Egypt 7-Day Itinerary: Top Things You Need to Do

Touching the international waters is a long shot for most of us. It is not every day that you can wake up and book a flight ticket to whichever place heart craves to fly off to. It requires planning, effort and most importantly, a large sum of money. Therefore, when that one chance comes knocking at our doors, it is crucial that we know exactly how to invite it in and make the most out of the opportunity presented to us. The country that we have hand-picked for our discussion today is the alluring and hot landscape of Egypt. The name of the country itself is enough to build one’s curiosity and pique the interest. We have been studying and eulogising the good old civilisation of Egypt, with its glorious lifestyle and culture since grade 5, after all.  Therefore, imagine the frenzy you would be thrown into when you really […]

Cuba old cars and houses 7-day Itinerary

Cuba 7-Day Itinerary: Top Things to Do in a Week

Cuba is a country with a complex political history, which has kept many tourists from visiting this gem of the Caribbean. Yet, with unspoiled white sandy beaches, spectacular colonial architecture, and a vibrant cultural atmosphere, the allure of this incredible island is irresistible. If you are planning a trip to Cuba, there is a range of things to see and do on your visit. To help you make the most of your trip, here is the 1-week Cuba itinerary from my friend Maria, who I asked to help me visualize and maybe realize my wish to visit this beautiful country. This article might include affiliate links. If you click those, book or buy something, I might receive a small commission at no additional cost for you. All the recommendations are unbiased. How to Get There The stunning capital of Cuba, Havana, is the largest and most vibrant city on the […]

plane in the sky, flight carry-on packing list and tips

Flight Carry-On Packing List 2019: What to Bring on Board?

Katherine is a frequent flier like me, and she gladly agreed to write an article on packing luggage for a flight not to forget important travel items and not to take too much. Check this flight carry-on packing list. Do you know what feels awful? Boarding a plane and realizing you forgot to bring your travel pillow from home and consequently you’ll have to bear with a stiff neck after a twenty hours long flight. It’s not uncommon for people to forget packing essential travel items for a flight, a good idea is printing a list of all the things you need. You can then check off the items after confirming if you have packed them or not.   Packing your luggage for a trip is an art, and people who travel in style inspire me a great deal. Consider Dita Von Teese, for example. She has a lovely, vintage Louis […]

Airbnb vs hotel comparison, choosing the best accommodation depending on price, service and comfort

Airbnb vs. Hotel Comparison 2019: Pros and Cons

In the business of providing accommodations for all sorts of guests, there are now two main players in the game. Before the hotel industry was leading but now, with the development of Airbnb, there’s now stronger competition for a lot of hotels and other lodging providers. The competition is fierce and both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Any person who wants to book a place and don’t know what to choose needs to consider several points of comparison so that they’re able to make that decision. On that note, below are some points of comparison between Airbnb and a hotel in terms of providing accommodations for the reference of people. Check them out below and see which one you end up preferring. Disclaimer: this post might include affiliate links. It means that at no additional cost for you if you book or buy something using them, I will receive […]

Off-road bike for travelers

Top 8 Off-Road Bikes for Travelers: Masters of Road-Gripping

Qualitatively, all motorbikes are not paralleled. Some possess a quality to hit rough terrains comparatively better. Some other motorbikes are specially prepared to take sharp turns more speedily than others.  On the other hand, an adventure bike having all in one is the best-selling and the super-fit motorbike for a crazy biker who wants to ride en route for long hours without getting weary. Adventure motorbikes come with side guards which are not hefty enough to make riders feel exhausted. We have 8 super high-end adventure bikes in our list which shows their performance as well as qualities they belong to. All these adventure bikes need much care and attention. Their spare parts need to be replaced if they break down. In this regard, like many others, Honda motorcycle parts online are also available 24/7 to meet all your requirements.   The Suzuki V- XT 650: On a Budget The V-Strom […]

Ultimate packing list for Mexico beach vacations

Ultimate Mexico Packing List: 14 Items You Need To Bring

Planning a trip to the Land of Enchantment? Mexico holds many wonderful surprises if you will surrender yourself to the experience of travel. The most important thing comes from packing the right items before you come so that you will have the most positive experience on your trip here. What items should you pack for your trip to Mexico?  Disclaimer: this post includes affiliate links which mean that at no additional cost for you, you can use those links to buy products, book hotels, and tours. #1: Shorts or a Skirt For women, you may want a skirt because women don’t commonly wear shorts here. Women may like to use a maxi skirt because you can wear it in cool weather or tie it in a knot during warm weather. Men will most likely want to wear shorts, and you can wear shorts that can double as swim trunks. Especially […]

Steel watch for travelers

Top 10 Watches Every Traveler Needs to Have in 2019

The time to bring a very reliable timepiece is when you travel. All kinds of journeys depend on you taking advantage of your watch. Instances such as catching a plane, meeting up with the tour guide, claiming for bookings on a restaurant, or even checking in at a hotel, time is an essential component for travelers on their journey. We are always at the expense of timetables. Buses, aircraft, trips, all steps are starting moments to maintain us on our feet. If you’ve ever missed an international flight or just a bus from the day to a far-flung destination, you’ll understand how to let time slip through your hands. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be out of our command. And also, you would want to minimize how often you get your phone from your pocket in some places. A timepiece can prevent your smartphone from being stolen, especially in urban […]

hiker in the mountains in Europe

9 Epic Hikes in Europe That Need to Be on Your Bucket List

There is more to Europe than just its famous landmarks. If you’ve got a little nerve and wants to veer away from the usual touristy spots, Europe has amazing mountains waiting to be discovered. Be warned, they all have one thing in common—they will surely take your breath away and will leave you in awe. Nature really has its way of blowing our minds every now and then. Here are nine incredible hikes around Europe that you can try. 1. Trolltunga Hike, Norway Not a lot would have Norway on their list because not a lot know about its hidden wonders. Filled with raw and exquisite beauty, the hike to Trolltunga is a 22 kilometer stretch of nature display with breathtaking cliffs to surprise you along the way. What will stop you in your tracks, well only figuratively, is the Troll’s Tongue that gives you a good vista of Norwegian […]

Biker riding a motorcycle on a dark road

Cruiser Motorcycle Gear 2019 Guide: What You Should Wear

Perhaps, one of the best ways to travel is by riding a motorcycle. To get prepared for a biking trip, you need to know what to wear, as nothing else will protect you from the sun and rain. In this post, an experienced biker Armughan shares the best clothing items to wear when riding a cruiser motorcycle. People who don’t ride motorcycles think it must be the easiest thing in the world to buy motorcycle gear. Just grab the first thing that says “black” and “leather” in the store. But Motorcycle aficionados would agree that nothing could be further from the truth than that. The amount of attention and consideration that goes into choosing motorcycle gear is insane. Why? Because unlike cars and four-wheel-vehicles, motorcycles are open and without any protective barrier. While it gives a motorcycle its biggest charm – that is the freedom, no one can deny that […]

Los angeles city lights at night

First Time Traveling to Los Angeles? Follow These 15 Tips for a Perfect LA Vacation

Los Angeles is a well-known city that no matter where you’re from you have an idea of L.A. Geraldine gladly agreed to write about her experience of visiting this city and tips for first-timers traveling to LA. Given the fact that L.A. is the hub of the film and television industry in the United States, this is not surprising. This is also the reason a lot of people want to travel to Los Angeles and see the sights of glamour themselves. If it’s your first time traveling to Los Angeles, then you might want to read this article first. It’s best that you prepare yourself so that you know what you need. Even though L.A. is hardly a sprawling wilderness where you need to be extra vigilant, it’s always best to be prepared. With that said, here are 15 tips that you should check out that will help you have […]