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Couple moving to a new place, tips to pack stuff


With my digital nomad life, I travel a lot, I lived and studied abroad, took part in Erasmus+ student exchange program three times, I used to move to new places over and over again.

Every time, I needed to pack my things, throw away something I didn’t need and buy new stuff in a new place.

Packing tips for short-time move, tips for digital nomads

After so many changes of a place of residence and thrown away things, I think twice before buying something new and know how to pack my bags for moving on a short term.

Today, I present you a post with lots of packing tips to move for a short-term created together with Megan working in a company that helps people moving to new places in New York.

Packing is interlinked with moving and you simply cannot make a move without packing your stuff in a proper manner.

There are a lot of things in your home that you only come to know about during your move.

It is important for you to have the complete knowledge about packing everything in the way that you will not be in any trouble when you start unpacking your items after the move.

Movers cost in New York is getting higher day by day that is why you will not want to spend on packing as well. It is better if you do it yourself.

Do not create a panicking situation while you start packing for your short-term move and try to start the process as soon as you can. Once the moving days come around the corner, it gets really difficult to pack everything.

As a result, so many of your valuable possessions get lost or damaged due to the carelessness. The fragility of your home items demands proper time and attention to get packed properly. Now, you also have a chance to make things better with a proper packing and eliminate all the risks you have taken before.

Devise A Plan

Just like moving, packing also needs a good planning and organization to end up neatly and nicely. The first thing to do before you begin to pack your belongings, you need to understand that you will have to follow a thoroughly organized process from start to the finishing point.

Make a list of the things you are going to do and according to the need and the priority level of each task. Following a pre-planned packing will make your move totally free of any hassle or stress.

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Get Rid Of The Junk

When all the stuff gets stacked up in your cupboards and storerooms, you forget about the things that you have but don’t use. Such things only take up more space and contribute to increasing the difficulty level in the packing.

Do not get confused and disperse all the junk aside. Make sure that you are throwing away everything that you no longer need. Do not forget to get rid of your junk only according to environmental rules and regulations. Getting rid of all that is unwanted will make the packing easier because then you will know exactly what you need to take away with you.

An ultimate packing tip for a short-term move: It is often hard to decide what things to throw away. When you have doubts about that, think if you used it during the last year or if it has some value to sell it or give to your friends or family. If not, throw it away without thinking twice!

Make A Record Of Everything

Kitchen boxes, packing tips for a digital nomad life

Before starting the packing, you should start making labels for all the boxes that you are going to pack. It is very common that people think they will remember about what they packed in which box, but it never happens.

With all the stress and hurried situation, you can easily forget these things no matter how sharp your memory is.

Another fact is that when you put the delicate items and glassware in the boxes, it is important to mention them with a “handle with care” sign so that while moving, you will know which box needs special care. Do label every box with the names of the items inside as it will only make ease for you.

Make a List

One more thing to do is to make a list of all the items that are in your house. While packing them in the boxes, make sure that you mark a tick in front of the name of the item on your list.

This process will let you remember everything that you have packed, and nothing will go overlooked. You can also give a number to each of the cartons and mention it on the list about which item is packed in which carton.

Packing tips for short-time move, tips for digital nomads

How To Set Up The Supplies

Preparation of your packing starts with the preparations of the packing supplies. You are going to need a large amount of different packing material to cover all that needs to be covered in the wraps and boxes.

If you have hired a moving company, you can also use them for the supplies and it will be added to the movers’ cost in New York (or any other city where you move). Your fragile things are vulnerable to get damaged easily if you haven’t packed them in proper layers of paper wraps. You will be needing the following packing supplies handy with you while you start packing:


Bubble wraps are the key to the safety of your delicate decorative items and glassware. This is the most essential must have in a packing.


Most people repeat the mistake of using the old boxes of their last move. This is highly unrecommended as you should buy new boxes and cartons of different sizes to put in your belongings of every size.

Packing paper

You will need a lot of packing paper to increase the safety of your breakable items. These useful packing materials will provide a protective layer to your items so that they will remain damage-free all the way to your new home.

Where To Shop For The Supplies

The best place for buying a complete set of all your packing material is to ask your moving company. When you are estimating your movers’ cost while hiring them, you can also add the need for packing material and you will not have to wander here and there in different shops for different supplies.

If you do not want to buy from your moving company, thinking it is expensive, you can cut the movers cost in New York by going to a local mart and ask them to provide you with empty cartons, bubble sheets, and tape.

Couple moving to a new place, tips to pack stuff

Crumpled Paper Is A Good Initial Source

Crumpling the packing paper and covering it all over your delicate items is the best that you can do to provide them with a defensive layer of protection. You can also make a base layer in the boxes and make them secure enough in a way that all the stuff inside stays in the middle while the base and walls of the cartons will be covered with layers of packing paper.

Bubble Wrapping

Over the packing paper, bubble wrap works as the final layer of protection. Use the bubble wraps after you have packed everything and use scotch tape to stick it together with the base layers. The bubble wraps will protect the dishes, glassware, other decorative items like your frames and mirrors.

Packing Dishes And Glassware

While pacing for dishes and glassware, it is always recommended to use dish and glass boxes because they remain intact inside and the risk of the damage lessens down.

There are so many of them in every household that is why you need to be very careful in packing them. The dishes and glass boxes are made of special cardboard material, allowing it to be safer and more damage resistant.

Packing Electronics

Packing your electronics is another cumbersome rather difficult task. Your home theaters, TV, computer monitors, and other devices can easily break during the move that is why you will need to work with great care and efficiency while packing them.

Backup all your data and settle down the devices in the boxes. Make sure that the screens of your electronic devices are properly covered with packing paper and wrapping sheets and no other item is placed over them or the box.

Pictures And Decorations

You will need to get such boxes that are plain and vertical so that the paintings, pictures, and frames will be safer inside. Pack these things in the suitable boxes and tape them with a cross to highlight their presence.

For the rest of the decorative items such as your lamps, disassemble them, wrap them into the packing paper and bubble wrap, and put them in the perfect sized boxes.

Packing by yourself is a great idea if you don’t want to add more to your movers’ cost. With the right material and proper guideline, anyone can pack like a pro. It is never easy to become a master in anything within a day, but if you work with detailed attention, you will rather enjoy the move instead of getting worried and stressed out.

Packing is not as difficult as it seems to be. You only need to be organized and able to manage things step by step. If you master these skills, there is nothing that you will find cumbersome during the move.

Make yourself proud by realizing that you were not the one who left everything on the movers and didn’t take responsibility for your belongings.

No matter how much high or low your movers cost in New York is, they can never know about the value of certain things that you own.

The way you can pack your possessions with care has not to match to any other service. Pack your stuff with the above instructions and make your move a success.

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