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Hippies in Hierva el Agua, Mexico trip

My Trip To Mexico Part 2: Night Buses and Cenotes

My 20-day solo trip to Mexico was perhaps the most memorable experience in my life. It was full of events, new people, new places and cultural shocks. This post is the second part of my story about this trip. You can check the first part here. Rich Gringo from Miami I had an already booked bus further from Chichen Itza to Merida, so I had about 5 hours there. Tooo much… I was disappointed with Chichen Itza. First, the price doubled a couple of days before my arrival, and I had to pay about $30 which is a lot for Mexico and many other countries too. Second, it was full of tourists, and I hate such crowded and super-touristic places. Third, there were dozens of annoying street vendors offering their useless souvenirs, and I was an especially good target because, after an hour of walking around the pyramids, I was […]

Beach in Cancun

My Solo Trip to Mexico Part 1: Not Just Tequila and Sombreros :)

Warm sun all year round, cheerful people and great food – there is no way somebody might not like Mexico. I was planning my trip to Mexico for more than two years. It was one of the most important goals to accomplish and I finally made it!  I visited Mexico as a solo traveler and TOTALLY loved it! Having local friends all around Mexico, I wasn’t even trying to look for a travel companion. Moreover, most of my friends are busy or just have no money for such a trip. So, I decided on a solo trip. For me, if I just wanted to travel I could pick other much closer and cheaper destinations like Algarve or Rome (with 3-hour flight with Ryanair instead of a 3-day trip with numerous planes, cars, trains, and busses). But, it is Mexico… I was dreaming of visiting it for a long time and looking for […]

Beach in the Hague during my trip to Belgium and Holland

Unexpected Adventures in a Trip to Belgium and Holland

I recently visited Holland and Belgium and had a great time during this trip, but it was full of unexpected adventures. Here, I will tell my adventurous story from the weekend getaway to Belgium and the Netherlands. Hopefully, you will learn something from my experience, so that nothing bad happens to you in your next trip. One of the things I like about traveling is adventures. I used to plan my trips to the smallest details, but I don’t do it anymore. Having just a flight, accommodation and a general travel plan, it is possible to have a very spontaneous trip with lots of adventures. Unfortunately, not all adventures are positive. I had great ones in Norway and when I was traveling in Portugal, but this time was different… Planning my Trip to Belgium and Holland So, my general plan was to meet my friends from Belarus in Ghent (Belgium), […]

10 day trip to madeira, boats on the sunset in Funchal

My 10 Day Trip to Madeira: Paradise Island (+Video)

In January 2018, I spent 10 unforgettable days in Madeira, Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean. I chose Madeira spontaneously, and I didn’t know much about it, but it really surprised me and made it one of the top places, where I would live. During my trip to Madeira, I met the most friendly and cheerful people in my life, and tried some activities I never tried before. Watch the 10-minute video from my 10-day trip, and I will tell you some details from it below. My 10 day trip to Madeira in 10 minutes When I arrived in the airport, I saw a shuttle bus going to the center of Funchal, capital of Madeira. One of its stops was right near my hotel, so I chose it instead of a taxi. The hotel I stayed in was Four Views Baia. As the room I wanted wasn’t available for 10 […]

All six friends in Valencia, experiences in my trip

Unforgettable Adventures in my Trip to Valencia, Spain

I’ve recently visited Valencia, and as always, I didn’t plan much, as a trip is more interesting, when there is some element of expectancy and improvisation. And, it was the best decision I’ve made. The adventures during my trip to Valencia are the best or second best (Norway fjords road trip can compete with it) that I’ve ever experienced. In this post, you will find out what were the aspects of my trip I liked so much!     Video with my Adventures during the Trip to Valencia Trip to Valencia, Spain: Unforgettable Adventures 2017 Watch this video about my trip to Valencia and find out more about my experiences during the weekend in this beautiful Spanish city below! 12 Euro Flights As always, I was looking through the best deals of flights to some southern European countries on Skyscanner, one of my favorite flight search engines. I like choosing […]

Вид на Стокгольм

Cheap in Stockholm. Adventures on a budget. Day 1

Adventures on a budget in expensive Stockholm Have you always been scared off by expensive Scandinavian countries? I was. I did not even dare to fly there for just 20 euros return flight, as for a tourist on a budget it is difficult to survive there. But, I finally decided to go there and to discover, what can be cheap in Stockholm for a tourist on a budget. Do not be afraid of high prices, there is always a way to have a good time with a limited budget. I decided to investigate Stockholm on a budget on my own. I was even glad to fly alone after having to look after 12 people in Prague, so that everyone is happy. I didn’t depend on anyone, met some locals and had my own plan of cheap or free places in Stockholm. I bought return tickets from Poznan (Poland) for 19 […]

In the White Mountains, travel blog of RomanRoams.com

Welcome to my travel blog!

Welcome to travel blog with stories of my roams, trips and adventures! Follow me to get great and fun stories of my travels and adventures, tips for travelers and much more to make your trips as cheap and interesting as mine! Now, choose one of the posts on the right side or read below what the blog will be about, and watch a great video from my last trip to Norway! About Me My name is Roman, I’m from Minsk, Belarus. I am a student of the Economic University in Poznan, Poland. I study e-commerce. But, more than from university, I’ve learned from the internet, different articles and online courses. Among the things I’ve learned were languages, German and Spanish.  but my whole life I was a big fan of traveling. Apart from the blog, I work on numerous projects, some of which are also connected to traveling. For example, […]