14 Great NYC Outdoor Dining Locations

Outdoor dining street with bars and restaurants in New York City
Outdoor dining street with bars and restaurants in New York City

Eating outside in New York City is always a bit of a treat, even in the winter.

With the current situation making it safer and more enjoyable to dine outside, knowing the best al fresco eateries is a must.

Luckily New York’s restaurants have risen admirably to the occasion with some exceptional outdoor dining options. 

You might have had a few vacation disappointments over the past year, but finding great food in the fresh air in NYC won’t be one of them.

So until NYC cruises are back and we can set off on overseas adventures again, here are five of the best outdoor dining locations in NYC.

Archer and Goat

Archer and Goat restaurant in New York city with outdoor dining

This Harlem mainstay has a reputation for serving up some of the best brunches in the city, and its outdoor dining options aren’t too shabby either.

There’s a quiet backyard, a front patio, and now even sidewalk seating so you can watch the world go by while you enjoy your meal. The addition of electric heaters means that you don’t have to forgo brunch even if the weather doesn’t play ball. 

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American Brass

American Brass restaurant on Long Island with an outdoor eating option

American Brass has one of the best settings in the whole of NYC, right on the Hudson with gorgeous views of the iconic Manhattan skyline.

In response to the pandemic, they’ve even set up 15 greenhouses so you can dine out, enjoy the vista, and be protected from the rain at the same time.

Cafe du Soleil

Cafe du Soleil New York City outdoor eating terrace bubble
Source: Wikimedia

An example of genuinely innovative thinking, this traditional French bistro has set up sidewalk seating with transparent, plastic bubbles surrounding each table.

You are completely separated from both the elements and from other diners, and you can enjoy the hearty French fare in peace. 

Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

Bohemian Hall Beer Garden New York City outdoor eating
Source: Flickr

It would be ridiculous to talk about outdoor dining in New York without mentioning Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden. The largest and oldest beer garden in the city, this fantastic spot serves up fresh draft beer, superb Czech and Slovak dishes, and has recently added patio heaters making it a year-round affair!

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The Standard Grill

The Standard Grill restaurant with outdoor dining option in New York City

With an excellent location right next to the High Line, the Standard Grill offers a wonderful outdoor dining experience to complement a stroll along New York’s wonderful elevated park.

With tables all along the patio on Washington Street and in the adjacent plaza, there’s loads of room, and they host regular movie screenings to boot!

Hamilton Hall

Hamilton Heights beer hall has fast become a popular destination for brunch in Queens. It is  very comfortable to sit and dine in the heated outdoor dining booths in front of the restaurant along Broadway.

One can enjoy confit chicken wings, fish and chips, and eggs benedict sandwich along with cocktails and wines available.

Grand Banks 

For those looking for an objectively pleasant experience of dining outside in summer, Grand Banks is the right choice. Just head to the Grand Banks once you have made reservations through their website.

You will love the experience of dining out in the open overlooking the Hudson River in Tribeca. Enjoy some really good oysters at the fun little spot and some great drinks to match.


Rosie's cafe in New York City
Source: Flickr

If you are in a mood for tequila and guacamole, then just go to Rosie’s. Make sure to book your reservations ahead of time online as there is a great rush for brunch and dinner on the weekdays as well as weekends.

The big and open space is warm and inviting and has an outdoor seating area that is well decorated. This is a restaurant where you can surely find the best tequila and guacamole for sure.


 This Filipino spot has some outdoor tables available on 1st Avenue. You can either enjoy their sisig, lumpia, or burger in their sidewalk café or order for pick up or delivery.

Their Filipino cuisine is getting increasingly popular in New York City’s restaurant scene. You can expect lots of delicious creations and enjoy them in the fun vibe of the restaurant with some old-school hip hop and 90′s rock around you.

Dim Sum Go Go

Enjoy ten different types of steamed dumplings at Dim Sum Go Go, and one can enjoy both meat and vegetarian options at the restaurant, which is open every day.

You can book your Chinatown spot in the big red tent set up in front of the Dim Sum Go Go for a great outdoor dining experience. You will love the quality dim sum and try out different varieties.

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Lucciola Italian Restaurant

Lucciola Restaurant outdoor bubbles in New York City, winter view

Lucciola was the first to take advantage of the outdoor dining trend in NYC. Today, it boasts of 12 outdoor dining bubbles along West 90th Street and allows only one party at a time because of the coronavirus-related safety.

Enjoy a great truffle-focussed prix fixe menu as well as a full a la carte menu. The food and atmosphere at Lucciola reflect the nostalgic mood of bologna, and you can certainly find most fireflies in the region that is closer to Central Park.


The outdoor dining establishment is the winterized version of the Blume restaurant. The tented space offers you all the comfort and warmth with heaters and blankets. Enjoy the Austrian hospitality and comfort fare such as venison goulash and seared duck breast.

Look forward to a heated outdoor dining experience like nowhither else at Hütte. Enjoy game meat and fondue and pick from the wonderful Austrian wine list. Just grab a blanket to cozy up before your meals are served.


Nizza Restaurant in New York City outside dining location

Nizza, the Italian establishment, is serving hot meals in its outdoor seating set up. Enjoy some added warmth because of the ceiling heaters and some favorites like calamari pizza, chicken parmigiana, and spiced apple cider.

The quintessential Italian trattoria is already a hot favorite among neighborhood locals and tourists. You will love the high-energy atmosphere, the fantastic wine list, and signature cocktails along with Italian craveable classics.


With a heated roadside setup and individual dining pods, Atoboy sure known how to welcome its guests and keep them warm and safe during the pandemic. The six-course tasting menu served in Atoboy’s outdoor setup is based on the limited-time collaboration between Atomix and Atoboy, the head chefs.

Enjoy Korean-inspired cuisine in the heated outdoor private booths and explore the vast menu with great delights that are sure to become your new favorites.

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