Where to Stay for May Holidays in Russia: Top 6 Accommodation Options

Imeniye Altun to stay for holidays in Russia

Every year, there are about two weeks of holidays in May when Russians love to travel.

In this article, we have selected 6 hotels in Crimea, Sochi and the outskirts of Moscow that are worth staying in during the May holidays in order to “recharge your batteries” in these few days. 

Make sure to get your visa to Russia first. 

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Bolotov Dacha Hotel

Bolotov Dacha hotel in Russia

The hotel is 110 kilometers away from Moscow, on the River Skniga, where the “Gvozdevka” creek meets the river. There is a real oasis hidden in the shade of the Alder Forest. The “Villa Polotov” hotel opened only a year ago and can accommodate 50 guests.

It is ideal for those who want to relax in nature comfortably. There are a total of 11 rooms here, 4 of which are on the second floor of the main building; there are 7 comfortable rooms in the building called “Greenhouse”.

Each one is named after a plant cultivated in his famous vegetable garden by the Russian writer, philosopher, and botanist Andrei Timofeevich Polotov. The names of these rooms are “Jerusalem artichoke”, “Rosemary”, “Artichoke”, “Cow onion” and so on. A guest house with 10 beds was opened in a small house of the hotel.

It is warm, comfortable, and quiet here. “Polotov” Hotel is completely immersed in the Russian manor culture. It provides a generous aristocratic breakfast. There is a lazy atmosphere everywhere, and you can read a book by the fireplace in the evening.

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The concept of the hotel architect was inspired by the Russian villa style at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, combining modern European design with real villa life: Russian stoves, fireplaces, old-fashioned tea sets, retro furniture, etc. The “Polotov” Villa Hotel organically integrates the fields, hills and ravines of Zaokskiy in the landscape.

There are pavilions, forests, and very close farms around the hotel. Wi-Fi is also fast, lunch is a “pay-as-you-go” system (you can put money in a wooden box with the word “Donations”), and there is also a workspace with a lecture hall. There is also an agricultural product store here.

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Imeniye Altun Hotel

Imeniye Altun to stay for holidays in Russia

“The village where Yevgeny felt lonely and bored was once a wonderful corner”: “Alkin” Hotel is an ideal solution for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax like “Master”. This 18th-century old manor that has become a park hotel is located in the Pskov region, not far from where Pushkin drew inspiration for his work.

This is a historic hotel that used to be a comfort zone for the nobles-free Wi-Fi, fast internet speed, billiards, and sauna. The interior decoration is decorated with antiques. Each room has a refrigerator, kettle, and air conditioning. The buffet breakfast is included in the price.

Pedestrian and bicycle paths (12 and 17 kilometers in length respectively) around the “Alkin” hotel. Boating and fishing can be done on the lake. In particular, there is a restaurant called “The Granary Under the Oak”, which is located in a restored old granary that serves traditional Russian cuisine.

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Luchy Hotel

“Insect park”, laser tags, upside-down houses, mazes, rope parks, rides, and interactive performances: at the “Laki” hotel, you will never be bored! This hotel, 35 kilometers away from Moscow, is an ideal place to relax for the whole family.

Adults and children love it here: in the “Laki” hotel, you can play football, volleyball, basketball, and then have a sauna: the facility includes 9 small houses for “steam bath”, each of which corresponds to one constellation. The warm and comfortable atmosphere, relaxing, aromatic medicinal soup, and collected herbs can rejuvenate you after a long day of adventure.

During the May holiday, a special program called “May in full bloom at the “Laki” Hotel” was prepared at the hotel for adults and children over three years old. Festival activities include: Rodeo on inflatable bulls, “Lilim Tim” paper art show, planting of famous trees, “professional city” children’s activities, performance courses, sports adventure activities using solar energy, light painting Performance and light painting training courses, gourmet courses, floral training courses, and even parrot performances by actors from the Moscow Circus.

The performances arranged for guests include a movie performance with the lemur “Lori”; exotic performances with the participation of crocodiles, pythons and king cobras.

“Laki” hotel is characterized by excellent children’s cartoons and an amusement park right in the hotel. The entertainment facilities are only open when the weather is warm-this is one of the reasons to go there during the May holidays!

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Mriya Resort & Spa

Mriya hotel in Crimea

This Mriya Resort & Spa in Crimea is located on the southern coast of Crimea. You can spend the May holiday comfortably without going out of the hotel. The architectural design of the hotel was designed by the British architect Sir Norman Foster. In this five-star hotel, there are 408 rooms and 14 villas. The resort is famous for its luxurious spa facilities and well-maintained 15 hectares.

In 2016, Mriya Resort & Spa in Yalta was named the best resort in Europe in the World Travel Awards. More than hotels in Portugal, Turkey, Italy, and Greece. The hotel was also voted the best spa resort in Russia in 2016.

The local spa deserves a separate mention: here you can experience Indian Ayurveda (Ayurveda) therapy and various massages, swim in one of the six heated pools, bath in a cedar barrel, or take a Finnish bath, Salt sauna and Turkish bath. In addition, there are yoga parks, beach volleyball courts and indoor football stadiums in the hotel.

The hotel accommodation price includes breakfast (you can also order a full meal-optional), you can also go to the health club, SPA center, rope park, use the children’s room, and the hotel’s own beach.

Cronwell Park Yahonty Tarusa Hotel

The “Cronwell Park Yahonty Tarusa” hotel is located in the Tarusa Game Reserve on the border of the Moscow Region and Kaluga. In spring, when nature wakes up from hibernation, it will become pleasant for the body and mind. The entire hotel is hidden in the ancient pine forest. Not far from the hotel, there are two paths with a good environment, each with a length of 3 kilometers and 5 kilometers.

The accommodation fee includes buffet meals four times a day, access to the spa with a swimming pool and sauna. There are also animation programs for children: children can play outdoors; do exercises with them; show them movies; teach them to swim.

If you want to play bowling, sing karaoke, or shoot at an indoor shooting range, you need to pay extra.

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Villa Anna Hotel

Villa Anna Hotel in the forest in Sochi

In Sochi’s “Villa Anna” hotel you can enter the age of medieval knight stories. Although the entire hotel looks like a 16th-century Scottish castle, it was actually built almost 15 years ago-in 2004. The “knight” in armor greeted the guests. The interior of the hotel is also very suitable: carved and forged furniture, elegant velvet curtains, hunting memorabilia hung on the wall.

There are 31 rooms in the “Villa Anna” hotel. The hotel has a small swimming pool (the water will be heated from May to September), a steam bath, a massage room, a billiard hall, a table tennis table, and a mini football field. You can have something to eat in the “Dobryy Merlin” restaurant or the “Zamkovoye Podvorye” cafe, or you can order a babysitting service. A ten-minute walk from the hotel to the beach.

The special thing about the hotel is that when you wake up, you can hear the singing of the birds. Yes, you also “have to” sleep in their songs: 100 meters from the “Anna Villa” hotel is the Sochi Botanical Garden. There are peacocks inside. In terms of voice, they even surpassed the favorite nightingale. Hurry up and plug your ears!

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