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Playa de las Catedrales, Астурия, Испания

20 Items You Need To Pack For Your Trip to Spain

When you’re planning your trip, it is very important to think twice and fill your bag with all the important stuff not to regret later (arriving at a Spanish beach without taking your swimming suit feels terrible). Also, in every country, your needs are different, same as the items to pack. Not to forget anything important, fellow travel bloggers and I created a list of the most useful things you should pack for your trip to Spain. You can print the Spain packing list at the end of the article. The article includes affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost for you you can buy something, book a hotel or a tour that I indeed recommend. Spain Packing List I visited Spain an uncountable number of times, and every time, I had to think of the clothes, electronics, and other things to take for the trip. Twice, I was packing for 4-5-months of living in Spain thinking of safety, occasions, weather, places, and convenience. After many mistakes in taking something unnecessary or not […]

magic book, speed reading

5 Easy Steps to Read a Book in 1 Hour: Ultimate Speed Reading

Reading should not just be a hobby. It should be a habit. A reader gains knowledge from various reading material from different sources. In today’s times, the digital world is full of information and knowledge. If you’re not a reader, you will miss out on all the information that is available out there. Most successful people read. They gain knowledge by reading a lot of books. Reading will give you immense knowledge and knowledge cannot be stolen or taken away by anyone. Once you form the habit of reading, give yourself a target to read a certain number of books in a month or year. Once you start reading, you will not regret this habit. If you enjoy reading, you can read a good number of books in a year through speed reading techniques. The skill of reading at a fast pace can be developed with regular practice and patience.  […]

Couple moving to a new place, tips to pack stuff

Tips To Pack For A Short-Term Move: Digital Nomad Life

  With my digital nomad life, I travel a lot, I lived and studied abroad, took part in Erasmus+ student exchange program three times, I used to move to new places over and over again. Every time, I needed to pack my things, throw away something I didn’t need and buy new stuff in a new place. After so many changes of a place of residence and thrown away things, I think twice before buying something new and know how to pack my bags for moving on a short term. Today, I present you a post with lots of packing tips to move for a short-term created together with Megan working in a company that helps people moving to new places in New York. Packing is interlinked with moving and you simply cannot make a move without packing your stuff in a proper manner. There are a lot of things […]

Geiranger fjord in Norway, cruise ship

Top 5 Norway Fjords and Tips to Visit Them

Are you planning a trip to Norway to explore the beautiful nature of the country or to see its cozy towns that look like in a fairy tale? No trip to Norway is full without visiting fjords. That is why I want to tell you about the most beautiful fjords to visit in Norway with tips on how to visit them. Tips for Exploring Norway Fjords Fortunately for you, most of the fjords in Norway are located not far from each other. You can find most of them in the central part of the western coast of the country close to Bergen, Stavanger, Alesund and the area between them. It makes it very convenient to visit most of them during one trip. I made a road trip to Norway, and it was amazing, but as there are no bridges over fjords, we would need to go around the entire fjords […]

Great views when camping in Africa

Top 5 Reasons to Love Camping in Africa

Here’s a thought to ponder: camping in Africa. It seems outrageous but it can and has been done before. Safari in Africa? Sure. That’s what they’re known for. Their wildlife reserves are phenomenal, not to mention educational. Mountain climbing in Africa? Why not. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in the continent. Conquering it would be akin to climbing Mount Everest. But camping in Africa? That’s almost as rare a thought as going to France and not eating bread. But you would be surprised at how phenomenal Africa’s campsites offer. The scenes are breathtaking. And above all, since not many have even considered doing such an activity, their sites are almost virginally beautiful and untouched. This post may contain affiliate links. Incredible Locations African campsites are actually the best way to immerse yourself in nature. Yes, paying thousands of dollars to sleep in a fancy lodge in a park reserve […]

Business people, safety tips when organizing a business trip

Safety tips to keep in mind when organizing a business trip

Business trips are important for any enterprise. Whether it’s about networking and making connections or breaching into a new market, you need them. But, you need to do everything you can in order to not let an amazing business opportunity turn into a tragedy. Simply put, accidents happen, and you should do everything you can to prevent them. That’s where we come in. The following article outlines a couple of tips you can keep in mind. These will not necessarily guarantee, but will definitely increase the odds of you having a safe trip. Travel Insurance   The first thing you should do is set up a good travel insurance policy. While it’s often included as part of your health coverage or your credit cards, you should still check. Travel agencies will often help you with this, to a greater or lesser degree. Some will literally do everything for you, while […]

CIty of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, a must for budget traveler

Top 10 things to do in Valencia on a budget

Valencia is a wonderful place to visit for a budget traveler. It offers lots of great things to do cheap or even for free. While exploring the city, I met several people, who had visited Valencia and stayed there forever. I also would: beautiful medieval architecture, many cheap things to do and 360 days of sun every year. Here is the list of top 10 things to do in Valencia on a budget. Doing the whole list, you will spend just 9.5 Euros in total and will have a great budget travel experience! Try orxata and local goodies in the Old market Run in the river bed Luxuriate on the beach Find all the weird gargoyles Try the Water of Valencia Visit 5 museums and view the city from the height Eat paella for 1.5 euro Attend free walking tour Take pictures of the City of Arts and Science See […]

Boats in a lake, fishing tips

Top 7 Fishing Tips You Must Know

When traveling the world, it is nice trying some activities you never tried in your country. Fishing is a great idea in places full of natural beauty. Today’s guest blogger Dung will share top 7 fishing tips for travelers. Fishing is a cool way to spend some quality time with family or friends, or even by yourself. Humans love war as well as peace, and this is what fishing is about. Fishing offers variety, and we all want some variety in our everyday lives. But let us acknowledge the fact that fishing is tough, and it is difficult for everyone, especially for the beginners. While so many people want to go and have some fun on the water, they hold their desire owing to their lack of knowledge about the subject. We know that it is not easy for you to catch a fish and that too when you have […]

ryanair lowcost airline

6 Secrets Low Cost Airlines Use to Make Tickets Cheap

Recently, low cost airlines, which offer tickets for mere pennies, have become popular all over the world. It allows you to travel cheaper and more often, but how do budget airlines make the prices so low? How can 500 kilometers by plane cost less than by car, and in some countries even less than by train? I will answer this one and many other questions in this article about the Secrets of Low Cost Airlines! Short History of Low Cost Airlines The first place where the trend of cheap airlines appeared was Europe. One of the first airlines to sell cheap air tickets was the Irish company Ryanair, established in 1984, the British company EasyJet, established in 1995, the Hungarian Wizzair, established in 2003, and later a number of low-cost airlines appeared in almost every country in Europe and other continents. Check some tricks to find cheap flights in the […]

Colosseum in Rome, Europe travel tips

Top 10 Tips for Traveling in Europe Cheaper and Better

After writing an ultimate guide on traveling the world cheap with 15 travel bloggers, I realized that you need to apply some different tips when you visit Europe. That is why, I asked 5 travel bloggers to help me write 10 tips for traveling in Europe cheaper and better. Those are the tips that we all often use to travel as much as we can spending less and enjoying our Euro trips more. So, let’s start! One of the biggest issues when traveling to European cities is finding an appropriate accommodation (good location, low cost…). Here are some tips on finding the best lodging for you. Use Different Booking Sites When travelling in Europe, it’s easy to assume that booking.com has the best inventory of hotel rooms and the lowest price but this isn’t always the case.  I always use comparison websites like HotelsCombined.com and Trivago.com as my starting point […]