Faro Weekend Itinerary: Top 7 things to Do in 2 or 3 Days

Faro cathedral in old town, 2-day itinerary

Faro is the capital of southern Portugal, Algarve. This city boasts of being culturally and historically rich, which is as true as it can be.

This city is not as popular as other Portugal cities but it is the one that should not be missed on your trip to Algarve.

Far has its own airport and you can visit this city easily.

Though there are reasonable hotels available for a charismatic Portuguese stay. Being a typical Portuguese city, this city has more history and typical Portuguese culture in its food, style and even the decorations.

It promises a selection of cafes, restaurants, and decent nightlife to enjoy. You will be surprised to see how the calmness of the day complements the bustling streets in the night.

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After that, here are the things you should enjoy while you’re taking a day trip or a couple of days holiday.

Faro for A Day Trip

Faro old town flowers, things to do in a weekend

Faro is a very quiet town during the day. So, a day trip here will make you enjoy the rich history of the city. Starting from the Gothic Se Cathedral to the ancient Moorish walls. You can get bewitched by the architecture that this city holds.

The Macabre Bone Chapel is a must-visit. As the name describes, this chapel is lined with the bones of almost 1000 monks. You can take a walk in the evening in the streets of Rua De Santo Antônio and shop some authentic Portuguese things.

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beach near Faro, weekend itinerary

The beaches here are as silent as they can be. The best part is that the beaches here are less populated so you can enjoy a perfect me-time here. They provide the perfect picture of a remote beach with the authentic Portuguese culture.

The Praia De Faro is a beach that is popular among the local tourists. The golden sands here make the coastline really seem charismatic. Though Faro is not considered as a beach destination, the beaches here are worth a visit to enjoy some serene and beautiful moments.

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Historical Visits

gates to the old town in Faro, Portugal

As said, again and again, this city is worth visiting for its rich history. The Gothic Se Cathedral and the bone chapel have attracted tourists for years. The bone chapel is a bit creepy as it displays bones and skulls of 100 monks.

The ancient Moorish walls have some restaurants situated near them, so that you can enjoy and be in awe with the architecture of the wall. Beneath the city wall, the history of the city is maintained. And the outside of the walls displays the new and modern Faro.

Faro old town view at night, attractions

Fishing Community Tour

The fishing community of Culatra Island is famous for its activity. Tourists surely try to accommodate this island even on their day trip to watch the fishing activities. This community has learned fishing from its ancestors and it is a view to see how they perform this activity.

This view is indeed a feast to the eyes. Their tactics, speed, and reflexes make us wonder that this is an amazing talent. The fishing port of Olhao is also a worth visit to watch the fish trading activity.

Boat Trip

Faro boat, Algarve tours and itinerary for a weekend

A boat trip to Parque Natural de Ria Formosa will be a beautiful daybreak if you are in Faro. Here you will find a lagoon that communicates with the sea through 6 different inlets and five of these are natural. The natural beauty of this place is truly charming.

If you are lucky enough you may spot some exotic migrating birds on this island. Once you spend some time here, you will make up your mind that this place is nature’s paradise. It even houses the Ria Formosa Natural Park. Take plenty of time with you to enjoy the beauty of nature amidst this island.

Estoi Village

Estoi historical landmark near Faro

This village is the home to Palacio de Estoi and Ruinas De Milreu. These two places have been the most photographed places in Estoi. The first place is the palace of Estoi. This place has a luxury hotel built which can give you a glimpse of the 19th-century palace.

The other place depicts the Roman architecture ruins. These are the ruins of a Roman villa that was built way back in the 19th century. The dilapidated ruins still give an outlook to the amazing architecture skills that people had in those times.


Faro city center shopping street, Portugal

This place does not give you large malls and an unlimited street shopping experience. Nonetheless, it will give the things that malls and big city shopping cannot provide. The small bustling market of Rua De Santo Antônio is perfect for a homely shopping trip. This market with small streets and lanes will give you the best Portuguese cultural shopping.

The best part is that you will find authenticated goods in these markets. The little souvenirs and out of the box products are sure to surprise you. Yes, a little bargain is needed. But that is easy as you can determine the cost of the products easily.

In Spite of being a small city, it is really an important city in south Portugal. Although there is less tourism activity here, people still prefer to go here for complete peace and tranquility. The city is home to the best population of Algarve and people over here love working.

Their skills and talents are impeccable. The people here as warmly as they can be. Although tourism is not mainline here, the restaurants and cafes know the best of hospitality services. The food here is authentically Portuguese.

If you spend a couple of days here, you can actually relieve the Portugal culture. There are some ups and downs in the city but who does not have that. Ignore some of the cons and enjoy the serene day and the exciting nights that this place has to offer. Land in Faro or take a bus to this beautiful hidden place.

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