Bali 7-Day Itinerary: Most Amazing Things You Need to Do in Indonesia

Beautiful girl in Bali jungle enjoying the view of the waterfall

Old monument during Bali 7-day vacationsThis is a guest post about the beautiful Bali island, where you can spend an amazing 7-day vacation enjoying the great weather, food and multiple amazing activities.

Read this for a perfect experience in your trip to Bali!

Arguably Indonesia’s most famous island, Bali is a perfect destination for both the body and the soul.

The beautiful beaches that border this piece of land give you endless opportunities to enjoy water activities or just lie around and relax to the fullest, while the lush, tropical rainforests of the inland make the air fresh and crisp.

Besides, Bali is a spiritual hub that is bound to change how you see life once you immerse yourself and explore the rich culture of these people.

Read on for tips on the must-visit places in Bali and learn what you need to know before you pack your bags and set off.

What you need to know


You might have guessed that Bali has a hot, tropical climate. The average temperature is about 28-30°C, which is just perfect for a holiday, however, decide wisely when it comes to the time of your visit.

From about November to March, heavy rainfalls might keep you in your hotel room for longer than you’d like.

April and October are less rainy with occasional downpours, so if you don’t mind it, you might want to take advantage of avoiding the peak season – July and August. The overall best time for your travel would be, however, May, June or September.

leave in tropical paradise, Bali travel guide for 7 days

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Dressing appropriately

Regardless of the time of your visit, don’t forget to pack a sarong and sash. Bali is loaded with beautiful temples waiting for you to explore them but you need these pieces of clothing to cover up before you can enter.

They are a staple, however, even if you couldn’t bring along your own, you can also rent them locally. Moreover, some restaurants have a dress code in place, so it pays off to research the place you’re planning to dine at before showing up in shorts and a tank top.

Water issue

Another thing to keep in mind is the infamous “Bali belly”. While most food places today have good hygiene standards, you should still refrain from drinking the local water, and you should avoid dodgy places and arak, just to be safe.

Drink bottled water or, even better, buy it in a large bottle and refill your reusable bottle so as not to waste plastic. Water filters are also usually available at restaurants and hotels.

Straw hat girl drinking coconut water, Bali travel guide

Accommodation and getting around

Finally, choose your accommodation based on your needs as well as based on what you want to do during your stay.

It can be a little challenging to get around in Bali, as they don’t have “public transport” per se, however, Kura Kura Bus service connects popular tourist areas.

The most convenient option to get from the airport to your hotels is probably by ordering a taxi transfer.

Most people use motorbikes which you can rent (however, make sure you always wear proper protective equipment) and Bluebird taxis.

You can use an app for these taxis, but even so, you have to be very careful not to get ripped off. Familiarize yourself with the local currency (rupiah) beforehand.

In any case, it’s best you base your stay around what you’re planning to do most of the time: if it’s surfing and sunbathing, your best bet is one of the renowned Bali villas in Canggu, as it has a perfect beach, while if it is spiritual rebirth that you’re looking for, a secluded yoga retreat is a way to go, where you can enjoy a variety of yoga classes and pampering sessions.

What not to miss out on

Day 1: Adrenaline to the max

If you feel like you need a dose of adrenaline to start off your trip, head to Kuta and visit the well-known water park Waterbom (buy the tickets cheaper here) It’s an especially good idea to visit this park should you travel with your family: the kids will go crazy about the water slides, however, they are equally as exciting for adults too.

The fact that it won Trip Advisor’s title of the top water park in Asia as selected by travelers two years in a row (in addition to other awards) only speaks of its high quality!

Underwater museum in Bali 7-day vacations

Day 2: Visit a temple

A staple Bali experience is, of course, visiting some of the most beautiful temples out of the tens of thousands this island has. As you might have guessed, you are spoilt for choice.

From the impressive Tanah Lot that is standing on a rock by the sea through Uluwatu at a height of 70 meters all the way to Lempuyang Temple which is one of the oldest ones and boasts 1,700 steps to reach the top, each temple is unique and intriguing in its own way.

Day 3: In search of waterfalls

For the more adventurous type, spending a day looking for amazing waterfalls is a must! Here, too, you have all the freedom in the world, as Bali is teeming with waterfalls hidden all around its rainforests.

Probably the most famous landmark is Gitgit Waterfall, while Sekumpul Waterfall is often being dubbed as the most beautiful one and NungNung Waterfall is certainly the highest around – the choice is yours!

You might very well stumble across other waterfalls on your way to the one you decided to search for, so get your camera ready!

Beautiful girl in Bali jungle enjoying the view of the waterfall

Day 4: Ubud

An amazing day trip can be Ubud. From the Tegallalang Rice Terraces that are an amazing view in themselves through the Ubud Art Market that is as colorful as it can be all the way to the Monkey Forest where you can meet the macaques that inhabit Bali, Ubud is certainly a cultural hub and a place that offers so many things to do. One day might not even be enough to get the most out of this area!

Also, check this Ubud mountain tour and the complete Ubud tour

Day 5: Climb a volcano

In the following few days, you can explore some of the island’s eastern part. While most tourists flock to the southern beaches, these areas hide lots of amazing places to discover too. If you’re looking for a grand adventure, consider climbing the Agung volcano.

Check the travel gear to take to your next trip to the islands

The unusual thing about this trip is that it actually takes place at night: you set off from Amed at midnight, and with the help of a guide, you get to the peak of the volcano at 5 AM and witness one of the most beautiful sunrises you will ever see.

After that, you still have the whole day in front of you so you can chill on one of the many beaches in Amed or even go for an amazing snorkeling session which is huge in this area!

Volcano in Bali, best things to do during 7-day trip

Day 6: Breathtaking water gardens

Another day trip a little south of your previous destination is Tirta Gangga Royal Water Garden and Taman Ujung Water Palace, located at a short distance from each other.

Around 21 kilometers from Amed, Tirta Gangga has not failed to take anyone’s breath away, and you can even take a dip here for an additional fee if you feel like it.

Similarly, Taman Ujung is an equally impressive garden with three huge ponds and a large area you can roam for hours.

Day 7: Surf on the beach

The best way to end your holiday is by enjoying one (or more) of Bali’s beautiful beaches. Whether you just want to relax or try your hand at surfing is entirely up to you: Bali has the best of both worlds.

Kuta and Canggu are perfect spots to ride the waves. On the other hand, Uluwatu or Candidasa can be a great place to relax. In any case, make sure you don’t miss out on the beauty of Bali’s beaches!

Surfers on the beach in Bali, travel guide

Other Amazing Activities for your Bali 7-day Vacations

Some more amazing activities you should try once in Bali:

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Swimming with Mantas

Bali has been a popular tourist destination ever since the ‘80s, and for a good reason.

It’s a beautiful tropical island that has something for everyone.

Consider what kind of holiday you are looking for and make sure you include at least some of the aforementioned places in your 7-day itinerary, and you will certainly have a trip of a lifetime!

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