8 Benefits of Living a Nomadic Life with a Girlfriend

How to have a nomadic lifestyle having a girlfriend, lonely traveler

I’ve never touched the topic of relations before, as I’m actually trying to stay away from anything stable. However, even living a nomadic lifestyle, it is possible to have a girlfriend, and it has some advantages and disadvantages that will be discussed in today’s guest post.

How to have a nomadic lifestyle having a girlfriend, lonely traveler“Travel has to and can be accessible to everyone!”– Many modern young people think so. And they have reasons for this. In the last decade, low-cost airlines, cheap tickets for all types of transport, and, of course, numerous hostels and other budget accommodation have started to work actively.

The whole world has become a huge network, where people can freely move from place to place, without detracting from work and personal life. The most active of them became the object of envy and hatred of millions. Usually, they are called “nomads”.

The change of orientation from a settled way of life to the culture of nomads becomes more and more noticeable every year. Modern young people don’t buy apartments and cars – they prefer freedom. Indeed, why live life in a small apartment when you can wake up in a new city every week?

Do you dream of living abroad or do you want to travel more often? And, perhaps, you want to see the whole world, but it seems that this is impossible. Believe me, everything is possible! Only boldness is needed for the realization of this dream.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you have money or a tourist experience. If you are attracted by the spirit of adventures and prefer comfort, then take a backpack and start traveling. Romance Compass prepared advantages and disadvantages of this way of life.  

Advantages of a nomadic life:

  1.      You will become local anywhere in the world

The nomadic way of life is perfect for those who like to travel. You don’t need to try to see all the local sights as quickly as possible. Having arranged your life in this way, you will receive the most valuable thing in the world – time. In addition, you will cease to be tourists. In any of the places where you throw your suitcases, you become a local immediately. Your house will be where you are, not the other way around.

  1.      You will be forever young

Nomadic life is like a fresh breath of air. It helps live everywhere now and for your own pleasure. And, of course, it teaches you not to postpone life for later. In fact, this is the best way to not grow old. It’s simple: if you get new impressions every day, get to know someone, see new places, your brain works, which means that you don’t get old. You simply don’t have time for this. In addition, this way of life helps constantly feel active. Life becomes a real adventure.

  1.      You will forget about boredom and monotony

Frequent travel is the best way to overcome boredom. When you live in one place, you find yourself in the abyss of monotony sooner or later. The same things, the same people… As a result, you cease to feel the joy of life: everything is fine, but you are terribly bored. There is no better way to escape from everyday life than a nomadic life. New day – new impressions.

  1.      You will be better than you were

Traveling teaches a very important thing – courage. Perhaps you will have to endure many difficulties: rejection of friends and relatives, criticism from others, your own fears and doubts, habits. But it’s worth it. After you live in different parts of the world, you will become a different person – more brave, open, soulful and flexible.

  1.   You will realize the cherished dream and find out what happiness is

We must live every day to the fullest. This phrase very accurately describes what you feel when you choose the nomadic way of life. Nothing in the world will give you so many unforgettable moments, enchanting discoveries and the best meetings. The only thing that should be feared: perhaps you will never be able to live a quiet, measured life. Life, devoid of stability, teaches to be flexible, it helps to say “yes” to everything that you fear in your everyday life. And most importantly, it makes you wiser. You begin to understand that life is too short to waste it on a stable but dull existence.

  1.      You become a part of the world of nomads

Traveling around the world, you, for sure, will meet other similar nomads. As their number grows every day, special tools for communication and mutual assistance also appear. Communication with other nomads can open unexpected prospects for you and change your life greatly.

  1.      You will be inspired by a foreign cultural environment

When you live away from home, you are constantly discovering something new. Surprisingly, even those discoveries that are not directly related to your profession can be prompted by unexpected thoughts. After all, traveling has always been considered a great way to find inspiration.

  1.   You will become disciplined

The nomadic way of life makes you disciplined. You, for certain, will have to live for a while in less comfortable conditions than those to which you are accustomed. This means that you have to solve unusual tasks and adapt. Travel will force you to follow the times and make plans. In the end, you yourself will not notice how you will become more organized and therefore, more productive.

Disadvantages of a nomadic life:

  1.      Necessity of planning

Above we said that the need for planning travel disciplines. On the other hand, this endless planning takes a lot of time and, in the end, you may start getting very nervous.

  1.      You don’t know what’s going on at home

Your family and friends, for sure, will follow your journey through a blog or social networks. Nevertheless, a live contact will not replace it. Occasionally returning to your homeland, you will be surprised again and again at how much everything has changed in your hometown.

  1.      Feeling of loneliness and isolation

Being a nomad, one day you may lose your sense of belonging to any society or circle of people. This will make you feel lonely and lost. Relations with old friends at a distance can somehow cool down.

  1.      You can hardly save money

The lifestyle of a nomad doesn’t contribute to the accumulation of savings. At some point, you may notice that literally have nothing, spending all that you earn.

  1.      You are unlikely to start a family

Finally, the nomadic way of life doesn’t contribute to the establishment of a long romantic relationship. You don’t come back home and you are perceived only as a tourist in any country. Probably, you will have to look for a couple among the same nomads. But, as we already mentioned, nowadays this phenomenon is very young and not too widespread.

There are many pros and cons of becoming a nomad. It is better to clarify: despite the external attractiveness of such a way of life, it will be good not for everyone. Not every person will be able to organize oneself so that to follow the chosen principles. The life of a nomad is not a picture on the Internet with a person sitting on the beach under the beach umbrella with a laptop. To achieve seeming serenity and peace, first of all, you must achieve harmony with yourself and learn to concentrate in any place under any circumstances.

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