5 Ways to Earn Income and Build Your Wealth While You Travel the World

Cobblestone road, ways to travel Europe cheap

Cobblestone road, ways to travel Europe cheapIf you’re like most hard-working adults, you probably have to scrap and pinch your money to go on a few vacations once or twice a year.

Your ability to travel is based on balancing your daily costs of living and putting in vacation requests in enough time, and even then, it’s no guarantee that your vacation requests will get approved.

So what is a hard-working wanderlust to do?

Well, you make some adjustments to the way you earn a living. The “adjustments” you need to make is actually a complete and total career change. 

There are so many people who are leaving their full-time jobs and trading them in for jobs that allow them to build their wealth all while traveling the world. According to workplaceinsight.net, only 40% of American workers are happy at their jobs, while 44% state they have mediocre jobs and the remaining 16% state they have bad jobs.

Between working mediocre and bad jobs, that’s all the reason in the world to leave your full-time, mediocre or bad job, and trade it in for a job that allows you to see the world outside your cubicle and make money while doing it!

“Living the Dream”

To be able to travel and make money doing it, is like “living the dream” to lots of people. For those who already travel and make money, it really is living the dream. The only thing about “living the dream” is that it does come with some sacrifices. These sacrifices aren’t necessarily bad, but they might not be as easy to do as it would be for others to do.

For example, “living the dream” might mean that you have to let go of the full-time job that provided you with excellent health insurance. By “living the dream,” you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket for health insurance.

So the reality of “living the dream,” isn’t necessarily a bad reality, it just means that you’re going to have to make some sacrifices and adjustments. Depending on where you are in life, those sacrifices and adjustments might not be what you need at the moment. Ultimately, you have to make the decision to live the dream your life is ready for.

Building Wealth and Seeing the World

Before certain technological advancements came to be, traveling and making money was a very rare commodity. Now, people are able to have brunch and sip coffee in a Paris café, all while earning an income. One of the best aspects of traveling is not only earning an income but you’ll discover yourself, become more open-minded, and get exposure to new cultures, among other reasons to travel.

But if you’re seriously considering leaving your full-time job to pursue traveling full-time, you’re going to need to know some of the best ways to earn an income. People tend to think that people who travel full-time don’t work… The reality of building wealth and traveling the world is that you have to work in order to fund your travels.

You, of course, would want to give yourself a realistic time frame to save money before starting your adventures but in order to maintain the traveling lifestyle, you have to work. Take a look at some of the best ways to build wealth while traveling the world.

Rent Your Home Out

One of the biggest concerns that people have in making the decision to travel full-time is having a steady and reliable income coming in. Well, renting your home out id going to be your most reliable, steady source of income you can get! Some people choose to sell their home upfront and live off of the earnings from that… That’s a great way to fund your travels but that money is only going to be able to take you so far until it runs out.

By renting your home out, you’ll be receiving a rent payment every month. This monthly income will be perfect for saving for your next destination, accommodations, and food. In order to continuously receive a rent payment every month, you, ideally, want to look for long-term renters.

Build an Online Store

Building an online store is another great way to produce a steady and reliable source of income. Now, with this particular wealth-building tactic, it’s important to know two things. One, you can start building wealth with an online store long before you start traveling full-time. Secondly, your success isn’t going to happen overnight.

Those two points actually go hand in hand, if you think about it. Because your success isn’t going to happen overnight, you want to start your business long before you actually start traveling. Most people will give themselves a year to save up and during that time, you’ll want to go ahead and find a fully-featured website builder, create your online store, and start building your customer base. That way, by the time you head out on your travels, you’ll have a well-established loyal customer base that will consistently buy your products.

House Sit

House sitting is a form of passive income that requires very little effort. The area where you’re building wealth is in the aspect that you’re not paying for accommodations, allowing you to keep saving your money. 

Some people might feel like house sitting is a little weird but when traveling, accommodations are the most expensive part of traveling. If you’re able to house sit for a family while they’re on vacation, you should take every opportunity you get… To be able to live somewhere for free is a nice trade-off for walking the dogs and feeding them!

Work Remotely

Sometimes you don’t necessarily have to quit your full-time job to build wealth and travel the world… Sometimes you can just simply get with your human resources department and ask about remote work opportunities. 

More and more companies these days are providing remote work opportunities. Various reports have shown that remote workers are a lot happier with their work and tend to work more efficiently, allowing them to get more done during the day.

Work in a Travel-Related Industry

Traveling and earning an income isn’t solely based on what you can do on a computer. You can work in the travel industry and earn an income traveling simply because traveling is part of the job requirement! Working on a cruise ship or becoming a flight attendant are jobs that require you to travel as part of the job. The biggest thing to consider is that with these jobs, you have to have a very flexible schedule because you’ll might be in Kansas City one day and the next day, you’re flying into Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

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