10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Nepal in 2019

World heritage sites in Nepal, panorama

11 reasons to visit Nepal in 2019, flags in the mountainsHere is the next inspiring destination for you! Today, my friend Polly will share 10 reasons to visit Nepal in 2019. Enjoy!

Nepal is the land of the Himalayas which offers plenty of travel options due to its breathtaking adventurous activities, massive mountains, and natural beauty.

One of the most amazing features which make Nepal one of the most popular tourist destinations is trekking.

You will find a great variation in landscape ranging from jungles, lakes, and mountains. The local people are friendly.

Here are the top ten reasons why you should visit Nepal in 2019.

Everest base camp trekking

People from across the globe, travel to Nepal to try the laborious and exciting hike to the Everest base camp which is at 5,364 meters or 18,000 feet high.

You will get the breathtaking views of some of the world’s tallest and most beautiful mountains. The trekking is highly arduous but worth the effort. You need to take all the information before starting this mission along with beforehand training. Be slow and steady as you hike these mountains, generally, it takes five to six days to hike to the camp.

Vibrant Kathmandu culture

Nepal boy, how to explore Kathmandu culture

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and is a cultural hub. To get the most out of the country somewhere you need to visit this city. The city is full of sights and sounds, action and smell and you will get an introduction to the unique culture of Nepal.

One of the main attractions of the city includes Durbar Square which dates back to the 3rd century, this was the place where kings of the city were crowned. It is surrounded by temples and colorful courtyards.

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Boudhanath Stupa (a wish-fulfilling place)

Boudhanah stupa temple in Nepal

It is a dome-shaped Buddhist shrine in Nepal, it is the holiest Buddhist temple of Tibetans outside Tibet. The place is considered highly sacred. Stages to the path of enlightenment are shown by each part of the building.

On each side of the gilded tower, the eyes are painted which represent mighty nature of Buddha. In addition to it, the elements such as fire, earth, water, and air are shown by it; another Buddha in the center is enshrined. Head to Nepal and appreciate this place, you will also learn some amazing facts about this stunning place.

It is regarded as a wish-fulfilling place since people come here to offer prayers and make their wishes come true and get ultimate happiness and prosperity.

Great Activities in Nepal

There are also lots of amazing activities you can do in Nepal. Some of them include paragliding, raftingbungee jumping, and even helicopter sightseeing tours to have a unique experience from your trip to Nepal.

Annapurna circuit and Bandipur village

The Annapurna circuit is among best hiking routes of the world. On the Thorung La pass, it covers approximately 160-230 kilometers with 5,416 altitudes and also it touches the Tibetan plateau edge. The trip is not easy and it takes many days to complete this breathtaking view of Himalaya’s mountainous ranges.

The Bandipur village is located inside the National park surrounded by the lush green hilltops, it is a beautiful and fascinating village and among top tourist destinations in Nepal.  You can enjoy your closeness to nature while being at this place.

Land of Tigers and Rhinos

rhino in Nepal

Nepal has an abundance of wildlife ranging from diverse bird and animal population. You can take Safari to the National Park where you will see plenty of local fauna including crocodiles, rhinos, deer, tigers, leopards etc.

Most of these animals live in high mountains. Among birds, you will find some unique species of black kite, booted eagle, Golden eagle, common Pochard etc. If you are interested in wildlife, Nepal is no doubt an ideal place for you.

World heritage sites

UNESCO has listed four world heritage sites inside Nepal. While the natural world heritage sites include Chitwan National Park and Sagarmatha National park which is located in Nepal. Besides, the UNESCO has listed the birthplace of Lord Buddha as cultural world heritage sites. Hence, if you are interested in world heritage sites, Nepal is an ideal tourist destination for you.

World heritage sites in Nepal, panorama

7.      Nepal is economical and highly affordable:

Nepal is economical, the well-furnished hotel rooms generally cost less than 20 US dollars and some economical guest houses are sometimes as low as only 5 US dollars. The budget for food is also quite low in Nepal.

On average as per estimate, you need less than 30 US dollars per day to make a successful stay in Nepal. Even if you have a good budget, you can stay in top hotels which are even not too costly. For low budget travelers, Nepal is a highly recommended tourist destination.

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Religious diversity

Hinduism is the most practiced religion in Nepal; the place is however under the strong influence of Buddha due to many stupas around. Islam and Christianity are also practiced by some people and in this way, there is a great religious diversity in Nepal. You can learn more about the multiculturalism and customs of the region.

Explore the religious diversity in Nepal with a tour, or book a tour to the Monkey Temple with a monk.

 Monks in Nepal sitting on the stairs

Beautiful Lakes

Nepal is a land of lakes; there are more than 200 lakes in Nepal with a beautiful glacier origin. These lakes present a stunning view with vivid shades of blue. The world’s highest freshwater system of lakes known as Goyko lakes are most recommended. Don’t forget to visit Tilicho Lake which you will see across Annapurna circuit trekking.

 Boat in a lake in Nepal

Peace, Serenity and Stunning views

Nepal is under the strong influence of Buddha, it is considered as the land of peace and serenity. People of Nepal are happy and tourist friendly. For many years, Nepal itself has been considered a very sacred place for visitors. You need to spend a vacation with peace and serenity; Nepal is an ideal destination for you.

town in the mountains, visiting Nepal

Other attractions in Nepal

There are some other attractions in Nepal making it the most preferred tourist destination. These major attractions include:

·        Since the country has a rich cultural background and multiple ethnicities, the cuisine of Nepal is under the strong influence of its neighbors such as China and India. The dishes are delicious and loved by tourists such as Dhal bat which is chicken curry served with vegetables and boiled rice, lentils are used instead of chicken for vegetarians. In the same way, local dumplings are also very delicious and must try item.

·        Buddha was born in the world heritage site, Lumbini around 563 BC. This area is regarded as the pilgrimage site for Buddhists. The temple of Maya Devi is also worshipped since it is a place where Queen gave birth. Ancient stupas, prayer flags and congregating monks are among some unique features of Nepal.

·        For travelers, it is always a priority to visit a secure and politically stable place. Nepal is a safe place if you are considering such peaceful and calm countries to spend a vacation.

·        If you are traveling with family, Nepal is the perfect place to visit since there are a lot of activities such as wildlife exploration, trekking, biking etc. Nepal is always great for family adventures keeping everyone fully engaged. Due to diversity in culture, the young ones can also learn a lot about ethnicity and multiculturalism.


 Nepal is a great destination, but of course, you need a professional guide to stay safe in the mountains. Check some amazing tours around Nepal here and book a travel insurance.



In Nepal, tourism is the largest industry and larger foreign exchange source for the country. There are eight of the ten world’s highest mountains.

For mountaineers, rock climbers and adventure loving people, Nepal is an ideal tourist destination. The weather of Nepal is cool and there is great variation in culture and religions in Nepal making it more colorful and attractive.

Besides, the country is rich in animal and bird species along with beautiful lakes. Nepal also remains secured from epidemic diseases.

Book your trip to Nepal and check other Asian countries you could visit.


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