same with the items to pack. […]

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8 Amazing Day Trips Out Of Melbourne You Should Take

Labeled as the second largest city of the Australian state, Melbourne offers a lot of exciting activities. It is well-loved by wine enthusiasts and foodies around the world because the city has the best climate for winemaking as well as a diverse food culture. Aside from that, you’ll have easy […]

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6 Useful Tips to Crate Train Your Puppy for a Trip

I travel solo and don’t really have anything apart from my backpack with me. However, many people traveling with their pets told me how many problems it causes. Here is a useful guest post on how to crate train your dog to travel with it. It is essential that you […]

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Vietnam Guide for First-Timers: Top 10 Things to Do

Vietnam is a country with diverse culture, great food, and amazing attractions stretched 3,260 km along the South China Sea. Not to get lost in this diversity, guest blogger Zara created a Vietnam guide for first timers including all the best things to do there. Keep on reading! The sights, […]