How to Discover Dubrovnik Over A Weekend

Beach, castle and the city of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik in Croatia is one of the most beautiful European resorts with a great mix of history, architecture, warm climate and beautiful sea. Learn about the best places to visit and things to do in Dubrovnik over a weekend from a guest blogger John.

Weekend in Dubrovnik panorama

Are you planning on visiting the beautiful Croatian city, Dubrovnik this weekend?

Be it for a stag trip or a summer stressbuster getaway with loved ones; you need to plan your vacation meticulously to make sure that you make the most of this spectacular destination.

Read on to indulge yourself in the beauty of the city, and everything that it has to offer to you for your little excursion:

Being known as the world’s magnificent walled city; Dubrovnik is a world heritage site (UNESCO) and the most popular destination in Croatia. The 16th Century is considered the golden age of the city because it had the largest naval fleet in the world. The town is packed with Baroque churches and other medieval fortifications.

Dubrovnik Highlights

Star Wars in Dubrovnik

Are you a mad fan of the world-famous television series, Game of Thrones or the film, Star Wars- Episode III? It is a preferred location used in many of the scenes because the scenic beauty is incomparable and mind-blowing.

Attractions and Experiences in Dubrovnik

Houses near a lagoon, weekend in Dubrovnik

There is more to Dubrovnik that meets the eyes, so read on to know what are the popular tourist attraction sites to visit during a weekend:

  • Old Town

The medieval walls, which were built in the 13th century, stand tall even today. They define the amazing ancient architecture and design in its purest sense. Imposing towers, battlements and ships add to the backdrop of the area.

  • Rector’s Palace

Period furniture, sedan chairs, costumes and paintings of Ragusan aristocrats reside in the Cultural History Museum, which was once the living quarters of the chief citizen, Rector, under the Republic of Ragusa. Classical music recitals take place during the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, and the best of all, it is a prime location of many of Game of Thrones scenes.

  • Maritime Museum

The museum is set in St. John’s Fortress and is the right place to check out Dubrovnik’s sea-faring past. The fort guards the entrance to the old harbor, and the museum exhibits spanning model ships, navigational equipment, sailors’ uniforms, flags, and maps. There was a time when the city had over 180 ships and 4000 sailors.

  • Lokrum Islet

An escape to the sea beauty, i.e. pines, palms, cypresses, eucalyptus, cacti and agave, and a rocky shore is all you need to relax by the seaside. There is also an abandoned 11th-century Benedictine Monastery and a villa built by Archduke Maximilian von Habsburg, which enhances the entire look of the place. You need to catch a boat from the port to Lokrum Islet to enjoy these wonderful sites.

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Best Activities in Dubrovnik

The city is the tourist center of Croatia for a reason, and that is not just the beautiful architecture, but also the amazing activities that it offers. The place has everything that a beach destination offers, along with options for people who would like to relax on their weekend getaway.

  • Boat cruise
  • Sea kayaks
  • Scuba diving
  • Bar crawls
  • Beach parties
  • Cocktail-making lessons
  • Wine tasting sessions
  • Ljekarna Male Braće and Dubrovačka Kuća for your shopping excursions

And many other water activities that every person will immensely enjoy.

Best Restaurants in Dubrovnik

Cafe on a street in Dubrovnik

Local cuisine options:

  1. Konoba Veranda– Croatian, Mediterranean and Seafood.
    • Must-haves- Truffle Cheese and Lamb with Ravioli
  2. BOWA Dubrovnik– European, Fusion and Croatian
    • Must-haves- Black Cuttlefish Risotto and Chocolate Dessert
  3. Nautika Restaurant– Croatian, European and Seafood
    • Must-haves- truffle tagliatelle
  4. Tavern Arka Restaurant– Seafood, Mediterranean and Croatian
    • Must-haves- Fish platter


  1. Gradska Kavana Arsenal– Seafood, European and Mediterranean
    • Must-haves- Brodet and Tuna Tartar
  2. Dubravka 1836 Restaurant– Italian and Seafood
    • Must-haves- Sea Bass and Prosecco
  3. Bon Appetit Bistro-Pizzeria- Pizza, European and Mediterranean
    • Must-haves- Ice Tea and Calamari
  4. Restaurant More Dubrovnik– Seafood, Mediterranean and European
    • Must-haves- Chocolate Bomb and Blueberries & Chocolate


  1. Restaurant Lanii– Seafood, Mediterranean and European
    • Must-haves- beef carpaccio and Croatian wine
  2. Restaurant Marianno– Seafood, Mediterranean and European
    • Must-haves- Steak Tartar and Ravioli Entree
  3. Lucin Kantun– Seafood, Mediterranean and European
    • Must-haves- Fish Fillet and Chocolate Souffle
  4. Lacroma Restaurant– Italian, International and Mediterranean
    • Must-haves- Prawn Risotto and Chicken Thighs

Bread and other food in a bakery in DubrovnikDinner

  1. Nautika Restaurant– European, Croatian and Seafood
    • Must-haves- truffle tagliatelle and shrimp risotto
  2. Restaurant Dubrovnik– Seafood, European and Mediterranean
    • Must-haves- baby beef tartare and Main Duck
  3. Restaurant 360– Croatian, European and Mediterranean
    • Must-haves- Croatian wines and black pork
  4. Pantagruel- Croatian, Mediterranean and European
    • Must-haves- lime cheesecake and goat cheese tart


Nightlife Scenes

People on a concert in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Be it sipping cocktails by the sea cliffs or wild parties by the side; the destination has it all. Read further to learn about the crazy nightlife that will transport you to a different wild overnight:

  • Revelin

The first nightclub in Dubrovnik started in the 16th century in the Revelin Tower. Hence the name, Revelin. Exposed stone walls, vaulted ceilings, open archways, and a huge terrace are enough to describe the interior of the place.

Popular for the summer dance parties with international DJ’s including R3HAB, Fatboy Slim, Paul van Dyk and Boy George have happened here, and winter concerts by Balkan musicians, such as Severina have greeted the crowd as well.

  • Slavica open-air cinema

It is a walled garden with pine trees which dates back to the 1950s, is a perfect venue to watch your favorite film below a star-lit sky. Occasional concerts by local bands are also a common occurrence at this venue.

  • D’Vino

If you search through the narrow stone alley, you will find a tiny wine bar, where you can enjoy an impressive range of delicious Croatian wines. The place will also help you learn about the history of regional wineries, and offers mouth-watering food options, such as cheese and cured meat. The music preference is on the low-key side to have a pleasant ambiance.

  • The Bar by Azur

Excellent cocktails, quality Croatian wines and lit nightlife scenes do sum up the place accurately. The place is usually filled with locals and tourists alike because of the upbeat music, premium whiskeys, truffled quesadillas with smoked pancetta, fresh mozzarella with spicy gremolata, avocado toast and aged Grana Padano cheese. Yes, the food, drinks, and music are all mind-blowing. Don’t miss out on this at any cost.

Plan your weekend in Dubrovnik to the minutest detail to enhance fun! Create an itinerary without holes! 

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