10 Best Places To Go Kayaking In Europe

Soca Valley, Slovenia

Cayaking in the largest fjord in the world, Norway road tripKayaking is a great activity and a great way to explore nice places that you can’t reach by car or by foot. Guest blogger Rosalie will share with you the best places to go kayaking in Europe.

Kayaking is an outdoor activity that is popular all over the world especially in Europe.

Based on much research, I make a list of the top 10 best places to go kayaking in Europe, bringing wonderful experiences.

Actually, these destinations are also great for other water sports even fishing, you can choose one that suits your kind and form of kayaking and other purposes:

10 best places to go kayaking in Europe

Lake Garda, Italy

Kayaking in Lake Garda in Italy
Source: Pexels

Morning is the ideal time to start kayaking in Lake Garda because the calm surface of the water can soothe your mind. You should have a kayaking trip from July to August as during this time of period, the wind doesn’t consistently blow, resulting in the surface of the water becomes calmer.

Moreover, the surrounding countryside’s peaceful beauty is a bonus for your kayaking trip. In case, you want to try the form of dynamic kayaking, the slalom of the River Sarca at the Lido of Arco is waiting for you.

Ardeche, France

Kayaking in Adreche
Source: Pixabay

Ardeche is perfect to make a trip with your family in summer as this beautiful time is known as the lazy sunny days. Spring is also a great time for kayakers due to the faster flow of water. This place is famous for a variety of wonderful beaches were fit to fishing and swimming activities.

If you want to get the ultimate kayaking experience, the 60-kilometers Pont D’Arc bridge made from natural stone crossing the dams is the challenge you need to overcome. When arriving in this place, you are got the available supports from local guides and the kayaking shops where allow you to hire the essential equipment.

Loire Valley, France

Kayaking in Loire Valley, France
Source: Pixabay

Loire Valley destination in France owns a few wonderful lakes for kayaking and wine for relaxing. In case you don’t bring kayaking equipment, there are available in many shops to hire. The calm scenery around the river provides a real soothing feeling while kayaking. During your trip, you can enjoy some hills and riverside architecture.

Soca Valley, Slovenia

Soca Valley, Slovenia
Source: Pexels

When arriving this place, the most wonderful experience is to make a kayaking ride on the 140km-long alpine Soca River where runs Northern Italy and Slovenia. With the 1100 meters elevation, this river flows pass Triglav – the highest peak of Slovenia. That is why Soca Valley is known as one of the topmost kayaking places in the world and it suits with lovers of adventure.

Normandy, France

Normandy Cliffs, France
Source: Pixabay

Parc Naturel de Normandie-Maine on the Vareme and Sarthe rivers is a primary kayaking place. There are many options to make your trip: tours according to a certain holiday, one-day tour, or multi-day tours. This place also provides the service of kayaking equipment and well-trained guides for rent. The Mont St-Michel is a must-visited destination for any lover of kayaking.

Vilamoura, Portugal

In summer, Vilamoura welcomes kayaking lovers with a glamorous and adventurous way. This is an ideal destination to combine kayaking and sunbathing. As a bonus, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the stunning coastline.

It’s perfect for beginners of this outdoor activity because of the relatively calm water. Thus, if you are a professional kayaker, looking for a fast white water, I don’t highly recommend this destination.

Isle of Scilly, UK

Isle of Skye, UK
Source: Pexels

Isle of Scilly is an archipelago of Cornish peninsula of UK. It features the warm and sunny weather compared to the rest of the country. The inside is a shallow lagoon where you can kayak in a complete calmness no matter how it is outside.

While the inside contains a wide range of beautiful beaches, the outside is home to a lot of reefs. Near to these, you can find out and visit the dramatic swell of the Atlantic.

Albufeira, Portugal

Beach in Albufeira, Portugal
Source: Pixabay

In Albufeira, you will have the light experiences of kayaking and enjoy the beautiful views. For example, the west coast of Logos has the formation of a few natural rocks and caves. The main beach has the service of kayak for rent.

Besides, you can discover the hidden caves in the Algarve coastline. The uniqueness of the shore doesn’t stop there. Going to the inland upstream of the river, Aljezur, you will be surprised.


Kayaking in Croatia
Source: Pixabay

It’s hard to choose a particular part in Croatia as the best kayaking destination because the whole Adriatic coast is ideal to try kayaking. You will feel extremely comfortable while kayaking in a great environment of blue water, coves, and islands. That is why Croatia is known as one of the best kayaking places in Europe.

It’s fine to experience both sea and river kayaking adventures even the combinations of other activities. Specifically, Zrmanja River is a peaceful kayaking destination due to the calm and crystalline-like water. Meanwhile, Mreznica River is spent for the adventurous kayakers. At this place, you are also admired the spectacular light effects created from the sun, lasting a few hours each day.

Bohuslän, Sweden

Bohuslan, Sweden, Europe
Source: Pixabay

Bohuslän is home of 8000 islands. Many of them are wild and uninhabited areas. Not only does this place have clean water and air, it owns many heaven-like small fishing villages. The solitariness without being crowded is the specialty of Bohuslän. If you are the beginner of kayaking, the calm flows of water here are waiting for you.


The above destinations are only the best places according to my experiences and researches. Therefore, some of you may have other ideas which can add to this list. Have you chosen a suitable destination for kayaking in Europe?

Please let me know your mind by leaving a comment section below


I also offer you a few other sea-kayaking locations to have more choices as follows:

  • Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Santorini, Greece
  • Sardinia, Italy
  • Lofoten Islands, Norway
  • Anglesey, UK
  • Isle of Man, Near UK

Now pick a perfect hotel for your kayaking trip using the field below:


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A Short Bio: Personally, Rosalie R. Collins – a kayaker born a suburb of Chicago, Arlington Heights, has spent most of my youth time to conquer the strange destinations, Clifden, Florida, Alaska, etc. I never think that I will stop my journeys.

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