Top 5 Reasons to Love Camping in Africa

Great views when camping in Africa

Great views when camping in AfricaHere’s a thought to ponder: camping in Africa.

It seems outrageous but it can and has been done before.

Safari in Africa? Sure. That’s what they’re known for. Their wildlife reserves are phenomenal, not to mention educational.

Mountain climbing in Africa? Why not. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in the continent. Conquering it would be akin to climbing Mount Everest.

But camping in Africa? That’s almost as rare a thought as going to France and not eating bread. But you would be surprised at how phenomenal Africa’s campsites offer. The scenes are breathtaking.

And above all, since not many have even considered doing such an activity, their sites are almost virginally beautiful and untouched.

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  1. Incredible Locations

African campsites are actually the best way to immerse yourself in nature. Yes, paying thousands of dollars to sleep in a fancy lodge in a park reserve offers stunning views, but the best way to experience the African wilderness is through camping.

And you won’t need to break the bank because it will only cost you a few dollars per night. Imagine this, laying down in the middle of the African savannah and hearing the gentle grunts of wildebeest nearby, or setting up camp on a river bank known to be a migratory landmark for wildlife.

Africa simply offers an experience the rest of the world could not equal.

Just don’t forget to rent a car 😉

  1. Sleeping With Wildlife

Many wildlife reserves around the continent offer campsites that get you really close to the animals. They’ve marked out special areas where predators don’t dwell too often so some wildlife such as zebras, elephants, giraffes take refuge there at night.

This means the sound of zebra grunts or soft sighs of sleepy elephants lull you to sleep. On the rare occasions, a hyena might come sniffing around looking for morsels but they don’t harm humans so you will be safe.

  1. Phenomenal Stargazing

Tent camp in africa

As urban dwellers, we barely see any stars when we look up at the sky at night, even on cloudless nights. There is simply too much pollution hanging about in big cities.

Imagine booking a campground in the African savannah, inside a nature reserve, laying down on one of the best camping cots and looking up into the heavens.

With no city lights to outshine them, or air pollution to block their view, the stars would appear clear and numerous. Picture them dotting every point in the sky.

Constellations you have only ever read and seen in books and screens in full display right before your very eyes. A few who’ve experienced it claimed to have even shed a tear or two at the awe and wonder they felt.

You can also find organized tours to Africa for more safety.

  1. Listening To Nature

Camping in Africa

Going camping in Africa means being able to commune back with nature; just like our fore-bearer once lived. There’s nothing like setting up camp while listening to the stillness that nature offers.

The best camping generators that power everything in the camp are very quiet so you’ll still hear what’s around you. There’s nothing to spoil the ambiance.

No noisy cars or annoying entertainment sounds like televisions and cell phones to distract you from just appreciating what is around you. Most people who embark on an African camping adventure usually go because of this.

For those who practice meditation, the experience will be more enhanced. For those just wanting to escape the constant grind of city living, Africa would be like an oasis for a much-needed escape.

  1. Tribe immersion

One perk of camping in Africa is you get to mingle with the local tribe. A few designated camping sites are also areas where tribes frequently visit. With the entire continent having over 3000 tribes, setting camp here will offer a whole new experience like no other. Some of these tribes have a unique culture and tradition only they possess and getting to mingle with them will surely be the highlight of your trip.


Africa offers many treasures to those with adventure in their blood. The entire continent feels like a new world that many people are dying to visit.

There are concerns about safety and most people hesitate to visit because of this. But the political and sociological climate has been improving especially in areas where they offer this experience.

Park rangers and guides are well trained and special areas have been given extra security to ensure the safety of visitors.  

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