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Deptak w Gdańsku, nietypowe atrakcje Gdańska

Top 10 unusual places to visit in Gdansk

Gdansk is a beautiful port town in Poland, which is full of various sights and great places to visit. But, there are crowds of tourists near most of them, and some are completely unknown. The unusual sights and places to visit in Gdansk, which are not so well known, will […]

Ночной город, 1 день в Гданьске

1 Day in Gdansk. Things to do in 1 Day

I spent 1 day in Gdansk, beautiful Polish port city by accident. From Gdansk, we were going to fly to Norway, and to see the city better, we decided to arrive the day before the departure. And, we did not regret spending one day in Gdansk. At the moment, Gdansk […]