7 Great Places in Stockholm and Nearby Areas to go Skiing

Ragnhildsborgsbacken ski resort snow and trees, Sweden
Ragnhildsborgsbacken ski resort snow and trees, Sweden

Stockholm is near to multiple ski resorts and areas. You can check out this article to know about some amazing places you can go to for your next ski expedition.

The powdery snow of Sweden attracts skiing and snowboarding across the globe.

Snow starts to fall from October and by February almost every ski resort gets packed with visitors.

Stockholm is a winter paradise, beloved by the locals as well as tourists. The locals don’t even need to leave town to enjoy good slopes.

It is home to both relaxing terrains for beginners and challenging ones for experienced skiers. There are also some amazing spots nearby you can visit during your trip to Stockholm.

To help map out your next winter holiday, we are going to highlight some of the best places for skiing in Stockholm and nearby areas.

Best Time for Skiing in Stockholm

You will see snow in Stockholm from the beginning of November. But it is best to wait till late February to grab your gears and head for the slopes. 

Without wasting time, let’s get down to our subject and know about our picks for the seven best places in Stockholm and nearby areas where you can go for your next ski trip.

1. Hammarbybacken

The most popular place for skiing in Stockholm is none other than Hammarbybacken. It is very close to the center of the city and only takes a 10-minute drive to reach there.

Hammarbybacken is quite a small ski hill but has some amazing views. It has a total of 2-T lifts, 5 slopes, and a ski school to rent equipment. The longest ski slope is about 750 meters and has an elevation of 85 meters.

If you are in Stockholm, you can visit Hammarbybacken, spend the entire day and be back home by night. You can drive there, but taking public transportation would be an easier option. You can even spend the night in the inns of Hammarbybacken if you want.

You can buy a Hammarbybacken Ski pass for only 45 SEK and load it as much as you want. For one-hour access to the ski lift, you have to pay 130 SEK while 230 SEK will give you access for the entire day. 

If you are visiting from Stockholm, you can take the #403 bus to Nacka Sickla allé, and then it will be a 10-minute walk to the ski slope.

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2. Ekebyhovsbacken

Ekebyhovsbacken is to the south of Stockholm on a small island named Ekerö. It is a great choice for families with children since it has a ski school for beginners and kids. There are even separate ski lifts for expert and beginner skiers.

The Ekebyhovsbacken ski hill has three blue slopes for intermediate skiers and one red slope, which is nearly 500 meters; perfect for advanced skiers. The slopes are also provided with floodlights to allow night skiing and snowboarding.

There are some rails and jumps for snowboarders. Kids can use beginner ski lifts to learn and have fun. You will also find a rental shop for your gear and a café for warm snacks, all within proximity.

You can get to Ekebyhovsbacken from Stockholm via a one-hour bus ride. The bus will take you to Centrumslingan, and then it is a twenty-minute walk to the slopes

And here is a trivia. The hill was named Ekebyhovsbacken after a nearby 17th century Ekebyhov castle which you can visit as well.

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3. Flottsbro

Flottsbro ski slope snowboarding down the hill Huddinge Sweden
Source: swedentips.se

The largest and highest ski place in Stockholm is Flottsbro. In total, there are five slopes and the most impressive slope is 700-meter long. That slope also has an elevation of 103 meters. Flottsbro also has a sledding hill, three ski lifts, a snowboard park, a rental shop, a ski school, and a cozy restaurant.

The area of Flottsbro is lovely as well. You can even spend the night in a comfortable red log cabin.

The ski area stays open from morning to night, and you can get a ski pass for 50 SEK. You can load it up as many times as you want. For a full day’s access, you will have to pay around 300 SEK.

Flotssbro can get very crowded during Sportlov; a traditional winter holiday. If you are planning your trip on that day, it will be a good idea to pre-book the gears you want to rent.

The best way to go to Flottsbro will be by the communal train from Stockholm. In about 15 minutes, you will reach Huddinge Centrum, and then it is another 20-minute bus ride to the slopes.

4. Romme Alpin

Romme Alpin Ski Resort skiing in the evening
Source: rommealpin.se

Romme Aplin is a little further than the other places we mentioned so far. It is a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Stockholm. You can also take a bus or train, but it is still going to take the same time. However, the wait is worth it because Romme Alpin has one of the best ski resorts. 

Situated in Dalarna, the Romme Alpin hosts 30 amazing slopes for different skill levels. The longest slope here is about 2.7 km and is exceptionally beautiful.

The ski passes are expensive compared to the other spots discussed here. Adults will have to pay around 370 SEK for a ski pass.

Romme Aplin has some good places to stay overnight and if you have the time, you should spend a night to experience the true winter. Depending on your budget, you can choose between a hostel, ski lodge, or a hotel for staying.

5. Ragnhildsborgsbacken

Ragnhildsborgsbacken is a volunteer-run slope and is very popular among kids. Adults are certainly welcome, but there are no intense and challenging slopes to conquer. 

The place has an excellent ski school and ski lifts for beginners and kids. Kids under the age of seven can even use the lifts for free. Overall, the place is less expensive. For only 140 SEK, you can have access to the lifts for a whole day.

As there are no rentals here, you have to bring your own gear and equipment.

You can either drive to Ragnhildsborgsbacken or take a train from Stockholm. If you are driving from Stockholm, head southwest from the outskirts of Stockholm to Södertälje, and you will reach the place in an hour. 

If you prefer a train journey, you will need to go to Stockholm’s central station and arrive at Östertälje. It will then be a bus ride to Ragnhildsborgsvägen and a 20-minute walk to the slopes. 

6. Sälen

This is not a nearby location per see, since traveling to Sälen from Stockholm can take almost five hours. However, Sälen is home to one of the best ski resorts in Sweden. It also has the biggest ski area.

Sälen has four ski resorts that are Lindvallen, Tandådalen, Högfjället and Hundfjället. Among the four, Lindvallen is considered the main resort. It has lifts connected to Högfjället where you will find a nice hotel, cabins, shops, and restaurants.

The villages of Hundfjället and Tandådalen are linked from Högfjället. Each of these areas is beautiful. They have a very authentic village vibe which is refreshing.

Sälen houses nearly a hundred ski slopes, a troll forest, and a snow park for everyone to enjoy.

You will get direct buses from Stockholm to Sälen. 

7. Kungsberget

Kungsberget ski resort lodges near Stockholm
Source: snow-online.com

The Kungsberget is a small ski resort north of Stockholm. It has 8 working ski lifts and 7.5 km worth of slopes. The area is small compared to other places on this list, but it offers pretty nice slopes. They are not as long or as challenging as the one in Romme Alpin, which makes them perfect for beginners.

The lift pass is quite expensive, and you will have to pay 360 SEK to access the lifts for a full day. 

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of beautiful ski resorts and areas across Sweden. But if you are ever in Stockholm, make sure you visit at least a few of these places to experience amazing slopes at a convenient price.

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