Australia 101: Get Ready To Be Fascinated

Australian coast and island

Bay in Australia, night view after a motorcycling tripToday’s guest blogger Danny knows a lot about Australia, its culture and traditions, and wants to share the things you should know before planning a trip to this wonderful country.

This might be the longest trip of your life but all the wait and the stress will be worthwhile as you will get to see some of the biggest wonders on the planet.

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Local Culture

Most of the population lives either in Sydney or Melbourne areas. But they still love their history and cultivate the jackaroo image. A jackaroo is basically an Australian cowboy looking after a herd of sheep.

Another cultural phenomenon is their dark humor. Since the first population of the continent was completely made up by the prisoners and now about a quarter of inhabitants are foreign-born. Australians have learned to find something funny even in the worst circumstances.  This phenomenon is known as the Larrikinism.

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There is no independence day but you have the Australia Day. This day you celebrate the first prisoners arriving at the continent. This day is also a day of contempt as the Australian aborigines had little to no rights. Australians usually spend the day having a barbecue in the backyard.

Australian coast and island


Although Australian society is multicultural there are certain guidelines for you to follow if you hope to make friends with the locals:

  • Australians are very down to earth, direct and sincere. They will not tolerate any pretentiousness,
  • You have to love black humor and be humble, otherwise, you won’t make it in a company of Australians,
  • Australians usually greet each other with a simple “Good day mate“ which might sound a bit too informal for a foreigner,
  • The business negotiating style is always win-win as Australians have learned to value other people and try to be in a good relationship with everyone.

Natural Wonders

Australia’s nature is absolutely stunning. There are so many amazing things you need to see, it’s hard to list them all. You can check out some great Australia tours to get an idea what you might be interested in. Here are our 5 picks:

  1. The Pinnacles desert. If you want to see an out of this world landscape this is just the place for you. The area is also surrounded by beautiful beaches with very little tourists there.
  2. Kimberley area. This is where you go if you really want to see untouched nature. The best way to travel Kimberley is by a ferry as you will get to see its beautiful and complex river system.
  3. Lake Eyre. This lake is the lowest point of the continent. The best way to see the area is to fly over it, this way you will get to see all the wildlife birds inhabiting the area.
  4. Lord Howe Island. You could be one of the lucky 400 tourists to enjoy this World Heritage location. Three-quarters of it are covered by the intact forest.
  5. Whitsunday Islands. It is an archipelago made of some 75 beautiful islands for you to take a cruise around. You can take a tour or even hire your own yacht and go exploring yourself.

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Lake, attractions in West Australia


  1. Kangaroo Island. This island is located some 13 miles off the South Coast of Australia. Most of the territory of this island is a wildlife reserve and a paradise for tourists. Enjoy the wildlife trips, seal bays and breathtaking scenery,
  2. Port Lincoln. Here you can dive to see the white sharks. The spot has been picked out because you do not need to have any diving experience as air is fed into your cage making this adventure accessible for everyone.
  3. Queensland. Here you can see little baby turtles hatch and crawl into the water. You have seen it on TV for a lot of times, now you will experience it live.

Food And Drinks

California burger, things to try in Melbourne

  1. Tasmania. You need to try the food made of fresh local produce. Also, do not forget to go wine tasting as this Australian province is famous for its vineyards.
  2. Uluru mountains. Here you can enjoy the sunset view of the mountain peaks. But remember only 20 guests at a time so don’t forget to book this adventure.
  3. Margaret River. The Margaret river holds one of the biggest annual food and drink festivals. Here you can meet famous chefs, see some master classes and enjoy the finest Australian food.
  4. Melbourne wine tasting. This city is famous for its small corner bars all around the city center. Here you can enjoy a fine selection of local wines and other spirits.

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But of course, you cannot describe a whole continent in one article. Let us know how was the trip!

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