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Geiranger fjord in Norway, cruise ship

Top 5 Norway Fjords and Tips to Visit Them

Are you planning a trip to Norway to explore the beautiful nature of the country or to see its cozy towns that look like in a fairy tale? No trip to Norway is full without visiting fjords. That is why I want to tell you about the most beautiful fjords to visit in Norway with tips on how to visit them. Tips for Exploring Norway Fjords Fortunately for you, most of the fjords in Norway are located not far from each other. You can find most of them in the central part of the western coast of the country close to Bergen, Stavanger, Alesund and the area between them. It makes it very convenient to visit most of them during one trip. I made a road trip to Norway, and it was amazing, but as there are no bridges over fjords, we would need to go around the entire fjords […]

Clear water of Norwegian fjords

Best Norway Fjords Road Trip. Norwegian Itinerary

Fjords of Norway is the main attraction of the country. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come here to make a road trip through Norway, so did we. We spent a great time in fjords and mountains and will definitely come there again! If you’ve been dreaming of exploring Norwegian nature and hike in its mountains, you will find all necessary information on it. You will be surprised to know that the prices in Norway are not as high as everybody says, and it is possible to have a great time in the country on a budget. Find out, how! Also, check these 50 tips to travel the world cheap! What is a “fjord”? Norwegian fjords is an incredible beauty of the water, surrounded by mountains. “Fjord” in Norwegian means «bay», and they are deep and long bays from the sea or ocean. In Norway, there is the longest and second deepest […]