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Cool attractions in Leipzig, Monument to the Battle of the Nations

Top 10 Cool Attractions You Should Visit in Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig doesn’t seem like a top tourists destination, but you will be surprised to find out, what great attractions you can visit there (my favorite is number 7). So, let’s start! Some words about Leipzig. It is a city in Eastern Germany of 600 thousand people, largest city in the federal state of Saxony, 200 km away from Berlin. As you know, Eastern Germany was controlled by the Soviet Union until 1989, so it was less developed in different aspects. Today, Leipzig is changing a lot, its economy is improving, more and more people move to this city. It was also recognized as the most livable city in Germany by the GfK research institution. It is a very quiet city pleasant to live in, while it also has its own hipster and clubbing areas that will be mentioned further, so you won’t get bored here. Here is the list of […]