Quintessential Travel Gear For Your Next Trip To The Islands

Sunscreen, things to take to the beach, travel gear
Who doesn’t like traveling to the islands? When visiting long sandy beaches on isolated islands, you need to remember a list of items not to get red in half an hour and spend a great time.
Guest blogger Dinesh shares the most important travel gear to take to the islands.Beautiful blue water on the island of Sicily, Italy

Island vacations are rather popular among people who love the surf and sun.

Most people opt for island holidays during summers. But your trip will not be satisfying if you don’t pack the right things.

Here is a list that will help all island vacationers to pack the right stuff.

  1. Waterproof sunscreen – One item that is a must for men, women, and children is sunblock. Sunscreen lotions with high SPF will save your skin from sunburn. You may forget your dry shampoo or makeup products, but don’t forget to pack your sunblock lotion. If you desire additional protection, then get in touch with a dermatologist. Purchasing medical sunblock will protect your skin better than cosmetic sunscreens.
Sunscreen, things to take to the beach, travel gear
  1. Bug spray – Some islands are lined with dense forests. If you plan on spending some time in the woods, then pack a bug repellent positively. These repellents will keep away mosquitoes, bugs, and ants. Opt for an alcohol-free repellent if you plan on spraying the liquid on your skin.
  2. Hats and sunglasses – If there are two accessories, which are a must for your island holiday, then they must be hats and sunglasses. Hats and sunglasses look elegant and fashionable. Apart from this, they will protect your head, face, and eyes from sun rays. The sunglass will also prevent sand and dust from flying in your eyes when you are on the beach or roads.
  3. Bathing suits – Both men and women need to pack some bathing suits. Bathing suits are made of water-resistant material. Any other fabric will soak up too much water and become heavy. As the bathing suits can resist water, these will dry quickly. But don’t rely on one bathing suit. Both men and women must pack two or more bathing suits. Rented costumes may not be a sanitary option.
Stairs, girl on the islands, travel gear
  1. Appropriate shoes – When going for a beach or island holiday, you must pay attention to the selection of shoes. For your time on the beach, you will require flip-flops and waterproof boots. Salty water will damage leather and canvas shoes. With waterproof shoes in your possession, you can look your best. When you are not soaking up the sun on the beach, you can wear flats and kitten heel shoes. Men can opt for casual shoes.
  2. Snorkel gear – Your island holiday will not be complete if you don’t go for an underwater snorkeling trip. It is the best way to discover the beauty of the underwater world. If you want to swim with the fishes, then positively pack your snorkel gear. If you don’t have it, then purchase one immediately. In case you don’t want to spend money on this, rent one from the scuba diving agency.

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  1. Wet pouches – Spending time in the surf is enjoyable. But not all resorts offer complimentary laundry survives. Your clothes will take time to dry in the humid climate. You must not throw in your wet clothes in the suitcase. It will produce a bad odor and ruin your dry clothes as well. You must bring some wet pouches. These are waterproof bags, which will hold your wet clothes. You can seal the mouth of these pouches and prevent the damp smell from spreading.
Bag for the beach, travel gear
  1. Light umbrella – If you want to shield your skin from the sun rays or take a walk on the beach or nearby town, then carry an umbrella. Short spells of rain are standard on the islands. A light umbrella will keep you safe from the downpour. Apart from this, it will also add a feminine touch to your ensemble.
  2. Beach appropriate clothes – When packing for an island holiday, make sure you pack light and bright apparels. Island areas have high temperature and humidity. Pack clothes which allow easy passage of air and soak up sweat easily. Tight or non-porous garments will make you uncomfortable. Pack short denim pants and skirts. Men must pack linen and cotton Crimsoune club shirts. Women must stick to natural fabrics as well. Don’t pack too long and layered dresses. Utilize your time on the islands to show off some skin and attain a gorgeous tan.
  3. Power bank – Your days and nights will be packed with several fulfilled activities. You will not get enough time to charge your mobile phones as there is a lot to do on these islands. If you want to stay connected with your friends and family members back home, make sure that your mobile phone is fully charged. It is here that the importance of charge bank comes to the forefront. With these gadgets in your bag, you need not worry about the mobile running out of power. Just connect the mobile phone with the charge bank and you will be sorted during your vacation.

The list will give you an idea about the necessary items that each island vacationer must pack. You can add and remove items from the list. If you carry these items, then you will have a fun time on the island, without worrying about any damages.

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