How to Create a Profitable Online Business & Go Nomad

making passive money online
making passive money online

One of the lessons of the pandemic is that you have to look out for yourself financially. Many people have put their heart and soul into working for an employer only to find that during hard times there is no loyalty.

Plenty of individuals saw their work hours cut in recent months and others lost their jobs entirely. While a few companies paid reasonable severance pay others simply showed their hard-working employees the door.

Many companies with substantial market capitalization and billions in the bank did nothing to help those who worked for them survive in these challenging times.

If you want to be able to make your way in an ever-changing world, you need to set up your own business. One of the best options is to build up your skillset and become a digital nomad who makes money online.

When you are on this path you have a chance to succeed and you won’t have to invest lots of upfront capital into things like buildings, leases, and expensive equipment.

You can also run it as a solo enterprise, or partner with on-call contractors if you like.

Financing Your Move to Being a Digital Nomad

Although startup expenses are relatively low for a digital nomad venture, you’ll still want to have some money in the bank to cover you for the early months.

One of the things you can do is take a careful look at your financial obligations and see where you can cut costs. Many people pay far too much money in interest on their credit card loans every month, so that’s a good place to start.

If you want to get tackle your credit card debt and finance your big move into the digital nomad realm, then you should explore your options with personal loans. It’s possible to find great loan options in less than 60 seconds when you go online.

Finding the right personal loan for you will allow you to dramatically cut your monthly payments and save thousands in interest over the term of your loan.

Develop a Niche Blogging Site

One of the best ways to make money as a digital nomad is to create a profitable blogging site. Choosing the right niche, rather than just creating a generalized blog, is key to your future success. A niche site can attract loyal followers who love to explore the focused topic you have chosen.

Your love and passion for the subject need to come through in what you share and write. By producing great blog content and optimizing it, you can attract interested people and repeat visits.

As you build up your unique visitor counts and page views each month, you’ll find that you have created a site that you can monetize. It will be possible to make money by soliciting companies to sponsor your blog, placing ads on the site, or setting up affiliate links to recommended products.

Create an Online Community

It’s even better if you can select a gathering place where interested, passionate people come together as a community or tribe. If people want to learn about your topic, you can set up forums on the site so those with knowledge can share with those new to the subject.

Message boards and forums help quickly build content that can then be indexed by search engines. Once you have a vibrant community it’s easy to provide value-added content such as courses or special online events.

You can also develop a membership model that can be incredibly profitable. Let’s say you have 10,000 visitors a month and 750 of them love your site enough to become members. If you charge $20 per month, you’ll have annual revenue of $180,000 from membership alone.

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