If you would like to contribute a guest post for my experiential travel blog to reach and entice your target audience, get a do-follow backlink and improve your rankings, my blog is open to guest contributions.

I do accept both non-commercial and commercial links. If you are a company, a brand or a destination, and you would like to have a guest post (or a sponsored post) on my travel blog featuring you, check my ‘work with me’ page or contact me directly at contact@romanroams.com (don’t worry, my prices don’t bite 😉 ).

Why Write for me

My travel blog was created not so long ago and already gained in popularity among people from all over the world. City guides and travel tips in all three language versions of my travel blog (Russian, English, and Polish) rank high in search engines, as I’m also an SEO specialist myself. Top posts have over 20 000 views. My blog has over 25 000 monthly page views and the number is steadily increasing.

My blog’s domain authority is ranging between 27 and 30.

The target audience of my blog is busy people willing to fully use the time of their visit to have the best experience in the shortest time. Secondary is young adventurous travelers who love having amazing experiences during their trips.

Guest Post Guidelines

Read my guest post guidelines before pitching a post topic.

So, here are the guidelines:

  1. It should be your unique work. Text that wasn’t and won’t be published anywhere else.
  2. Minimum length is 2000 words (can be less for less competitive topics)
  3. Minimum 5 average quality (about 1024x800px) pictures that are either yours or stock photos (best is 1 picture per 200 words + 1 main picture).
  4. Write a short bio about yourself with a link to your blog/facebook page (not mandatory).
  5. You can also add 1 link to your blog/page within the post, add links to useful resources (like Wikipedia, official websites of restaurants, museums…) and other pages on my blog (RomanRoams.com)
  6. Try to make the text very interesting for my target audience. It should also be useful and engaging so that people would like to read it further (the better the quality, the more value of the link for your site).
  7. I reserve the right to edit your post if it doesn’t match the guidelines or blog.

Check these great examples of guest posts on my blog:

Guest Post Topics I like

From my experience, posts that rank the best are city/destination guides for a particular number of days.

Something like, ‘Things to do in Miami in 2 Days’ or ‘London 3-Day Itinerary: Best Things to Do’.
The post should include some local tips, restaurants you recommend, foods to try, hotels to stay in, and a list of best things to do with an itinerary in the end.
Here are some examples on my blog: London in 2 Days, NYC in 3 Days, Berlin in 2 days.
However, I really like when people submit guest posts on topics they know very well. Can be some aspect of traveling or a great list of tips for online business/ SEO/ marketing/ internationalization or similar.
Send me your suggested topic to contact@romanroams.com or romanroams.com@gmail.com (the place you’ve personally been to and know very good), and we will send you more exact guidelines concerning keywords and content. Waiting for your guest or sponsored post contribution.