Top Weed Destinations 2020: Countries Where Weed Is Legal

Red Light District amsterdam panorama, night photo

Travel instills a sense of gratification and enhances your self-confidence.

One of the best ways to get rid of anxious thoughts and stress is through regular excursions.

If you’re a travel freak, you might want to embark upon the journey now and then. However, it’s crucial to settle with the destinations that align with your interests.

For all the weed lovers out there, the popular weed-friendly regions are the ideal destinations.  From Amsterdam’s antique coffee shops to the lush-green weed plantations of Colorado, you must explore them all.  

Here are the top weed destinations that offer top-notch cannabis tourism and memorable experiences. 


nature in Banff, Canada attractions

Back in 2018, the Canadian government legalized the usage of cannabis for recreational as well as medical purposes. After the legalization, the cannabis tourism sector in the region flourished much more than ever.

In case you’re a weed enthusiast, you must try out the Canadian snow activities along with the popular weed. Also, embark upon the journey towards arctic lands and vibrant cities filled with cannabis dispensaries and cafes.

Some popular Canadian strains that you must not miss out on are AK-47 and Harlequin. Other than this, get your hands on the authentic weed edibles while exploring the streets. 


Palacio Salvo in Montevideo, capital of Uruguay where weed is legal

Here’s the first nation to legalize the usage of weed as a recreational drug. Uruguay lies between huge countries like Argentina and Brazil.

Also, it offers mesmerizing beaches and mouth-watering seafood to ponder upon. You might explore the architectural marvels like Salvo Palace or traverse the intricacies of Casapueblo.

Along with this, you can also get the best cannabis varieties here. All you need to do is ask the locals about the regional cannabis strains and the places to procure them.

With the mesmerizing sunsets by the beach shore and an enchanting high, you are likely to have a great time here.


Jamaica resort on water, best places for weed tourism

Are you fond of the Jamaican culture and wish to experience the euphoric vibes of reggae music? If yes, you must explore the Jamaican premises at least once.

With the prevalence of Rastafari culture and weed-friendly reggae music, the country gained popularity in cannabis tourism. Along with this, light up the local weed amidst famous spots like Dunn’s river falls.

Not to forget, the Bob Marley museum might motivate the pothead inside you to continue the weed exploration. Embark upon the Caribbean vacation and satiate the stoner inside you without any hassles.


Colorado river and bridge in Colorado state

If you’re a cannabis connoisseur, then Colorado is nothing less than a heaven. You are likely to come across many weed cafes, weed-friendly hotels, and dispensaries in the region.

Along with this, cannabis tourism in this place is one of the best worldwide. Fetch the crafty beers and enjoy the ultimate high with local strains like Sour Diesel and Golden Goat. In case you like to dwell upon the natural aesthetics, explore the trails of Rocky mountain.

Also, visit the Mesa Verde national park and dig deeper into the biodiversity of this place. The weed-friendly cafes serving cannabis edibles will surely transform your trip into an enchanting one. 


Alaska mountains and ice

Do you wish to gaze at the sparkling northern lights at least once in a lifetime?

Some regions exhibit astonishing geographical marvels along with top-notch cannabis varieties. If you’re a cannabis connoisseur, make sure to explore the lands of Alaska at least once. With the stunning northern lights at the top and soft snowy trails below, you can experience the best high in the region.

Explore the natural heritage of Denali National Park and try out top-notch weed varieties available in the country. However, smoke up in your private accommodation and not on the outskirts of the town area. 

Costa Rica 

Costa Rica wave on sunset

For all the beach lovers who fancy the colorful skies and sunsets, Costa Rica is the right place for exploration.

Along with the beach vibes, it offers you the chance to dive deeper into the cannabis culture. You get to make the most of the balmy weather and stunning shoreline with popular cannabis cafes around.

Also, the government decriminalized the usage of cannabis in recent years.

That way, you can get your hands on the best strains without any fear or hesitation. Some popular attractions that you might traverse during your cannabis tourism are Puerto Viejo, Cahuita, and Arenal volcanoes.

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Panoramic view of Peru nature

Are you fond of Machu Picchu or the lush-green Amazon forests in the South American region?

If yes, you must embark upon the journey towards Peru. Not only does it satiate the wanderlust within, but it also takes care of the potheads from worldwide.

You can get popular weed strains and enjoy an astonishing cannabis tourism experience here.

With the decriminalization of 8 grams of cannabis, the country is quite safe for weed enthusiasts. Also, it offers you the chance to cover up the Andes ranges and stunning architectural spots. 

Bottom Line

Weed enthusiasts worldwide like to include cannabis tourism in every travel getaway. With the popular weed destinations, you can satiate the stoner in no time.

All you need to do is research more about the legal and cultural aspects of cannabis tourism. You can start with the cannabis coffee shops in Amsterdam and the Rastafari culture of Jamaica.

Further, take your cannabis tourism goals to the next level with other destinations like Colorado, and Uruguay. Along with the weed strains, make sure to explore the popular attractions and achieve the utmost gratification.

Some good weed destinations in Europe are definitely Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Prague, and Portugal.

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