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Hippies in Hierva el Agua, Mexico trip

My Trip To Mexico Part 2: Night Buses and Cenotes

My 20-day solo trip to Mexico was perhaps the most memorable experience in my life. It was full of events, new people, new places and cultural shocks. This post is the second part of my story about this trip. You can check the first part here. Rich Gringo from Miami […]

Beach in the Hague during my trip to Belgium and Holland

Unexpected Adventures in a Trip to Belgium and Holland

I recently visited Holland and Belgium and had a great time during this trip, but it was full of unexpected adventures. Here, I will tell my adventurous story from the weekend getaway to Belgium and the Netherlands. Hopefully, you will learn something from my experience, so that nothing bad happens […]

10 day trip to madeira, boats on the sunset in Funchal

My 10 Day Trip to Madeira: Paradise Island (+Video)

In January 2018, I spent 10 unforgettable days in Madeira, Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean. I chose Madeira spontaneously, and I didn’t know much about it, but it really surprised me and made it one of the top places, where I would live. During my trip to Madeira, I […]

fun activities in Bangkok, night panorama

14 Fun Activities You Must Do in Bangkok

Sebastian is a world traveler who has traveled to various countries in Asia, but his favorite country is Thailand. Read about the 14 fun things to do in Bangkok that Sebastian recommends! There are millions of things you can do in Bangkok. I really had to think hard before starting this […]

All six friends in Valencia, experiences in my trip

Unforgettable Adventures in my Trip to Valencia, Spain

I’ve recently visited Valencia, and as always, I didn’t plan much, as a trip is more interesting, when there is some element of expectancy and improvisation. And, it was the best decision I’ve made. The adventures during my trip to Valencia are the best or second best (Norway fjords road […]