Female student reading a book on the lawn, studying abroad

Studying Abroad vs Distance Learning: What To Choose?

If you really think of studying abroad as I did but you have many constraints and doubts concerning this, you should consider distance learning as well. Evelyn has much experience and knows a lot about both studying abroad and distance learning. In this article, she tells about all advantages and […]

Plane in the sky during sunset, packing tips for flights

10 Items You Need to Pack for a Flight Carry-On in 2019

I had hundreds of flights with just my backpack. Numerous times I forgot or couldn’t fit some necessary items in my carry on-luggage. Many times I took something I didn’t really use in my trip. After so many mishaps, I decided to cooperate with Katherine (who flies even more often […]

Airport during sunset, how to find cheap flights to Europe

Ultimate Guide to Finding Cheap Flights in Europe 2019

One wants to travel the planet but taking care of his/her earnings. You want to explore the shores but don’t want to exhaust your savings. If one gets the privileges or facilities like free accommodation along with looking for affordable volunteer programs; then one hideous thing of traveling is looking […]

Summer vacations beach packing list, flip flops to take with you on a beach vacation

20 Things You Need to Pack For Summer Vacation This Year

Whether on your own, with family or beloved ones, there is no better season to go vacationing than summer. Summer vacations can help make memories worth to remember a lifetime; however, that is, if vacationing is done right. Regardless of whether you may be traveling abroad, to a completely different […]

Hippies in Hierva el Agua, Mexico trip

My Trip To Mexico Part 2: Night Buses and Cenotes

My 20-day solo trip to Mexico was perhaps the most memorable experience in my life. It was full of events, new people, new places and cultural shocks. This post is the second part of my story about this trip. You can check the first part here. Rich Gringo from Miami […]