10 Useful Tips for an Affordable Ski Vacation 2020-2021

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The feeling of rejuvenation and renewal that one gets from one visit to a mountain top is incomparable.

That is why recently there has been a rapid increase in the so-called winter tourism and specifically in the winter resorts.

Many people avoid visiting such winter resorts, as they may be perceived as an expensive tourist option.

But in fact, choosing a winter resort for your winter vacation can be a cost-effective solution.

Of course, it is enough for someone to plan their trip correctly and effectively.

Let’s take a look at all the tips that everyone should follow for a cheap and affordable journey to a winter resort.

Time flexibility

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When we refer to the flexibility of time, we mean that you must be flexible in planning your trip, without being limited by time constraints.

As you probably know, tourist seasons at winter resorts, such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve, lead to a rapid rise in prices. So, if you want cheaper accommodation, then you should turn to those times when the demand for rooms is low.

Also, when traveling by plane, you can search for more affordable airline options by looking for a cheaper airline or even a different departure or arrival airport.

A good technological solution is using a VPN to hide your IP and check prices from different locations.

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Book your ski vacation in advance

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We all know that a vacation in the snow, especially if traveling with family, is not exactly cheap.

But it is also clear to me that, if you book in advance, you can find really good deals. So don’t wait until the last minute to search. Take a look from time to time.

In this way, you can be aware of the prices of accommodation, transport, classes, ski passes, etc. There are websites that have very interesting packs.

To check hotels, I use Booking.com, for flights I use Skyscanner. Both have a wide variety of options, filters, and almost always the lowest prices online (remember to check the prices from different locations using VPN, your personal browser prices can go higher after you often search for flights).

Travel in January

Mountain landscape green grass and flowers Asia

The holidays are the most expensive time to travel, so avoid the holidays and children’s vacations with your getaway to the snow and save a lot of money.

In addition, the influx of people on the slopes will be less and you will wait for a shorter time in queues at the ski lifts, so you will have more time to ski and enjoy the snow.

Take a calendar and place it on the table. Now look at all the days you have on vacation and, if you can, reserve them for skiing. Although many stations do not advertise it, the price of the ski pass during the week is usually better priced, especially in small stations compared to weekends.

And, if they are not holidays, the pleasure of skiing with few people and without queues at the entrances is priceless. There is no difference in price between Saturdays and Sundays, but there’s a difference to the people on the slopes.

The best hours to ski are from 9 am to 10 am, when most ski classes and courses start. Starting at 11 am, especially on Sundays, when many skiers return home to avoid queues can be a great idea.

Many stations have noticed this, some of which offer passes from 2 pm at very attractive prices. This also heavily depends on the areas, but the truth is that there are more and more skiers on Saturdays to the detriment of Sundays.

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Preseason promotions

These are the great asset of autumn to find good opportunities to ski in winter. There are many stations that have already begun to market their passes for the 2020-21 season.

It is the best time to buy the seasonal ski pass with discounts, in some cases of more than 30%, even with the risk that if it is a bad season you may not be able to get the most out of it.

Until the middle and end of October, almost all resorts also allow you to buy passes for days at lower prices with an infinite range of possibilities. Between October and November, you should also be attentive to the fairs and markets that are organized in many towns near the stations and also in large capitals.

There, not only stays and trips to the snow are offered, but also ski equipment with heavy discounts and there are usually raffles. It does not hurt to sign up and perhaps the ski season will be free for you.

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Choose a budget resort

Small village in the snowy mountains in Europe

Choosing a budget winter resort does not mean that you will diminish the overall quality of your vacation. By doing a careful and thorough search, you can find even cheaper options even in places that are generally considered as budget destinations, with offers that really impress, like the agency of Erna Low, which with some economical packages, you will be able to taste the fantastic experience of the Alps and make it a reality, with reasonable and economical charges.

So, by traveling to such a destination and carefully choosing that accommodation package that fits your needs, you save a very significant amount of money for your pocket. It is true that skiing in a resort with 150 or 200 kilometers of slopes has nothing to do with skiing in one with just 20. The question is, do we really need them?

If the answer is yes you can jump to the next tip, but if you are a beginner or just want to ski for a few hours, a small station is more than enough and can save you a lot of money on the ski pass.

Rent the ski or snowboard equipment

If this is your first time in the snow or you go a few times a year, it is not worth buying all the equipment. It is very expensive to buy all the accessories to practice this sport, if you really like it and you are going to make many visits then it may be worth it, but if you go 2 or 3 times a year it is best to rent.

Over the years if you really enjoy the activity, it is worth expanding little by little your inventory, for example starting with the boots, which is a very important part to feel comfortable and leave the board or skis that are very expensive things for later.

Another option would be to buy second hand, there are many people who renew their equipment because it improves their level and it is here that beginners take advantage of deals to acquire cheaper equipment.

Skis closeup mountains ski holidays

Wake up early

It is a recommendation that not everyone likes, because getting up early can be a challenge and even more so during vacation, but during a ski vacation it is almost mandatory. Try to be at the station before they even open, around 8:45 or earlier if you don’t have the rental equipment.

Take the opportunity to go up on the first lift in the morning and enjoy like a child the slopes recently trodden by the machines and the feeling of going alone through the snow. You do not save money but you will earn it in fun.

Choose catered accommodation

Tignes ski resort mountain city in France, perfect for snowboarding trips

As you know the food in the resort restaurants is basically expensive, so a search for accommodation options that provide you with half board hotel rooms or chalets could save you a lot of unnecessary expenses.

Another smart option you could make is to book accommodation that will provide you with the equipment to produce your own meals. Making your meals during your stay at the resort will significantly reduce the total amount of your expenses.

Of course, this does not mean that you should be completely deprived of the quality food provided by the resort. With an extensive search of your options, you can find the right restaurant as an alternative that combines both quality and affordable prices.

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Take affordable classes

Kids skiing on a winter mountain resort for family holidays

Whether it is the first time, or if you have been enjoying this sport for a short time, the best money you can invest is in classes to learn or improve your level.

This sport, apart from being fun, is dangerous in terms of injuries if the basic movements are not learned well, so a certified teacher is the best option to learn.

In addition, you improve much faster and you can go down more complicated tracks much earlier. This will enhance your experience as you will not be a beginner anymore.

Check the needed lift cards

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Many people don’t know this, but when vacationing at a winter resort, a large portion of your budget is spent on ski lift card purchases. To move from track to track, you need an entry card that allows you to carry on the various routes.

The prices of these cards vary depending on the features they offer. Of course, on the other hand, there are some slopes – especially those for beginners – that do not require the use of a ski lift card, on which you could practice.

This, of course, requires detailed research by you in the services of each winter resort.

So do some internet research to find the best and most affordable holiday offer because you have to remember that he who seeks will always find the best imaginable—both in life and in skiing.

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