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Korona na moście, zwiedzanie Sztokholmu

Free Stockholm. Great way of spending time free

The second day in Stockholm, I managed to spend almost for free. The day started with a free breakfast and a walking tour. Free walking tour So, I decided to go on a ‘free’ walking tour around the city. It’s much more interesting to walk when you do not just see the buildings, but you know their history and some interesting details. Stockholm walking tour guide from New Zealand Our tour guide was a woman from New Zealand, who clearly was better prepared for the morning weather than I. The wind greatly changes the perceived temperature. During the excursion, we toooo often stayed on the bridges. I struggled to stop trembling and still tried to listen to what our guide was telling us. Despite those suffering, I love such tours, because apart from interesting information, guides give you lots of useful one: where to go, what’s free in Stockholm, where […]