Top 5 Norway Fjords and Tips to Visit Them

Geiranger fjord in Norway, cruise ship

Geiranger fjord in Norway, cruise shipAre you planning a trip to Norway to explore the beautiful nature of the country or to see its cozy towns that look like in a fairy tale?

No trip to Norway is full without visiting fjords.

That is why I want to tell you about the most beautiful fjords to visit in Norway with tips on how to visit them.

Tips for Exploring Norway Fjords

Fortunately for you, most of the fjords in Norway are located not far from each other. You can find most of them in the central part of the western coast of the country close to Bergen, Stavanger, Alesund and the area between them.

It makes it very convenient to visit most of them during one trip. I made a road trip to Norway, and it was amazing, but as there are no bridges over fjords, we would need to go around the entire fjords to move to the next one.

Perhaps, the most convenient way to explore them is to see the Norwegian fjords on a cruise holiday.

There are several cruise companies providing such a service, and you usually have accommodation and food included. Many cruise ships depart from England, Ireland and Holland. If you live in a different place, you can find a flight to the starting point of your cruise.

In case if you want to go camping or hiking, don’t forget your warm clothes even if you’re going to do that in summer.

So, let’s move to the most beautiful fjords in Norway (my top 5).


Cayaking in the largest fjord in the world, Norway road trip

Sognefjord is the longest fjord in Norway having a length of 200 km in the middle of the country. It is always called ‘The King of Fjords’ because of its size. It is also located in one of the most beautiful places in Norway.

This fjord reaches over 1300m deep in some places. A part of Sognefjord is even included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Definitely worth a visit. 😉


Hardanger fjord in Norway, tips to visit fjords

While people call Sognefjord ‘The King of Fjords’, Hardangerfjord is usually called the Queen. It has a length of 179 km, and a maximum depth of 800 meters.

It is recommended to visit Hardangerfjord in May when the fruit trees blossom and the whole area looks like alive.


Aurlandsfjord in Norway in the evening from the top

Not always the largest ones are the most beautiful ones. I highly recommend visiting Aurlandsfjord, which is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage area and is one of the most amazing fjords in the world.

It starts in Flam and ends at the Beitelen Mountain. Its length is only 17 km, and it is an arm of the abovementioned Sognefjord.

Beautiful mountains surrounding the fjord reach 1400 meters, which makes it a great place for panoramic points (which they have here).


Nordfjord houses in Norway

On the way from Bergen to Alesund, there is another beautiful and large fjord called Nordfjord. Its length is 105 km, and it reaches 565 meters deep.

The fjord is located between the largest mainland glacier in Europe and the wildest coast of Norway. It is also a part of Jostedalsbreen National Park, which is also popular among tourists and locals.


Panorama in Geirangerfjord, green mountains in Norway

Fjord closing the list of my top-5 fjords in Norway is Geirangerfjord located more to the north from other four, not far from Alesund. It is also on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2005, and one of the most visited fjords in Norway having a length of just 15 km.

The depth of this fjord is about 260 meters, but it is surrounded by high mountains of up to 1700 meters and is popular for its numerous waterfalls.


It was my list of the most beautiful fjords in Norway with tips on how to travel in the country to see all of its beauty.

Check my resources page to plan a trip on your own and read my guide to Stockholm!

Have a great trip!

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