3 Days in Stockholm On a Budget: Itinerary and Prices

3 days in Stockholm city itinerary, prices

3 days in Stockholm city itinerary, pricesOne of the most expensive cities in the world, Stockholm can be also very inexpensive if you know ways to save money.

I will tell you about the prices in the capital of Sweden and give three 3-day Stockholm itineraries and travel costs in each of them.

Here is my guide to prices in Stockholm with 3-day itineraries in the end.

Prices in Stockholm

As in the neighboring Scandinavian countries, the average prices in Stockholm are very high, while knowing some tips from this article you can save lots of money. Let’s start with prices of attractions in Stockholm and free places to visit there.

Prices of Attractions in Stockholm

Stockholm city library

Here are the prices of the most typical and popular tourist attractions in Stockholm. Although, you can just walk through the city center without using public transport, I recommend you to take a metro ticket and visit several stations. Stockholm metro is regarded as the largest art museum in the world (transportation prices will be further).


Price (Euros)

Royal Palace


Vasa Museum


ABBA Museum




Nobel Museum


Stockholm City Pass and Travel for 3 days


Free Attractions

There is a long list of free places to visit in Stockholm. Most of the museums are free for everyone, including Medieval Museum, Stockholm city Museum, Modern Art Museum… You can even visit the Swedish parliament for free.

Prices of Food

IKEA meatballs cafe food in Stockholm itinerary
IKEA canteen
Food for 1 euro in Stockholm
1-euro meal in Stockholm

Here are the prices of food in Swedish restaurants. See cheap places to eat in Stockholm (under 10 euros per meal) on Buzzfeed.


Price (Euros)


Budget breakfast


Budget lunch


3-course meal in Mid-Range restaurant




Beer (0,5 L)



Chicken Breast (kg)


1L Milk


Eggs (12)


Local cheese (kg)


Apples, oranges (kg)


Beer (0,5 L)


Pastry is cheap and very good in Stockholm. Alcohol is very expensive, but if you buy beer just for taste, you can find inexpensive low- or non-alcoholic beers.

For cheap coffee and pastry visit Pressbyran kiosks, located all around the city.

Transportation Prices

arts in Stockholm metro station, prices and itinerary

Public transport and taxis are very expensive in Stockholm. If you travel on a budget, you should better find a hostel in the city center not to use it at all. If you do, you can use your metro ticket on the ferries.

Transportation in Stockholm

Price (€)

Train from airport to city center


3km Taxi


Ticket to public transport


24h Public Transport Card


There are several airports near Stockholm. Low-cost ones are far away, so you may spend even up to 30 euros just to get to the city.

Accommodation Prices in Stockholm

Stockholm Grand hotel building from outside, prices of travel

One of the main expenses of each trip is accommodation. Here are the prices in different hotels and hostels in Stockholm.


Price (Euros)

Cheapest option for 1 person


Cheapest option for 1 person with central location and 7+ rating


Cheapest 3-star hotel room for 2 with central location and 7+ rating


Cheapest 5-star hotel room for 2 with central location and 9+ rating


First two options are hostels. The second one has very good reviews. One thing you should know about hostels in Stockholm is that there is almost nobody working there. So, you get a password via email, then you use it everywhere and leave your bedsheets in a basket (check my hostel adventures in the free Stockholm post). The receptionist works just about 2-3 hours, and you probably won’t see him, as you will be somewhere in the city during that time.

3 Days in Stockholm Itineraries

Traditionally, I will give you three options to spend 3 days in Stockholm for less than 50 euros per day. Let’s start with the first one.

Backpacker Option

City center in Stockholm

In case if you want to spend the least and visit the most, here are your expenses.

Accommodation: There are options with central location for 18 euros per night and about 6,9. It is not a good rating, but if you want to save money, you should choose this option. Friday to Saturday is a very popular time to stay in Stockholm, while Saturday to Sunday or Sunday to Monday can cost just 12 euros.

Food: You cannot afford going to restaurants if you travel on a budget. You can eat some food from the supermarkets or fast food chains.

Attractions: I spent 3 days in Stockholm without spending a penny on attractions. You also don’t need to. Visit some interesting and free museums and panoramic points. Well, I recommend attending a free walking tour. It is always worth doing in a new city.

Transportation: I recommend you to buy one metro ticket to see some art in central metro stations and take a ferry between the islands of Stockholm.

Total cost of 3 Days in Stockholm: 36 (2 nights in a hostel) + 18 + 0-5 + 4 = 58-63 euros.

Now, don’t say that Stockholm is too expensive for you.

3 Days in Stockholm: ‘Backpacker’ Itinerary

Free Stockholm walking tour

Here is your 3-day itinerary around Stockholm.

Day 1

A good start when you visit any city (at least in Europe) is to go on a free walking tour. That’s what I recommend you to do in your first day in Stockholm. If I didn’t mention something that you like in neither of my posts, you can ask your tour guide for recommendations of bars, museums, places to buy souvenirs and many more. After that, you can explore the city further.

Take a coffee with some local pastry in Pressbyran and visit some of the city’s museums. Most of them are located close to each other, so you will walk less than 10 minutes from one to another.

The weather is not always good in Stockholm, so if the weather is good on your first day, I recommend you to enjoy the city from the outside. As I already said, the city on islands is condemned to be beautiful. So is Stockholm. One of the great places to visit for panoramic views is the north of Södermalm island (some of the pictures in this article were taken there). Some of the most interesting places to visit in Stockholm is the Gamla Stan island with the Royal Palace, Nobel Museum, several beautiful churches and cozy streets with bright houses.

Day 2

For the second day, you can go to the north of the city. I don’t like shopping centers in general, but the Mall of Scandinavia is a huge building with very unusual interior design that you should visit. It is located on the north of the city, and you won’t reach it without a metro. On the way, you can get off the train on every station to take pictures of interesting art of the Stockholm metro and before, take a ferry used here instead of bridges.

Not far from the shopping center, there is an interesting park called Hagaparken with several sights inside, including copper tents, palaces and a zoological museum (not free, unfortunately) with a café.

You can try to come back by foot to some of the busy streets like Drottninggatan with restaurants and popular fashion brands. It is a good place to try some local food (fast food, mostly), for example, local hot dogs, meatballs with fries or fried herring to go.

Stockholm is one of great places to visit for its nightlife. You can ask some locals or google some good bars and clubs. If you arrive early, you can enter for free.

Day 3

For the third day, you can visit 1-2 museums that you didn’t manage to visit earlier, explore Södermalm and walk through the colorful Gamla Stan for the last time during this trip. Safe way home!

‘Visit the Most’ Option

Swedish administration in Stockholm

Are you a fan of ABBA, you’d like to visit the place, where Swedish royalty lives and how the Swedish villages used to look? ‘Visit the most’ option is for you.

Accommodation: same as before

Attractions: in addition to free attractions and a city tour, you will visit the Vasa museum, Royal Palace and Stockholm Skansen. Altogether for 46 euros.

Food: same

Transportation: same. Just one metro ticket is enough, as all 3 of the paid attractions are in the city center

Total cost of 3 days in Stockholm: 36 + 46 + 18 + 4 = 104 euros.

3 Days in Stockholm: ‘Visit the Most’ Itinerary

In this option, itinerary for 3 days in Stockholm will be similar, but have more attractions.

After the city tour on the first day, I recommend you visiting the Skansen museum. Enjoy the tranquility of the artificial rural neighborhood. It is a great place to visit especially if you travel with kids. If you still have enough time, you can start your museum crawl and visit some free museums and the royal palace

On the third day, visit the famous museum of one ship, Vasa museum.

‘Comfort’ Option

Crown on the bridge, Stockholm

This option is for those, who don’t like to hurry while traveling.

Accommodation: if you like comfort, you won’t stay in a hostel. Hotel for two with central location will be your choice.

Attractions: Free walking tour plus 1-2 free museums of your interest will be enough.

Food: mostly food from the shop (as restaurants are very expensive), but you can afford one inexpensive dinner in a nice restaurant.

Transportation: You’ll need to use metro for a couple of times

Total price for 3 days in Stockholm: 89 + 5 + 40 + 12 = 146 euros.

3 Days in Stockholm: ‘Comfortable’ Itinerary

Look at the itinerary of the ‘Backpacker’ option. Follow a similar route, just don’t hurry, you can skip all museums, and simply enjoy the city.

It was my full overview of prices in the capital of Sweden with three 3-day Stockholm itineraries. I hope, it helped you to plan your visit and I convinced you that it is possible to travel the world cheap. Check my post about 1 day in Paris for 50 euros. Have a nice trip!

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3 days in Stockholm: itinerary and prices

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