Essential Items to Bring to Your Business Trip: The Ultimate Packing Guide

Notebook, watch, shoes and a bag, businessman items for a business trip
Notebook, watch, shoes and a bag, businessman items for a business trip

Packing is a task! You can never get enough things for a trip that might only last for a day or two.

And neither can you ever understand which situation shall call for which item out of your suitcase. For people who live constantly out of the suitcase, packing might not seem like a biggie.

But for people who hardly travel, packing sure is art. How will you ever know what course your journey might chart?

How will you know what you shall need along the way? It is all a very uncertain affair.

Perhaps the only certain journey that one can pack their things according to is that it is a business trip. You know what is going to happen in the trip. You know the places that you will be hitting for a meeting or business lunch.

And you also know what kind of dress you are expected to wear at those meetings. Of course, you might want to catch up with a few friends outside the work meetings.

But, that is all that there is to a work trip that has been planned well in advance. There is not much room to deviate from the itinerary. That is why it makes for an easy packing affair.

However, for those who still feel like a fish out of water, here are a few things that might help you pack comfortably.

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This flight packing checklist is probably the ultimate guide you will need to read today. Without any further delay, let us look into all the things to bring for an international business trip.

But first, let’s start with the airline’s requirements and luggage restrictions.

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Airlines and Luggage Restrictions

Plane in the sky during sunset, packing tips for flights

Not many of us are aware of all the rules that one needs to follow while flying. This makes for a messy situation at the baggage drop counter at the airport.

You either go overboard with the weight of the baggage that you are carrying, or you find yourself carrying things that you are not allowed to.

Now, for the first-time travelers, this ignorance could be excused. But if you tend to repeat the same packing mistakes every time you travel, you must do something about it.

When it comes to packing and carrying your baggage, there are a couple of things that you must keep in mind. Now, though it cannot be generalized, we can provide a rough sketch for your better understanding.

But, if you do not want to play by the rules and fly in style, you could consider renting a private jet via credible sources like They have flexible flying times suited to fit your needs. They also have lucrative offers that can reduce the rental price substantially.


Man silhouette in the airport, business travel packing tips

The average size of a piece of carry-on baggage that is allowed is a length of 56 centimeters, a width of 45 centimeters, and depth of 25 centimeters. Therefore, you must pack your stuff keeping in mind these general dimensions.

The weight of a piece of in-flight baggage must not exceed 5 kilograms. For some airlines, the weight can go up to 7 kilograms as well. Therefore, you might want to check your country’s flying specifications before packing your bags.

Objects that are Allowed and Not Allowed in Checked-In Baggage

There are a few things that airlines allow you to carry and also restrict you to carry. It is immensely important on your part to know about those things if you are to make an informed call.

You are expected to toss every sharp object from your bag into a bin when you start packing. Sharp objects of any kind are not allowed in checked-in or carry-on baggage.

Electric chargers, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops of older generations are also not allowed in your bag. Therefore, you need to be careful about the electric parts that you are carrying in your checked-in baggage. If you had to take our tip, it is best to avoid them in the check-in baggage.

Here is another point that you need to be careful about while packing your bag. Most airlines abide by the 3-1-1 Liquid Rule. This means that you are only allowed to carry a liquid or aerosols of 3.4 ounces, limited to a one-quarter-sized bag. This is to ensure the safety of your co-passengers and prevent spillage or leakage of fluids and aerosols on the flight.

Preparing for a Business Trip

Organized travel suitcase with business trip items

So now that you know what to pack and what to avoid for your international business trip, you need to focus on the packing, keeping in mind what you are expected to do on the trip.

Having these points at the back of your mind will help you decide on the things to pack for a business trip and make the affair more comfortable. Here is how you can prepare for your upcoming business flight.

How Many Days Will You Be Gone For?

The most pertinent point to consider while packing is the number of days you shall be gone for. There is no point in carrying too many items when your trip is supposed to last for only a few days.

Be smart about packing and learn to pack light. If you have a business for just two days, you need to pack three formal shirts, pants, two blazers, essential toiletries and pieces of garments, and all your other travel and important business documents.

Of course, you will have a laptop, planner, or tablet with you. Do we even need to spell that out loud?

Check the Weather Conditions

A very important aspect of packing is to check the weather of the place you are traveling to. Carry clothes that you might need to survive the present weather conditions.

Carry an umbrella if it seems too rainy, or a raincoat will do too. Keep a weather-eye on the weather, so that you do not have to find yourself in trouble on reaching the place. You will have meetings to run to and business affairs to solve.

You might not have enough time to run errands for yourself in a foreign country. Plan well, and stay informed.

Pack According to the Situations You Might Be In

Even if the trip is expected to last for not more than three days, planning well in advance is imperative.

You might find yourself in a number of situations while on a business trip, and if you do not have the required clothes and accessories to meet your needs, your work is going to face quite some challenges.

Let us look into a few hypothetical and possible situations so that you can plan and pack for your international business trip better.

An Important Meeting or Presentation on Day One

So you reach your hotel from the airport, freshen up, and take some rest. Then you head over to the venue where the first important meeting is supposed to be held. You might be exhausted and in the need of wearing something light.

How about you pack a comfortable semi-formal shirt and a pair of black trousers? An immaculate white shirt, formal or semi-formal paired with black trousers always does the trick.

A Business Dinner in the Evening

Work meetings and business trips usually have at least one dinner or lunch scheduled with important clients and business partners. And therefore, you need to pack something that shall suit the occasion well.

You could pack chic, classy, yet simple ethnic wear representing the culture of your country. But if you want to play it safe and keep it simple, you could go for an informal t-shirt and a pair of classic denim. What could possibly go wrong with this safe combination?

A Quick Getaway Before the Trip Concludes

We would like to entertain the possibility of a second work meeting on the second day of your trip. And you need to have another pair of formals and a blazer properly ironed and packed in your suitcase. Once done with the meet, you might want to take some steam off and head over to an entertainment house.

You might also want to go to a pub for a quick getaway. Have the right dress for the occasion like a party shirt or a dress, depending on your choice of dressing. You want to stand out but not too much!

Some Packing Hacks

We have arrived at the penultimate section of the article where we would like to spill some vital beans on the right packing hacks. Most of us are messy when it comes to packing.

We have perhaps gone over this statement more times than we can remember. So here are some packing hacks that can help you pack smart and easy.

  • Always dry wash your expensive shirts and trousers and press them well before folding them.
  • Always fold them properly before putting them in the suitcase. Do not just curl your clothes into a ball and throw them inside the suitcase.
  • While folding a shirt, make sure you have a straight and robust plate inserted in the collar to keep the collar crisp and straight.
  • Always carry a few extra clothes for safety.
  • If you have to carry more than one pair of shoes, clean them before packing and roll them in a paper.
  • Pack smaller and softer pieces of garments inside the bigger ones to make more space.

Business Trip Packing Checklist

Notebook, watch, shoes and a bag, businessman items for a business trip

We have almost covered everything that is necessary to plan for your short business trip. However, there are always chances to miss out on a few things, especially if they are tiny items. Therefore, you might want to go over this checklist and see if you have everything you need.


Besides having the main sets of clothes for your meetings and business affairs, you need to have extra pairs of pajamas. You must also have intimate garments, and comfortable t-shirts to wear in your hotel room. Also make sure that you carry one extra pair of your work dress, just in case you spill coffee.


A good watch, belts, shoes, and pins are very important. Carry an umbrella if you have to. Carry a pair of sunglasses if you have to. Of course, you are not going to travel anywhere without them. But it always feels good to mention them at least once in the discussion. The value of these items is always underrated, and you better pack them right away.

Cosmetics and Self-Care Items

Carry what you need to take care of your hair, skin, and body. Do what you have to in order to look presentable. Get a small pillow and a sleeping mask for comfort too. And did we mention sunblock?

Carry plenty of sunblock so that you do not have to worry about the harmful UV rays of the sun while discussing important business affairs.

These are tiny things that you could forget packing and then end up regretting not double checking before leaving. Therefore, pack them soon and pack them well.


This needs no separate mention but since we have taken the efforts of mentioning every little detail, why should this important section go amiss! Carry these, always, because there are two ways to it.

We are sure that the venue where you shall have your meeting will already have a superfast internet connection. But there is no harm in carrying your own portable Wi-Fi too. Technology always comes with glitches and therefore, it is a great idea to have a backup plan.

Besides these obvious items, a few other things that you might as well carry along with you are money belts and an RFID-proof wallet. Thieves can stand right next to you and steal the information from your credit cards.

They do not even have to reach out for the cards to do so. However, an RFID-proof wallet ensures that the data on your credit cards are protected. And that is why you must have them while you are on a trip.

Money belts help you keep your money hidden from sight. This way, pickpockets cannot steal the money strapped on you.

Travel and Business Documents

Make sure you have packed your passport and all other important travel documents. You want to avoid the immigration complications of not having the right documents.

Keep your documents safe and within your reach. Make copies of them if you can for added safety. Also, get all your business documents ready and packed safely to avoid complications on the day of your meeting.

This list of things that you need on an international business trip is quite a comprehensive one. With the help of this guide, you shall be able to lock that significant deal that you were eyeing for all this while.

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