Top 10 Countries Every Motorcycling Enthusiast Needs to Visit

Biker on a road in Europe
Traveling by bike is both romantic and thrilling way to explore new places. Here, Jessica will share the best countries that a motorcycling enthusiast must visit.

Biker on a road in EuropeExperiencing the world on the bike is different from all else—unlike a car, a bike can take you anywhere while truly offering the thrill of the road.

Plus, nothing cuts costs as much as having your own transport to explore a region. If you love traveling solo, a bike can be your best friend.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out; you just need the right bike accessories and you are good to go. On a bike, you will have the ideal transport for narrow ravines and wide city roads alike—which will create unique experiences for every country.

Here are the top ten places to visit on a bike:


Boats in the sea in Vietnam
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One of the first things you will notice if you visit Vietnam is the sea of two-wheelers. The roads of Vietnam are chaos and magic, filled with lively people hurriedly getting tasks done on the back of motorcycles. Fittingly, the country has several routes for motorcycles.

Mounted on your motorbike, you will witness vistas of green, rolling rice fields as you travel from place to place. In the city, you will cross busy marketplaces with delicious food, people haggling and a life like no other.

If you love the adrenaline rush you get while making hairpin turns, do not miss motorcycling on the 50 km long O Quy Ho Pass, which ends at an altitude of 2000 m at ‘Heaven’s Gate’, to offer a vision of natural beauty that will last a lifetime.

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Venice, Italy, best countries for motorcycling
Source: Pexels

It’s impossible to list the top countries a motorcycling enthusiast should visit without mentioning Italy and the Amalfi Coast Road. With stunning gorges, an azure coastline and multi-colored houses dotting the horizon, cruising the Amalfi Coast Road is a dream. For all its beauty, the road is extremely dangerous.

As you ride along the coast, be prepared to take some gravity-defying turns as the sea-salt rejuvenates you. Needless to say, you should only attempt this journey with protective bike accessories. That being said, there is more to Italy on a motorcycle than just the Amalfi Coast.

There is something for everyone: witness rolling viridian hills in Variante De Craco, snowy passes of the Alps in Provincia di Cuneo and the gorgeous historical sands of Italy in Sicily.

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Temple in Morocco, best countries for motorcycling in the world
Source: Pexels


If you are looking to experience unique, unseen terrain, head over to the visual stunner that is Morocco. You will find picturesque castles of yore towering into the cerulean sky, rising from golden deserts.

The vision of solitary wonder is equally offset by the life of Morocco. You will find busy markets cropping up at the edge of highways, no matter how seemingly deserted the place. The towns are filled with stunning, ancient architecture—the perfect adventure for the intrepid traveler.

As if this were not enough, thanks to a thriving tourism industry, the roads of Morocco are top-notch and very motorbike friendly!


Car and palms in Cuba, reasons to travel

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast with a passion for history, why not explore the land of the revolutionary and motorcyclist Che Guevara? Besides offering you a slice of history, Cuba offers winding roads along the beach.

You will cut through cities filled with exciting nightlife, people, and delicious food. Typically, journeys begin at Havana, famed for its famous cigars. You can even visit fields of tobacco production and taste one for yourself!

Also, the tropical location of Cuba means that you can ride on well-paved roads, bypassing lush forests, beautiful waterfalls, limestone caves and white, sandy beaches—all one after the other!


Bay in Australia, night view after a motorcycling trip
Source: Pexels

Australia simply begs to be visited on a bike. In the dry season, Australian roads are simply heaven and you can travel far distances right from exquisite beaches to the rugged outbacks. You will even cross a wet stream or two on your bike (look out for crocodiles)!

The cities of Australia are a dream, but if it is the journey that is most important for you, Australia is the place to be. For a thrilling, twisting ride, take your adventure bike for a spin to the 165 km long Oxley Highway in New South Wales.

To experience the wondrous scenic coast of Australia, make sure to check out the gorgeous Great Ocean Road!

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Trondheim wooden houses, most beautiful places in Norway

You just need to see a photo of the famed Norwegian fjords and the midnight sun to want to bike all the way to glory. For a real adventure, try visiting Norway in the winters.

Norwegian roads are very well-constructed and snow protected, and there are actually a number of biking rallies hosted in the winters! As long as you are armed with the right bike accessories, you can have the experience of a lifetime.

Novice bikers can visit the Krystall Rally, which sees a number of international participants every year, biking through different picturesque locales. Seasoned riders should definitely check out the iconic Primus Rally, which cuts across gorgeous fjords in freezing February!

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Motorcycling road in Ireland
Source: Telegraph

To truly escape into a picturesque world unsullied by time, you need to motorcycle through Ireland. The roads of Ireland will take you to major cities like Dublin through rolling hills and rugged cliffs, as the mystical Irish wind rushes through your face.

You can stop in quaint pubs that dot the roads for simple, yet delectable meat and vegetables. Ride through the 160 km Burren Loop, which offers dramatic limestone landscapes—a unique terrain you are unlikely to experience anywhere else!

For a true biking adventure, bike through the Comeragh Mountains and view heritage towns, mystical mountains, and the roaring River Suir.


Turkey is a land of amalgamations, where the east meets the west, where there are different languages emanating from all directions, where you will witness stark modernity offset by beautiful countrysides.

Turkey is also home to one of the most terrifying and awe-inspiring roads of the world, the Bayburt Of Yolu. This road was touted as the most dangerous road in the world in 2016. At 2000 km above sea level, the road has hair-raising turns and twists. Thrill-seekers will also delight in riding from Olympos to Kas, which offers both sweet-smelling pine forests and the sun-lit Mediterranean coast!

South Africa

South African safari, elephants
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If it is gorgeous highways that stretch into the horizon that you are looking for, South Africa is the place to be. For a comfortable, yet visually stunning ride, drive down to Rooiels in the Western Cape.

On this 30 minute journey, you can stop by beauty golden beaches for a short swim. End your trip in the colorful town of Rooiels for a delicious lunch. For a top-of-the-world experience, ride through the Chapman’s Peak, which overlooks the endless Atlantic Ocean as it meets the sky.


Santorini island in Greece, Motorcycling countries
Source: Pexels

If you want a truly comprehensive experience—made up of history, architecture, natural wonders, tantalizing food—on a budget, visit Greece.

Ride through the home of the gods, Mount Olympus, and cross stunning meadows to see the ancient site of the monument of Delphi. Astride a bike, you can cross emerald beaches to reach the historical town of Meteora.

Greece has the trappings of an epic adventure, and nothing quite beats tasting the salt of the sea as you travel through Greece. There are a number of motorbike tours and rentals that you can check out in Greece!

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Nothing can rival the feeling of the wind on your body, the endless road before you, and the steady thrum of a bike beneath you.

If you are a motorcyclist, freedom means being able to take off to explore unknown lands, whenever the thrill strikes. Just get on your bike, and you can experience all the magic that the world has to offer.

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