Top 10 Places in Greece For Water Enthusiasts

Aegean Sea, view of Santorini, Greece for water enthusiasts

Aegean Sea, view of Santorini, Greece for water enthusiastsGreece is a paradise for the tourists who want to relax and enjoy their vacations calmly. But if you are water sports enthusiast, Greece has some great places that you will love.

If you are interested in unique architecture, historical places, and natural beauty, then Greece is the right place to visit. Greece is a beautiful place with large coastlines and numerous islands surrounded by heavenly sea green waters.


Tom, guest writer about Greece for water enthusiastsTom is a blogger and a nature lover. He is obsessed with traveling and adventures, same as his family. He believes that water has a steady hold of him. He regularly writes about his experiences on

Now, he shares 10 best places in Greece for water enthusiasts like him.

While some people may be wondering if it is for the sports enthusiast, it must require a certain level of precision and professionalism; this is wrong. If you are a beginner, Greece will cater to your needs.

Disclaimer: This is an independent travel blog, where I publish stories of my trips and help you to plan yours. I might get small commission if you book your trip using some of the links in this article at no cost for you. All opinions and recommendations are unbiased and only reflect my opinion (or opinion of a guest writer).

There are many training institutes that can give you 3-4 days of training so you can enjoy any water sport to its full potential.  Greece is offering its tourists with the best quality water sports services and for those who want to go into the water and enjoy the sensational and thrilling water sports.

In the end, it’s all about the things you did rather than the precision. So go, have fun and test your limits. Here is a list of ten best places in Greece where you can enjoy the water sports.

How to Plan a Trip to Greece

Here, I will help you to plan a trip to Greece. First, flight.

There are many airports in Greece, even smallest islands have one. Low-cost flights land in Athens, Thesaloniki and several islands like Corfu and Kos. You can find cheapest and the most convenient flights here.

You can easily get to your hotel from the airport by ordering a tranfer in advance. 

You can also travel around Greek islands with ease by renting a car.

You can find a suitable hotel in Greece on (register using this link and get 15 euro back), or a nice apartment using Airbnb (register using this link and et 23 euro back).

To make your trip planning around Greece more simple, find suitable tours around the country and its neighbors.

When visiting particular cities or attractions, check a diverse choice of city tours here.

Also, don’t forget about the travel insurance for your adventurous trip.

1.     Mykonos

Mykonos city, places in Greece

If you are looking for some beautiful view, enriched culture and delicious cuisine accompanied by water coasts it the best place to come and have a wonderful experience of snorkeling and diving in the sea and relaxing afterwards with perfect cuisine and a breathtaking view enriched with cultural exposure.

This place is full of calm and relaxing vibes to spend your vacation in this amazing Island full of hidden beaches and tremendously attractive coastlines with crystal clear water surrounding it. Mykonos is famous for a holiday romance. Beautiful people, breathtaking views and delicacies you have never tired before are bound together to give you experience that you have been looking for.

2.     Sarakiniko Beach, Milos

If you are a windsurfing fan than it is a mandatory place for you to visit and enjoy the breezing wind. The view is amazing filled with deserted landscapes, gorges, dunes, and mountain. It will provide the water enthusiast with the most amazing windsurfing ride as well as panorama sight

3.     Rhodos, Greece

Rhodos is one of the most beautiful and famous Greek Island filled with the Mediterranean wind which is best for water sports like windsurfing and kite-surfing. Along with thrilling water sports, you can witness the beauty of ancient architectures and magnificent views. The ideal environment of this Island provides you with the world’s best windsurfing and kite-surfing experience.

4.     Skiathos

Colorful houses and boats in the water in Skiatos, Greece

Skiathos is the most popular island in the Northern Sporades and is famous for it magnificent and beautiful dense pine forests and surrounded by crystal clear water. The island has more than 50 amazing beaches which also include Koukounariés, Krassa Bay, and many others.

This Island is a paradise on earth for the entire water sports lover because the sea surrounding the island is best for Water skiing, kayaking, and windsurfing, etc. while enjoying these thrilling water sports you can admire the natural beauty of the view of the island with green pine forests. The combination of blue water and lush green pine forest view is something to die for in Greece. Plan an amazing water sports trip now.

You should also choose a kayak for beginner to make your trip perfect.

5.     Naxos

Naxos coast in Greece

This island is considered as one of the best places for water sports activities in the world mainly for discovering the scuba diving experience, it is also has a water sports learning centre with the name «Blue fin Divers» where professional and experienced instructors are making your diving experience secure and unforgettable for the beginner or first timers individuals.

The best part about scuba diving in Naxos is you can explore underwater caves and Express Samina wreck of the coast of Paros for the most amazing scuba diving experience in the world.

6.     Kos, Psalidi

Beach in Kos, places in Greece for water enthusiasts

Apart from the traditional water ski, Jet Ski and kayaking options this island has a lot of interesting and thrilling water sports to offer like kite surfing, wind surfing, and scuba diving. Psalidi is a water sports center which often remains unnoticed by the people as it located inside a resort. This place is amazing to come and enjoy with friends and family.

7.     Kefalonia

Virgin beach in Kefalonia, Greece

Ionian Island is the best place to discover underdone beauty with a kayak trip accompanied by camping and staying at inns. Sea Kayaking Kefalonia makes your trip full of unexplored beautiful place paddling your way from northwest coast to the south of Kefalonia and Ithaka if you are fond of Snorkelling in the sea is the best place to do so in a crystal clear waters and exploring relaxing coastlines and beaches of different Islands.

8.     Tinos

There was a time when surfing was not considered as the perfect water sport to associate with Greece but Tinos rapidly increasing best spots for surfing from the last few years. Now, this amazing water sport has finally stepped into Greece, and it all happened because of Tino’s surf lessons. This school is located in Kolibithra beach.

9.     Kea

Kea is a one the modest Cycladic Island with flawless beaches and bright green water which gives a relaxing sight for the viewers, and it is the most suitable location for relaxing and enjoying water sports like Water skiing, wake boarding and stand up paddle is the highly recommended. The beauty of beaches from the sea gives relaxing vibes to the surfers and other people doing wake boarding and stand-up paddling in the emerald sea.

10.                    Santorini

White houses on the hill in Santorini, Greek island in Europe

Greek Islands are still filled with undiscovered coves and hidden beaches. Santorini sea is the best place for exploring hidden beaches and cover by going on a kayaking trip which includes a seven-day Cyclades sea kayak exploring journey, paddle your way from places to place like from Naxos to Kato and Ano Koufonisi to Schinousa and Iraklia.

You can camp on the hidden beaches, snorkel in emerald waters and witness hidden creeks underwater. This trip will lead you to the most amazing water exploring journey you have ever imagined.

It was a guide to water sports in Greece with 10 best places to do your favorite activities in warm cristal clear waters of this Mediteranean country. Also, check my guide to Madeira and list of best islands in Europe.

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