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Colosseum in Rome, Europe travel tips

Top 10 Tips for Traveling in Europe Cheaper and Better

After writing an ultimate guide on traveling the world cheap with 15 travel bloggers, I realized that you need to apply some different tips when you visit Europe. That is why, I asked 5 travel bloggers to help me write 10 tips for traveling in Europe cheaper and better. Those […]

Historical capital of Asturias, Erasmus in Spain

My Erasmus in Spain. Global Cultural Exchange

Do you know about the Erasmus student exchange program? It is a program created to make the future European Union work force more flexible, to unite the cultures and make people more loyal to each other. You can read some facts about Erasmus program here. Well, for many students it […]

Planning a trip in advance to travel cheaply

50 Amazing Tips to Travel the World Cheap in 2019

How to travel the world cheap? It is a very popular question, as money is the main reason, why many people don’t travel.  It is possible to travel the world having little money. Here are the best budget travel tips from me and the most experienced travel bloggers that contributed […]

Deptak w Gdańsku, nietypowe atrakcje Gdańska

Top 10 unusual places to visit in Gdansk

Gdansk is a beautiful port town in Poland, which is full of various sights and great places to visit. But, there are crowds of tourists near most of them, and some are completely unknown. The unusual sights and places to visit in Gdansk, which are not so well known, will […]

Вид на Стокгольм

Cheap in Stockholm. Adventures on a budget. Day 1

Adventures on a budget in expensive Stockholm Have you always been scared off by expensive Scandinavian countries? I was. I did not even dare to fly there for just 20 euros return flight, as for a tourist on a budget it is difficult to survive there. But, I finally decided […]