10 Amazing Fishing Destinations around the World

Goliath tiger fish with a fisherman

Goliath tiger fish with a fishermanI love trying new activities in different places around the world when I travel. 

Fishing is one of them and it is not as boring as it may seem if you do it in some of the amazing places around the world. 

To tell you more about such places, Brian tells about top 10 fishing destinations all over the world!

Fishing in your backyard where you probably have been fishing since early childhood may look to you like a presentable idea for most folks.

If you dream like most us, then you should travel around the world in a quest to mark the top and amazing destinations for fishing adventures.

Whatever you aim to catch, the thrill of fishing offers an opportunity for fun and getting to know more about the local sites.

What makes it more than interesting is the thought of your catch finding its way to you later at the dinner table.Fish in the aquarium, best fishing spots

We are lucky because the digital technology is opening up the world to us by bringing the locations and fishing sites closer to us. We are now in a position to locate the best fishing sites with ease regardless of its position globally.

A serious tourist like you must have a written wish list identifying some of the world’s favorite tourist fishing spots. We have also made it simple by putting up a list of 10 international destinations with the best fishing holes, which turn out to be the world’s top destinations.

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Top 10 Global Fishing Holes

1.      Brazil, Piranha in the Amazon Basin

grey piranha fish in the aquarium

You probably watched the movie Piranha B, and strikingly enough you become Aqua phobic. Once you settle at the Amazon, you quickly forget about swimming and start casting the net to catch some fish. Then you can confirm your fears if they really have some teeth like in the movies.

The Brazilian state of Amazonia is accessible through Manaus the state capital. Here you will find one of the many tour operators that offer fishing expeditions. You need to observe how the creatures can cut through steel hookers.

Find the most suitable experience in Brazil

Be cautious while taking up the in this fishing story. You should not be there between July to October when the Piranhas are aggressive and hungry. Once you get to Brazil, feel free to test the piranha fishing experience.

2.      Congo, Goliath Tigerfish, Congo River Basin

Goliath tiger fish with a fisherman

Push your limits to a new level by heading to the Congo and get the thrill of hunting the Goliath Tigerfish. Meet the terrifying toothy beast with a matching sharp temper. The Tigerfish is a perfect equivalent of the piranha of the great Amazon. The tiger has a bad reputation of attacking humans and mauling flying birds.

The giant stretches up to 1.5 meters and weighing more than 70 kilograms. Locally known as the Mbenga, this is something you need to work really had to catch and as such, you need to have to dedicate a whole day to take part in a dangerous daylong battle giving you an opportunity to take part in one of the world’s greatest sports fishing challenges.

Are you ready to battle the great Mbenga? Look out for an organized excursion team to guarantee your safety. Come to Congo in the dry season that runs between June to October, and you are guaranteed to battle the water giant.

3.  Mongolia, Taimen, Eg-Uur River Basin

The word Mongolia should bring the “bitter” tasting salty tea from the nomads living in this remote outpost in central Asia. The inhabitants are more of dancers whose passion almost overshadows their spectacular streams, one of the last remaining haven for the Taimen, one of the world’s trout species.

Taimen is a cannibal and a fierce monster, locally known as the river wolves. They can grow up to 2 meters and hit the scales at 90 kilograms. The sheer size and weight are not for the faint-hearted.

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Handling the fish needs someone with strong arms. The most amazing fact about this river wolf is that they can leave for 50 years, something that gives an angler full of determination enough time to troll the beast for a lifetime.

The Mongolians authorities know about their river treasure, and they will not let you catch and go with the monster. The fishing season runs from June to November.

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4.      Russia, Salmon, Umba River, the Kola Peninsula

Big catch, salmon and the fisherman

Russia’s Kola Peninsula is the best place for an angler to experience the best winter. Get an opportunity to see the reindeer herds, snow, and aurora borealis. It will not be long before spring ushers in a different form of paradise, which anglers fondly refer to like the salmon heaven.

At the beginning of May of every year, anglers meet along the 123-kilometer long “salmon avenue” better known as the Umba river to cast their nets and grab some of the finest salmons of the Atlantic Ocean. Umba River is famous for its five salmon runs every year, meaning an angler with an endless appetite for fish should know or visit this place.

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However, as you prepare for the biggest flow of fish, be ready to battle the realities of the Umba region. Be prepared to wade and go through tough terrain as you watch out for the bears who are also enjoying the spectacle while fishing.

The Umba fishing season is in May and ends in October. The authorities here insist on catch and release only. There are many activities carried out by fishing tour companies, and perhaps you should book for the coming season.

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5.      Australia, Giant black marlin, Cairns


Welcome to Australia and meet the giant Black Marlin in Cairns. As an angler who is in love with nature, gets an opportunity to enjoy the Great Barrier Reef, all you need is a snorkeling mask or a cheap fishing sunglasses and the toughness required to stand out as a legend. Due to the popularity of the barrier reef, the black marlin is a coveted catch for anglers.

The weight hits drop a 750kg on the scale with a swimming capability of 130 kilometers an hour. If you are not careful, you should know that even the most experienced game anglers face several hours of battle.

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There is a possibility of the giant turning your wrist to jelly. The stretch covers 250 kilometers running from Lizard Island to Cairns. Anywhere between the two locations is an ideal place plant your hook.

Reports indicate that more Black Marlins are caught between the stretches than any other part of the world. This sport will change your thoughts and ideas you held previously as an angler!

You may as well hook some dolphins when chasing the black Marlin because the bait you use for this chase is a big one.

Hook up a Marlin in Cairns in early September to late December. The popularity of the Great Barrier Reef means a lot of information on fishing tours is available.

6.      Southern USA, CatfishGrey fish on the bottom of the sea

Visit the south part of the USA if you have what it takes to be part of the cat-daddling tradition. However, not a well-refined sport in the art of fishing, all you have to do is to shove your hand in an underwater hole, holding your patience until you get bitten or when you sense the catfish heading to your hands. Get hold of it and wrestle the catch into what the southerners call the “mud cat” to the surface.

The cat-daddling tradition is the kind of fishing sport with so many teeth to deal with and it even scarier without ever knowing what lurks in that hole. As a sport, you need to have the equal skills the Native Americans had or still have because it is hailed as a much-valued tradition that was passed over to generations.

Do not let your courage overwhelm you and go for a solo noodling mission. Please let the trained experts do it. Remember no one is discouraging you from heading such expeditions. What should stop wanna be to practice cat stopdaddler?

When the noodling season kicks in from May to August, the following regions allow for legal cat-doodling Illinois, Georgia, Kentucky, Kansas, Arkansas, Alabama, Wisconsin, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and South Carolina.

7.      Belgium, Shrimp, Oostduinkerke

Fishing boat in the sea

The best place a passionate angler can practice rubbernecking is to head to Oostduinkerke on the southwest coastal area of Belgium. Prawn anglers use strong stallions to harvest fish from the North Sea area.

For the last half a century, anglers have been using men on horseback dragging nets in wooden carriages that scare the shrimps to the surface. The carriages bring in cold crashing waves – a tradition under the protection of UNESCO with a matching title “intangible cultural heritage.”

This kind of fishing is in the league of expert anglers, the best you can do is secure a ride in the shrimp scaring carriage.

Oostduinkerke’s fishing season is in February–May, and September–November. The Oostduinkerke’s visitor center has more information on the horse riding carriage fishing

8.      Vietnam, Squid, Halong Bay

The Halong bay, in Vietnam, is a world known Squid spot. Get the negative thoughts about the ink spitting fish away by spending a night at the harbor. You will spot dozens of anglers busy on the greenish water on a typical moonless night, trying to cope with slippery squid as they seek to satisfy the demand for squid sausages.

Weird fish in the ocean

What you need to get a catch are a bamboo rod, a lamp, and a net. The lamp attracts the squid to come up on the surface, and if you are lucky in a couple of hours, you will have a sizeable catch. After a long boring day for the squid, the lamps to them culminate a romantic evening.

The squid season is open in April and never stops until January with the most significant numbers coming in between October and November.

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9.      Rio Grande, Brown trout, Tierra del Fuego

fish in the net, some of the best fishing destinations around the world

Before the end of the year, you should make the Brown Trout a catch to recall the fishing spree in Spain’s Tierra del Fuego. Locals call the place the “Land of Fire” because of the heat around that place.

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The Spanish archipelago is the home of some of the best Brown Trout angling. The minimum average weight of the Brown trout found here is about 4 kilograms but do not be surprised if you see that one of your catch is 11kilogram or more. It is estimated that the Rio Grande has an estimation of about 70,000 of this species.

This location is at the remotest part of the earth, and the easiest way to know that you are there is by looking at the Rio Grande’s mammoth Trout stature nearby. Despite the abundance of Trout, you should be aware of the existing restrictions in Tierra del Fuego, which is catch and release.

The fishing season runs from December to mid-April.

10.  Ecuador, Striped Marlin, Galapagos Islands

Take a casual view of Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands; you will not miss a chance to hook up with the famous Striped Marlin because if you miss this, then you have not been to the Island. The water favors breeding of many species making it one favorite destination to curious anglers who want to see the wahoo, dolphins, and of course the great marlin.

These islands favor all year round fishing, but for the best action in chasing the massive marlin on the run, come here and camp from February to mid-June.

What Every Great Angler Should Have

Some of the fishing destinations in this article indicate the sturdiness and the roughness needed for nearly all the expeditions. You need to invest in cheap fishing sunglasses that do not block your vision while on water. Best anglers wear good polarized fishing sunglasses; however, the wrong pair may impair an angler’s judgment when trying to pick one from the store.

The best piece of fishing sunglasses should at least be able to reflect light waves away from your line of sight. Regardless of the environment, if you are looking through the fish finder, even cheap fishing sunglasses with polarized technology should produce a bright screen view. If the screen goes dim when you look away, then you are wearing regular glasses.


These great destinations should fulfill all of your fishing fantasies.

Depending on the motivation behind your desire to fish beyond your native country then the list offers adrenaline junkies and sport fishing opportunities to test their prowess.

Nothing can beat the fact that you will be viewing some of the world’s gentle giants living in water as well as surveying the magnificent landmarks and features.

If by any chance, you need to add your most memorable destination on the list, let us know in the comments section below!

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Best fishing destinations around the world to have the most amazing fishing experience


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