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Lake and shoes. Why you should travel

Top 10 reasons why you need to travel the world

Did you think of traveling as a kind of lazy rest after months of hard work? It is far beyond that. Traveling is a lifestyle and it brings lots of benefits that you cannot deny. If you want to find out, why so many people travel, and why you should travel too, read this article about 10 benefits of traveling the world! I was long thinking of writing this article to show, what are the reasons I love to travel so much. Traveling is beneficial for you in many ways. I asked several experienced travel bloggers that visited dozens of countries and continue discovering new ones to tell, what are the reasons they travel and why you should travel too. Discovering Yourself Travel to discover yourself, the more you travel, the greater the opportunity to introspect and retrospect. Travel is indeed a great teacher, it not only teaches you about […]

Backpacker travel guide, grow as a person while travelling

7 excellent ways to grow as a person whilst travelling

Whether you are a solo traveller or heading off in a group, travelling is a great way get out there and see the world. As I learn all about the world of travelling and what it has to offer, I’ve also been lucky enough to experience some incredible moments that have grown me as a person and shaped me to become who I am today. Now, it’s time to look at how travelling can have such an impact on your life and how you can grow as a person whilst travelling, too. Read also about the benefits of traveling the world here This is an independent travel blog, where I publish stories of my trips and help you to plan yours. I might get small commission if you book your trip using some of the links in this article at no cost for you. All opinions and recommendations are unbiased […]