Best of Boston in 2 minutes: Top 10 Free Things to Do

Boston Bay Old Houses

Boston is a very beautiful, and perhaps the most ‘European’ city in the US.

I visited the city during 6 one-day trips and every time the I discovered new attractions and vibrant places.

So, here is my best of Boston guide with top 10 free things to do in the capital of Massachusetts. Find out what they are!

Best of Boston skyline

Top 10 Free Things to Do in Boston

There are lots of places that you can visit in Boston for free, including monuments, museums, fountains, churches. But, I wanted to choose the top 10 attractions in Boston that are free, so that you can visit all of them having just one day in the capital of Massachusetts (read also about 10 free things to do in NYC!). Here we go!

For places to go outside of the city, check these 5 day trips from Boston!

Quincy Market

Quincy Market, Best of Boston

One of my favorite attractions in Boston is the Quincy Market. Bostonians like to have a meal here, it is a great place to try some new or traditional food. Visiting Quincy Market, as well as the surrounding area is free. Take a walk along the boulevards and buy some souvenirs. By the way, on Wednesdays you can even get here some food for free (food samples).

In case if your phone is almost dead, get a free city map in the tourist center in front of the famous market.

Check some more places to visit in Boston here

Boston Freedom Trail

If you are interested in the US history, Boston is a perfect place to learn more about it. Boston Freedom Trail is a route through the whole city with lots of historically important places on the way. It is free, and it is a must thing to do in Boston. Learn more about Boston Freedom Trail here.

Boston Public Library

National Library, free things to do in Boston

Probably, no other library impressed me as much as the one in Boston. It is huge and very beautiful from the inside. Boston Public Library is the third largest library in the US.

You can also get into the nice backyard of the library and read a book there. Visiting it is free, but there are also tours around the library that cost nothing.

Beacon Hill

Beacon hill, top 10 free things to do in Boston

A very beautiful historical neighborhood, which was first settled in 1625. As many sailors and soldiers visited this area in the 17th and 18th centuries, it became an undesirable place to live. Although, now it may be the most beautiful area of Boston, where only the rich can afford to live in.

Walk through the cobblestone streets and enjoy the red brick houses of the Beacon Hill. After that, I recommend visiting the Boston Common.

Boston Common

Boston Common

Nice park located in the center of Boston, which is a great place to rest on the way between the attractions of your ‘Best of Boston’ tour. Almost 400 year old, it is the oldest city park in the US.

Trinity Church

Boston trinity church and skyscraper

Trinity Church is the most beautiful church in Boston (in my opinion). It was built in 1734, and is located near the abovementioned library and a tall skyscraper, which makes an interesting contrast that you can often see on the pictures.

Boston Universities

Harvard University, Boston

Boston has some of the world’s top rated universities with the highest quality of education and lots of new studies and inventions from those institutions. If somebody invented a new tool or a way of doing something better, there is a big probability that it comes from Boston. There are also free tours around the huge campuses of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Harvard.

Commonwealth Museum

Commonwealth Museum, free things to do in boston

Another great and free thing to do in Boston if you like history is the Commonwealth Museum. The entrance is free every day. One disadvantage is that it is located on some distance from the city center. So, you will need to take a metro (which is, of course, not free in Boston).

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon, free things to do in Boston

There are lots of free events organized in Boston, so can always find some activities apart from just walking and visiting museums. Boston Marathon may be one of the most well-known events in the city. It is organized on the third Monday of April.

Hatch Shell

Hatch Shell stage, Boston

This place is the center of Boston’s outdoor performances. It is often full of people enjoying the Hatch Shell’s free events. You can join them too.

It was a short list of top 10 free things to do in Boston. If you have a limited time in the city, you can choose those attractions to understand the spirit, and see the best of Boston. Read also 50 tips to travel the world cheap from 15 experienced travel bloggers. Enjoy your trip!

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