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Vienna on a budget, rooftop view of the capital of Austria

Vienna on a Budget: Cheap Food, Drinks & Activities

Vienna is one of the most beautiful, yet expensive cities in Europe. You really need to try hard not to spend a fortune in the capital of Austria. To help you save money and still have a great time, Daniela created this Vienna on a budget guide with the best things to do, see, eat and drink at a low cost. Keep on reading! Visiting Vienna, the magical and beautiful capital of Austria, is definitely an experience you won’t forget. Upon entering the city, you’ll feel transported to a different dimension. It’s a dimension of historical, artistic and intellectual legacy with names such as Mozart, Strauss, and Beethoven to boast with. You’ll be mesmerized by the Baroque architecture and the city’s famous buildings which date way back but are perfectly preserved and authentic. It’s no wonder it’s on Forbes magazine’s list of top 20 European destinations for 2019. However, if […]

CIty of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, a must for budget traveler

Top 10 things to do in Valencia on a budget

Valencia is a wonderful place to visit for a budget traveler. It offers lots of great things to do cheap or even for free. While exploring the city, I met several people, who had visited Valencia and stayed there forever. I also would: beautiful medieval architecture, many cheap things to do and 360 days of sun every year. Here is the list of top 10 things to do in Valencia on a budget. Doing the whole list, you will spend just 9.5 Euros in total and will have a great budget travel experience! Try orxata and local goodies in the Old market Run in the river bed Luxuriate on the beach Find all the weird gargoyles Try the Water of Valencia Visit 5 museums and view the city from the height Eat paella for 1.5 euro Attend free walking tour Take pictures of the City of Arts and Science See […]