3 Top European Holiday Destinations That Will Surprise You

Iceland Godafoss waterfall natural beauty

Europe is a diverse continent filled with prime holiday locations perfect for all types of getaways.

From stunning cities like Paris and Amsterdam to the warm sun-soaked beaches of Spain, Italy, and Greece, the most popular holiday destinations are on everyone’s lips.

But what about the hidden gems?

While the destinations listed here might be missing from your average round-up of the best holiday hotspots, these remarkable travel locations have much to offer a curious tourist with a sense of adventure.

Read on to discover your next holiday destination…

1. Portugal

Orange rocks and cliffs on Algarve coast of Portugal

Situated on the border of Spain, Portugal is home to a number of lively cities, wholesome towns, and quaint villages.

But wherever you are, you’re never far from the country’s incredible coastline, which boasts some of the world’s most magnificent beaches. White sand, turquoise seas and limestone cliffs make these stunning spots perfect for an evening stroll and day trip.

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This sunny scenery is one of the country’s main attractions, but there are plenty of other impressive locations to visit in the cities for a day trip.

Portugal’s rich history is reflected in its architecture, and significant buildings like the Belem Tower, Castelo de St Jorge, and Jeronimos Monastery.

Tourists tend to fall head over heels for Portugal, and the country’s Golden Visa scheme means that many of them never leave.

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2. Romania

Viscri in Romania, fortified church

A must-visit for horror fans, Romania is renowned for its connection to Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

The home of this fictitious former resident of Transylvania bears striking resemblance to Bran Castle, Brasov. There is no evidence the site was a direct inspiration to Stoker, who reportedly never even visited Transylvania, but nevertheless, it has become something of a pilgrimage to those seeking spooks.

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In spite of this Eldritch connection, there are a number of surprising Romanian hotspots that attract holidaymakers of all persuasions – not least of all its Black Sea beaches, which are ideal whether you’re seeking a family day out or simply taking in some natural sights.

The Romanian Sphinx is another favorite local landmark – this natural rock formation is the subject of many wild theories and occult legends, and its views are striking both in the daytime and at sunset.

3. Iceland

Iceland Godafoss waterfall natural beauty

Whilst it’s something of an underdog on the holiday scene, tourists are flocking to Iceland for a unique experience unlike anywhere else on the continent.

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Its scenery resembles something out of fantasy, and in fact it has been a shooting location for major franchises such as Star Wars, Lara Croft and Game of Thrones.

For a travel adventure that’s in touch with nature, Iceland is perfect, with unique views such as Snæfellsjökull, Lake Myvatn, and the Dettifoss Waterfall. Tourists can also go on whale-watching tours and even ride Icelandic horses – the perfect day trip for animal lovers!

Hopefully, this list has provided some inspiration for your next travel adventure!

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