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Balcony in Lagos, Portugal

Weekend in Lagos, Portugal: Top Things to do in 1-3 Days

Amazing views, best beaches, great food and cultural heritage connected to dark slavery past… Lagos is one of the best places to visit in Portugal and all over Europe. If you love spending time on the beach, or enjoy waters sports activities, love climbing and learning more about the history […]

In the sky above Porto da Cruz trying Paragliding in Madeira travel guide

Madeira Travel Guide: Things You Must Do

It is never a bad time to visit the beautiful island of Madeira. Great nature and climate, lots of attractions and wonderful activitinoes, great food and low prices are some of the reasons that bring so millions of tourists to Madeira. It is difficult not to get lost in this […]

Seagull on the red roofs of Porto

Top 10 Things to do in Porto + 2 Days Itinerary

Cozily placed on the two banks of the Douro River, the city of Porto is one of the top European destinations having a perfect combination of great historical sights and natural beauty. The city with a magnificent river, high hills and an ocean nearby is just condemned to be beautiful. […]

10 day trip to madeira, boats on the sunset in Funchal

My 10 Day Trip to Madeira: Paradise Island (+Video)

In January 2018, I spent 10 unforgettable days in Madeira, Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean. I chose Madeira spontaneously, and I didn’t know much about it, but it really surprised me and made it one of the top places, where I would live. During my trip to Madeira, I […]