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CIty of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, a must for budget traveler

Top 10 things to do in Valencia on a budget

Valencia is a wonderful place to visit for a budget traveler. It offers lots of great things to do cheap or even for free. While exploring the city, I met several people, who had visited Valencia and stayed there forever. I also would: beautiful medieval architecture, many cheap things to do and 360 days of sun every year. Here is the list of top 10 things to do in Valencia on a budget. Doing the whole list, you will spend just 9.5 Euros in total and will have a great budget travel experience! Try orxata and local goodies in the Old market Run in the river bed Luxuriate on the beach Find all the weird gargoyles Try the Water of Valencia Visit 5 museums and view the city from the height Eat paella for 1.5 euro Attend free walking tour Take pictures of the City of Arts and Science See […]

Umbrella, places to visit in Asia at a lower cost

5 Countries to Visit in Asia at a Lower Cost

Asia is a great place for a low-budget traveler. You can enjoy amazing natural beauty and huge Asian cities spending much less than your country. Travel blogger Molly will share her 5 favorite low-cost countries in Asia. Do you desire an awesome experience in Asia at a pocket-friendly price? Don’t worry there is a number of destinations in Asia that would offer such experience and ensure that you don’t stretch your wallet to the limit at the end of the day. Clearly, Asia is a home to destinations that could be ranked as the best, epically beautiful and most amazing in the world. To help you choose for your vacation which would not tear your bank account apart, here is a list of affordable and yet amazing destinations in Asia for you. 1. INDIA Apart from being populous, India has the most culturally diverse activities including mind-blowing dances, and circus. On […]

City panorama of Zurich, best things to do on a budget

Top 15 things to do in Zurich on a Budget

Zurich is a very beautiful town in Switzerland, which is also very expensive. In 2017, it remained the most expensive city in Europe. Despite that, I visited the best attractions in the city and didn’t spend a fortune during my journey. Using my own experience and the advices of locals, I will tell you about top 15 free and cheap things to do in Zurich if you have a tight budget. I will cover everything from free museums and interesting places to cheap places to eat, still enjoying your time in Zurich. Check this list of 10 cheapest cities to visit in Europe. Zurich on a Budget: Cheap and Free Things to do Before I visited Zurich, I knew that it is one of the most expensive cities in the world. I already managed to have a great time in Paris, Stockholm and other expensive European cities at a very […]

Budapest view, cheapest european cities

10 Cheapest European Cities by Backpacker Index 2020

The most popular European cities among tourists are very expensive. Just think of Paris, London, or Amsterdam. You will spend a ton of money visiting them. Still, there is a list of less expensive countries in Europe that are very interesting to visit. Price of Travel portal releases its yearly edition of the Backpacker Index with the cheapest European cities to visit. Its 2020 release consists of very interesting places that may become your next travel destination, so read further to find out, what are these cities! Backpacker Index The Price of Travel actually has 2 indices, one is called Backpacker Index, and the other one – 3-star Traveler Index. They differ a little, so that the same city can be the cheapest in one index, and be out of top 10 in the other one. European Backpacker Index includes 56 cities, but it doesn’t include my hometown Minsk, capital […]

Planning a trip in advance to travel cheaply

How To Travel The World Cheap? 50 Best Tips

How to travel the world cheap? It is a very popular question, as money is the main reason, why many people don’t travel.  It is possible to travel the world having little money. Here are the best budget travel tips from me and the most experienced travel bloggers that contributed to the writing of this ultimate guide to traveling on a budget. Budget traveling Budget traveling is an art. It is also my hobby. What can be more exciting than finding a 30-euro return flight from Poland to Norway or 200-euro return flight from Germany to Mexico? There are many hacks that you need to know to travel the world cheap. Here is a breakdown of the topics that we will cover in this article: Best time to travel on a budget How to find the cheapest flights? Ways to save money on transportation How to spend less money on […]

Вид на Стокгольм

Cheap in Stockholm. Adventures on a budget. Day 1

Adventures on a budget in expensive Stockholm Have you always been scared off by expensive Scandinavian countries? I was. I did not even dare to fly there for just 20 euros return flight, as for a tourist on a budget it is difficult to survive there. But, I finally decided to go there and to discover, what can be cheap in Stockholm for a tourist on a budget. Do not be afraid of high prices, there is always a way to have a good time with a limited budget. I decided to investigate Stockholm on a budget on my own. I was even glad to fly alone after having to look after 12 people in Prague, so that everyone is happy. I didn’t depend on anyone, met some locals and had my own plan of cheap or free places in Stockholm. I bought return tickets from Poznan (Poland) for 19 […]