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Airport during sunset, how to find cheap flights to Europe

Ultimate Guide to Finding Cheap Flights in Europe 2019

One wants to travel the planet but taking care of his/her earnings. You want to explore the shores but don’t want to exhaust your savings. If one gets the privileges or facilities like free accommodation along with looking for affordable volunteer programs; then one hideous thing of traveling is looking […]

Soca Valley, Slovenia

10 Best Places To Go Kayaking In Europe

Kayaking is a great activity and a great way to explore nice places that you can’t reach by car or by foot. Guest blogger Rosalie will share with you the best places to go kayaking in Europe. Kayaking is an outdoor activity which is popular all over the world especially […]

Tallinn, one of the top winter destinations in Europe

Top 14 Europe Winter Destinations You Must Visit

Winter time is coming and it is time to choose the place to go on your winter vacations (or just for a weekend). For that purpose, I’ve asked several travel bloggers to help you with choice of the best winter destination in Europe. In winter, some people want the magical […]

Colosseum in Rome, Europe travel tips

Top 10 Tips for Traveling in Europe Cheaper and Better

After writing an ultimate guide on traveling the world cheap with 15 travel bloggers, I realized that you need to apply some different tips when you visit Europe. That is why, I asked 5 travel bloggers to help me write 10 tips for traveling in Europe cheaper and better. Those […]

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10 Cheapest European Cities by Backpacker Index 2017

The most popular European cities among tourists are very expensive. Just think of Paris, London, or Amsterdam. You will spend a ton of money visiting them. Still, there is a list of less expensive countries in Europe that are very interesting to visit. Price of Travel portal releases its yearly […]