15 Things You Need to Do in Eindhoven: 1 Day Itinerary

van abbe museum, eindhoven attractions itinerary for 1 day

van abbe museum, eindhoven attractions itinerary for 1 dayEindhoven is not a very well known Dutch city among tourists. Most people often just visit it as a stop between their destinations. 

However, there are many things you could do here and spend a nice day or two in Eindhoven. 

Here, I will let you know what are the best places to visit, where to stay and how to plan your trip to this small Dutch city better.

In the end, you can find a 1-day itinerary to help you plan a perfect trip to Eindhoven. 

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I already visited the airport in Eindhoven a couple of times because of cheap flights going there. However, I finally visited the city itself just recently. And I loved it! 

I always regarded Eindhoven an industrial city of Philips, a large Dutch technology company coming from this city.  

Well, I cannot say it’s not, but what I can say is that Eindhoven is very diverse and can offer various attractions and activities for every taste. 

Best Places to Visit in Eindhoven 

Before deciding on points of your 1-day itinerary, have a look at the attractions that Eindhoven offers. 

Panasonic Stadium and PSV Museum

PSV Eindhoven football stadium in Eindhoven black and white

A must place to visit for football (soccer) fans is the Panasonic stadium of the PSV football club, one of the best football clubs in the Netherlands. It also has one of the best training schools in the world. It trains great football players and sells them to the richest and most famous clubs in the world. 

Of course, there is also a museum of the PSV football team (which was actually founded by the Panasonic company in 1913) that you can visit 6 times a week except for Sunday. You can learn more information on the official website of the museum. 

Address: Stadionplein 4 

Price: 7,5 euro 

Campus of Eindhoven Technical University

Eindhoven technical university campus in fog

Universities in the Netherlands are some of the best in the world.

And, the Technical University in Eindhoven is regarded as the best technical university in the Netherlands. 

Its campus is located close to the train station, and you can walk there, take a look at the technically advanced labs and observe students hurrying up to their classes. 

Flying Pins 

Between the train station and the TU campus, there is a sculpture also worth paying attention to. Flying pins and a bowling ball is not only a nice place for a new profile picture, but it is also symbolical.  

The yellow color of the pins represents the blossoming daffodils on the Kennedylaan every spring, and the entire structure reminds of the city dynamics. 

AddressKennedylaan 2 

Philips Museum

Philips museum Eindhoven

Another heritage of Philips is the museum of the company. It not only tells the history of the enterprise but also tells how much it influenced the history and growth of Eindhoven and the entire Netherlands.  

It also contributed to the healthcare industry by developing advanced X-Rays and scanning Dutch people for free to diagnose tuberculosis in the times when it was the most common serious disease. 

All around Eindhoven, you can see streets, neighborhoods, and squares named by or in honor of the company that did so much for the city growth. 

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday. 

Address: Emmasingel 31 

Price9 euro 

Futuristic Architecture 

Modern architecture in Eindhoven, things to do

The architecture of many parts of Eindhoven reminds most of other Dutch towns and cities. However, there are some modern and futuristic buildings located all around it 

They all are used for different purposes: museums, a conference center, and even shops. Some of the places to find this kind of architecture is the 18 Septemberplein. It is a shopping square not far from the train station with well-known brands, and some of their shops are located in peculiar glass buildings.


evoluon conference center in Eindhoven
Source: Holland.com

Evoluon, the UFO-like structure on the outskirts of the city is a conference center built by Philips in 1966. Since its construction was finished, Evoluon became one of the main symbols of the city. 

In general, there are no exhibitions and public access to the building. However, you can visit the restaurant located inside. It is open from Monday to Sunday. For summer holidays, the entire building is closed. 

AddressNoord Brabantlaan 1A 

If you don’t want to miss anything interesting in Eindhoven, hire a private guide.

Design Hotspots 

Futuristic art next to the modern design museum in Eindhoven

Eindhoven is often regarded as the design capital of Holland 

Once you see so many modern buildings in Eindhoven, there should be a background of them and the reason for such a big number of these futuristic constructions. You can learn more about the Dutch and local design and designers in numerous spots around the city. 

Some of them include Piet Hein Eek workplace and gallery located on Halvemaanstraat 30the world-famous Design Academy on Emmasingel 14, and the Sectie-C creative area on Daalakkersweg 16. 

You can learn more about the places to explore design in Eindhoven in this guide. 


One of the main streets in Eindhoven. Here you can find a wide range of international restaurants, shops and a local touch in the architecture and decoration. A good place to feel the local vibes. 

St. Catherine Church 

St Catherine church entrance in Eindhoven, holland

This neo-gothic Catholic Church located in the city center was finished in 1867. It was built on the place of another church, and that one on the place of a previous one.  

After archeological discoveries under the church, some interesting artifacts have been found. Today, you can see them as exhibits inside the building. 

Dierenrijk Zoo

Red panda in Dierenrijk Zoo next to Eindhoven

If you came to Eindhoven in warm time of the year, not like me, I recommend you visiting Dierenrijk Zoo. It is an interactive zoo, where your kids can even play with some of the animals. 

There are also entertainment shows with seals and elephants. 

The zoo is located outside of the city but you can get there by car or by public transportation. Geldropsedijk in Nuenen is the closest bus stop to the Zoo, but you need to walk about 3,5 km (2 miles) to get to the Zoo. Look for a route 0900-9292 or check schedule here. 

Address: 1 Baroniehei, 5731 RG Mierlo 

Price: 18-20 euro 

Strijp-S District

Graffiti on the brick wall next to a bar in Eindhoven hipster area

I found this area by chance, but I really liked it. It looks like a couple of abandoned industrial buildings full of street art, filled with hipster cafes and a skate park. Later, I found out that it’s one of the coolest areas in Eindhoven called Strijp-S. 

This place is worth passing by on the way to Evoluon or the Modern Art Museum. But I recommend you also to stop at one of the unusual cafes and restaurants there. 

preHistorisch Dorp 


Prehistorisch dorp next to eindhoven, 1-day trip from the city

To learn more about city history, you can also visit the museum of Eindhoven (or preHistorisch Dorp). The history starts in the prehistorical times and focuses on the Iron Age and Middle ages covering not only the city but also the entire region of Brabant. Learn more on the official website of the museum. 

AddressBoutenslaan 161B 

Price: 9,75 euro 

Van Abbe Museum 

van abbe museum, eindhoven attractions itinerary for 1 day

If you like modern art, I recommend you to visit the Van Abbe Contemporary Art Museum in Eindhoven. It always has different temporary exhibitions that will be interesting for every modern art connoisseur. Learn more about it here. 

Address: Bilderdijklaan 10 

Price: 13 euro (but there are many discounts for different groups of people) 

Wings of Liberation Museum 

Gun in the wings of liberation museum next to Eindhoven, things to do in one day

The museum is located in a place where the huge and famous military operation called Market Garden took place.

It tells not only about the battle but also about the entire history of this part of Belgium during the Second World War. You can also see the military vehicles used for in the war. Check the official website of the museum for more info. 

AddressSonseweg 39 

Price: 7 euro 

DAF Museum 

Daf trucks museum in Eindhoven, attractions of the city

The large DAF trucks are also produced in Eindhoven. If you’re interested in this kind of vehicles, you can visit the DAF Museum showing the production process with a wide range of models of these trucks, and a history of the company. 

Take into account that in March and April 2019, the museum will be closed due to restoration work. Now, the museum is open from Tuesday till Sunday.  

Address: Tongelresestraat 27 

Price: 9 euro 

Nightlife in Eindhoven 

Nightlife on the Stratumseind street in Eindhoven
Source: Flickr

Eindhoven is not a large city, and most of the bars, coffeeshops and night clubs are located next to each other on the Stratumseind street and nearby areas. There are about 50 bars and clubs just on this street.

If you are not into parties, the market square is a great area for a relaxed evening with friends, a place to dine and have a beer in a patio.

You can learn more about nightlife in Eindhoven here.

1-Day Itinerary

It was a list of the main attractions worth mentioning in Eindhoven. Below, you can see my proposed 1-day Eindhoven itinerary. You can change it and add some new ones using this link.

  1. The campus of Eindhoven University of Technology
  2. Flying Pins Sculpture
  3. Kruisstraat. Here, you can also visit the market at the end of the street and try international cuisine in one of the many restaurants and cafes.
  4. Van Abbe Museum. Some other museums are located nearby, so you can choose the one you’d like to visit the most.
  5. St. Catherine’s Church.
  6. Philips museum. Worth spending an hour or two there.
  7. Philips Stadium and PSV Museum. Attraction every football fan must visit in Eindhoven.
  8. Strijp-S. Chill in the hipster area before continuing your Eindhoven itinerary. You can visit the modern art museum after that.
  9. Piet Heen Eek. A great place for modern design lovers.
  10. Evoluon. An unusual structure that everyone should see in Eindhoven.

Additionally, you can go to the zoo, preHistorisch Dorp or the Wings of Liberation museum which are located a bit outside of the city, so it may be worth staying in Eindhoven for more than one day.

How to Plan a Trip to Eindhoven 

View from the plane on the sunset, Europe travel planning tips

If you’re planning a trip to Eindhoven, you should go here by plane. Even if you live not very far from it, flying to this city might be a cheaper (and definitely, a more convenient option). I haven’t spent more than 20 euro for a one-way flight to Eindhoven. 

You can check the cheapest and most convenient flights here. 

If not by plane, you can get here by bus or by train. Both bus and train stations are located in the city center (close to each other), which is a convenient location to explore the main attractions of Eindhoven. 

If you arrive at the airport, you have several options to go to the city: 

  • Take the bus. 401 bus will take you directly to the train station. The one-way ticket costs about 4,5 euro, and the return one – 8,5. The ride takes just about 20 minutes, as the airport is located close to the city. You can check the bus schedule here.
  • Rent a car. First time I arrived at Eindhoven, we rented a car with friends to start a road trip around Holland. We didn’t have much time, so we didn’t go to Eindhoven (which I now regret). The car rentals are located just next to the airport, so you can just take your car and be in the city center in less than 10 minutes.  
  • Perhaps, the most expensive option is taking a taxi. However, it won’t cost too much, because, as I said, the airport is very close to the city. 

Don’t forget that Eindhoven and the entire Holland is pretty windy and rainy, so you might need to get a windproof umbrella not to get wet.

For convenience, I recommend you to buy a special travel backpack or a suitcase that fits under the seat in low-cost airlines.

Learn secrets of budget air carriers

Where to Stay in Eindhoven

NH hotel eindhoven center with a great view
NH Collection Eindhoven Center Hotel

Eindhoven has a wide variety of hotels for you to spend a night or two in the city.

Hotels and hostels I can recommend are:

  • Backpackers BnB – the only hostel in Eindhoven I could find, and it is far not the best one, but perhaps the most budget version. You can book a bed here.
  • Saint Tropez Maison Meerhoven – a luxury house outside of the city center. Great option if you prefer relaxed vacations. Although it is located not in the city center, you can get to the main attractions of Eindhoven in 10 minutes by car. Book your stay here.
  • Little Grand – spacious and comfortable apartment in the city center. For people who like comfort, but also not to spend time on getting to the most interesting places in the city. Book it online here
  • Crown Inn – stylish hotel in the heart of Eindhoven. Minimalistic, clean, yet very comfortable. Book a room here
  • NH Collection Eindhoven Centermy top choice, the most luxury and comfortable option in the city center. It is a 5-star hotel of a well-known international chain of hotels NH Hotel Group. Book your room here.

Another way to find some good accommodation in Eindhoven is Airbnb. If you don’t have an account, use this link to get 32 euro off your first trip.


It was my list of the best things to do in Eindhoven if you have one day or more. As you can see, the city is very interesting to visit at least for a short time. And make sure you don’t wait for your connecting train at the train station. ? Have a great trip! 

Check my weekend guide to Amsterdam or read about my adventures on a trip to Belgium and Holland. 


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